affiaiate earning

  1. thusharam1996

    CPAGrip New User

    I started to work on CPAgrip. Started to promote the link on social media and some paid traffic. I am getting good number of clicks. But still not any revenue has genarated. My bro is living is New Zealand. I sent him a link related to new Zealand(email & zip submit). He has done it and...
  2. W

    Chaturbate methods?

    Hi i friends im trying to find a good method for Chaturbate but i cant find a good one. For years i have been a Safe affiliate uploaded from big sites (brazzers, team skeet etc)... fortunatly i have big channels in XV... all these playing safe with the big companies... I have big channel...
  3. krazylearner

    How to monetize this website ?

    Hi I have a year old website in bars and nightlife niche which has recently started to gain traction. Traffic is mostly organic from USA. I am currently using adsense which gives me 2$ a month. Can anybody suggest alternate monitization method which can be implemented on this website. I am...
  4. S

    I’m an affiliate and I work with ppi

    Hello I’m looking for a website that give me downloads vs money I’m an affiliate and i get paid for each download so m looking for a website of this type because doing just ads isn’t enough
  5. F


    Hey guys I have created my own affiliate dashboard on my website it also has a separate dashboard for affiliate marketers but how can I promote my website to get many more affiliate partners related to my niche such as popular blogs,social media pages,influencer networks etc.Affiliate commission...
  6. R

    How to promote CPL offers of keto nutritions?

    How can i make people open the link and write the contact information on website? For leads. I've tried Facebook groups but my posts gets no like and no comment. How can i get leads for Keto Supplements?
  7. B

    Question about meme site -worth it?

    Hi guys, I have recently and acciendaly (I won an auction, it was for like 1$) bought a domain that seems to have only one assignment in my language - fun meme site. I have couple other projects, in my country there are already dozens of meme sites. What I have thinking of: Maybe there is some...
  8. Brenda R.

    Which is best affiliate program in email marketing tool company?

    There are many companies that started affiliate programs but as an affiliate marketer, we have no decision power on how to choose the best one. Does anyone here suggests to me which company provides good commision?
  9. R


    Hey y'all! I'm looking for ways how to promote an affiliate link of keto diet plan?
  10. Eholic

    What marketing materials would my affilates expect me to provide them with to promote my ecommerce (Shopify) store?

    Hello Readers, So I will be having a top reviewed ecommerce expert create me a Shopify store with everything. I haven't chosen a niche yet but the PRO will do product research of the market in demand and all other bits and bobs and implement SEO. I would hire affiliates to promote my store...
  11. Dmaxxy

    ✅✅✅✅ High Quality Complete Affiliate Website Creation for Cheap Price ✅✅✅✅
  12. Legendary_MaaN

    Need Guidance. Can i make an ecommerce website including a blog for ads

    I am working on an Ecommerce website but i want to earn from google adsense also. is it a good idea to make a page for content which is related to the products i am going to sell and apply for adsense when i start getting good traffic on blog page? Or should i buy another domain for blog and...
  13. M

    is it really that adsense will ban my websites?

    Hey Guys, i want to start aff marketing i have my .com domain linked to a blogger , the domain is approved to adsense , i have 2 question Please : 1 : which Aff program do you recommand? 2: i have the domain approved for google ads already if add affiliate links inside blogger is it will be...
  14. studentnew

    Flight & Hotel price comparation website

    Hi All, I am working on flight and Hotel price comparation website. there must be someone who own such kind of websites. Please can you advice if you are generation money as affiliate. & If you are selling overhear any products which can help me generate the revenue Waiting for your...
  15. S

    i want imonitize account approve

    i am try many time to get imonitize account get approve. but i do not get approve. i submit my recent working document from lospollos network. anyone can help me to get approve imonitize account. if anyone can reffer.
  16. vannella_8

    Help please

    hey guys, my account has been blocked because I have put a link into my thread, please how can I put any link without banning my account. thanks guys
  17. kingvegeta

    Easiest Method to make Secondary Source of Income - Only for Newbies

    As said i would be sharing an easiest way to make money online Let’s start How to Earn Money the easiest way Requirements 1. Custom Email 2. LinkedIN ID 3. Little Brain to Communicate As you know SEOClerks, Fiverr, Freelancer are sites from where freelancer can make money but you need a...
  18. Alpha-Legion

    [FIRST JOURNEY] - Launching my Amazon Affiliate Website - FR

    Hi, I'm quite new here on BHW. So let me introduce myself to begin. Who am I ? I'm a french man in the second half of his '20. I've been studying marketing and digital for almost 2 years at school and been in several jobs before I consider starting an IM journey. After seeing and following...
  19. likesme

    I'm stuck help me plz guys

    hi guys I have just written my journey to monetize my IG page 17K. my plan to start some aff programs then I can sell my own product or drop ship + shoutouts. but I'm stuck in payments I live in a country cant receive money on PayPal ... I can pay but can't receive. what you guys suggest to...
  20. Chuchitas_009

    How can I earn money with hosting affiliate programs?

    Hi everyone, well I'm affiliated with Siteground and Hostgator affiliate programs, the question is: How can you promote your hosting services in order to earn money? And also yes, can I put a banner of your services on my blogs so that I can sell your services and earn commissions?