adword account

  1. kevin_kol


    i have made 100k+ profit in one campaign. my account got banned and now that same campaign is not giving results in another ad account. either it is not spending or negative roi if spends. help would be appreciated. please help me out Thanks
  2. Demoxing

    Google Adwords Shadow Ban Query

    I am thinking of using Google AdWords threshold accounts to promote my apps. But nowadays, they quickly get suspended after spending a few dollars. So my question is, if this happens many times for the same ad campaign, will google blacklist/shadow ban my apps? I mean, the promoted item?
  3. dahfe

    Never Give Up! :D My small success story

    Hello everyone, I'd like to share a small bit of my success story with you. I came across an ig professor method for creating a $350 google adword threshold and tried it. It worked for once, but when I tried another time and started a campaign, it automatically suspended my account. I knew it...
  4. LILSF75


    Hi, I would like your advices. Ive used many times adwords, with same IP / payments details. It worked now it doesn't, Concretely how do you run ads now with flagged information. My ideas : -Use RDP -Use VCC (didnt find something serious, help me) -use proxies ? (i feel like you need to be a...
  5. K

    Google charged 50$ and suspended my account

    Hello there, I created an Ads account with US as billing country. And Google deducted 50$ from my debit card. After that they suspended my account by saying suspicious payment activity. Is there any chance I will get 50$ back? Same thing happened with anyone? (When signing up I saw this: "You...
  6. S

    Need Adwords Invoice Account/Method

    Hello I need Adword Invoice Account/ Method To spend maximum Tell me Account Price Or Method Price please .....! Message me Thanks
  7. seoxz


    i am new to Google ads are there courses that i i should follow to in order to learn. I did try bing a couple of time but it was a few years ago and the results were good.
  8. NobelNerd

    WTB Adwords Account with 50k$ Spent in past

    I want to create targeted customer list in LinkedIn for that I require to spend 50k$ in adwords account which is not possible for me. So If anyone has adwords account with 50k$ spent I can buy it for you. P.S - Posting in lounge cuz I have no idea how to get to wtb section even after these...
  9. S

    Need residential proxy for Adword account.

    I have read many topics on BHW. There many places I saw somebody suggest to use the residential proxy to make Adword account. Can Anyone help me to find cheap rated residential proxy?
  10. mysteriox

    Adwords Ads Account FOR SALE! $350 And €300 THRESHOLD!

    Adwords Ads Account with: - Already attached with payment method - Already ran with WH campaign - Vps/private proxy is provided (1 month free!) USD $350 THRESHOLD EURO €300 THRESHOLD $100/Account ORDER IT BY PM OR SKYPE ME! PAYMENT METHOD: - PAYPAL - BITCOIN - ETH - PERFECT MONEY TAT...
  11. Millermatthew

    Google Adword account

    Hi all, Does any here who have Old Google Adword account provider? Thank you, Miller
  12. kellyjohn

    Tech Support Campaign

    Hi Guys. How to run the tech support adwords campaign. I have submitted two time my site was rejected. How to do that? please explain Thank you
  13. Rakesh Mohanty

    Adwords trick

    Dear all, Can anyone suggest, I am creating a white hat PPC campaign in google adwords for UK region. If I'll add the amount in British pound like 100 then it shows 169 - 294 views per month with 19 - 33 clicks where the same amount like INR 9000 will give a result of 15593 - 26003 views per...
  14. Mohit66314

    New Problem with Adwords

    I have created many BH accounts and they are approved but the problem in coming with the traffic. I am not receiving good traffic from that account. Ads, keywords are working fine but don't know where the problem is. Is there anyone can suggest some tips to improve the traffic.
  15. Mohit66314

    Ads are getting Disapproved

    After running adwords for few days my ads are getting disapproved. Had a word with their team and they are saying your website is infected and advicing me to remove the cloaking code that i already did. Also made the necessary chnages in ads but no success again dispproved. Any suggestions??
  16. B

    AdWords Api Key - anyone selling?

    Anyone here selling an AdWords API key? If so, what's your price?
  17. J


    hello i'm newbie here. i want a suggetion or help. my adword account get suspended. when i run a campaign and it will also get approval but after some time it's get suspended. help me how to solved this and can continue my campaign. thank you
  18. S

    Professional Adword Manager needed

    I am working on Academic writing niche. My adword account get suspended again and again while I am watching my competitors account never get suspended. My targeted countries are UK, USA, UAE, Canada and Australia. Is any professional marketer here who can help me in this. PS. Paid work.
  19. Will It Profit

    AdWords Accounts - Clicks and Impressions - $100 Coupon Added - Low Prices

    High Quality AdWords Accounts For Sale Each account has the following: Passed review Payment method added to account Clicks and impressions to ensure high quality $100 coupon already added VPS with remote desktop login provided The accounts are a minimum of 24 hours old (often more). You...
  20. B

    urgent question about Google Adwodrs Please

    Hi everyone im a newbie with google adwords platform and i want to know if google adwodrs accepts card like payooner, cryptopay, entropay, skirll, ?? if not please help with an electroniqe card accepted by adwodrs thank you
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