301 domain

  1. KusionMatch

    Url shortener or 301 Domain?

    Hello guys. I want to promote my smartlink on social networks, but I'm in doubt which service to use. If I choose the 301 domain option, can't I switch the landing page to another one if the old one doesn't give results or is it permanent? Would it be interesting to use rebrandly if I want to...
  2. Mahir khan

    ➤ $30 Per domain- Quality Expired Domain with Strong Link Profile for New site/ PBN/ 301 ✔️✔️

    ➤ Quality Cheap Cost Expired Domain with Strong Link Profile for New site/ PBN/ 301 $30 Per domain! ✔️✔️ Some of the Screenshots of the link profile EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: $30 per domain High authority DA PA based Strong link profile WHAT CAN YOU USE THESE DOMAINS FOR? You can use...
  3. Great-X

    What is the most effective way to do 301 redirect?

    Hi guys, I have 2 years old site on a niche, it has around 30 -45 posts. What is the best way to change domain name? Should i copy paste the acticles from old site to new site and do 301 redirect page by page? Or just do 301 redirect to landing page? And should i use google's Change of Address...
  4. B

    301 Redirect Issues (DNS?)

    Im trying to do a 301 redirect from mysite1.com to mysite2.com in Cloudflare. Keep in mind, mysite1.com is not currently hosted, we just got access to this domain recently. I've created a page rule on mysite1.com which shows the following: from: mysite1.com/* to: mysite2.com/$1 I think i may...
  5. cubitly

    Redirecting Live Expired Domain To Fresh Domain Question

    I have a expired domain. I posted some indian keywords articles and they are instantly getting indexed the domain has good links but the problem is it is .CA extension. I am thinking to redirect it to fresh .COM domain and then adding move site to my .CA's webmaster. My question is if I do this...
  6. janist

    How to 301 an expired domain (Guide)

    So, you want to know how you can leverage the power of an expired domain by using 301 redirects? Sweet, then this post is for you. We'll show you exactly how to create 301 to improve the rankings of our money sites while mitigating some of the virtual risks. Let's dig in. 1 - Domain Analysis...
  7. L1ckMyDorr1to

    Question about 301 redirect and "aged domains" (Help a newbie out!)

    Hi, I'm getting into a new niche that I like, and will soon start a journey on blackhatworld documenting it. I have found a few relevant Domain names to my niche that have an average DA of about 13-18. My question is, should I buy all of them (about 6) and 301 Redirect all of them into 1 of...
  8. G

    301 Home page Or categories

    Hi guys, is it better to 301 expired domain to homepage or categories?
  9. robin222

    Do I need to purchase a server for expired domain name 301 redirection

    I purchased an expired domain name and placed it on Godaddy. I want to 301 redirect the expired domain name to my niche website (money website). Do I need to buy a server for the expired domain name? And edit the 301 redirect code through the .htacess file on the server. Or, there is no need to...
  10. jemzozole

    Domain 301 redirection - How backlinks will act?

    Hello! I had 2 websites on a similar topic, 1 project will have abounded, and I added 301 reddirection to the first page. 1. Will all backlinks from the abounded website move to the first website? 2. Will I see these backlinks in my Google Search Console?
  11. Ed Roy

    What To Consider Before Buying Expired Domain?

    I have shortlisted some expired domains. Some domains have a decent number of backlinks. Even some sites still have some visitors. My ultimate goal is to buy them and redirect ( 301 permanent redirects ) those domains to my main sites. Now, My question is: how can I know that Google did not...
  12. C

    How to let site a.com all pages 301 redirect to b.com homepage

    Recently I find one different on domain 301 redirect. I let site a.com redirect to b.com - such as a.com/about will lead to b.com/about, a.com/content-page.html leads to b.com/content-page.html. Now I find some site could let a.com, a.com/about, a.com/content-page.html and all pages 301 redirect...
  13. Aiman Hayat

    Redirecting a High Quality Expired Domain to Money Site via 301

    Hello, I found an expired domain got a backlink from NYTimes. What will be the best way to get good link juice. 301 Redirect Attach domain to blogger and give contextual link Looking for the answers! If someone tried this, please share your experience.
  14. borowest

    301 redirect

    Is 301 redirected URL traffic (destination) recorded in the google analytics? Or it's the requested URL registered?
  15. robin222

    about 301 derect?

    Redirecting expired domains 301 to my niche website should be https://expireddomain.com or http://expireddomain.com
  16. robin222

    Can I rebuild a new website with an expired domain that has been redirected 301

    I have a premium expired domain with a DA of 48 and an RD of 190, and most of them are high-quality backlinks. Before I redirected this expired domain 301 to one of my niche sites. Now I want to cancel the 301 redirect and want to build a new niche website on this expired domain name. Is it ok?
  17. robin222

    How about this expired domain name?

    I want to buy an expired domain name for 301 redirect to my new website. I am fancy about this expired domain name, but I have no experience with expired domain names before. I do n’t know the indicators and quality of this expired domain name in all aspects. Is it worth buying? Its price: $ 99.
  18. C

    301 redirect, not expired domains!

    Hey. Got a question regarding 301 redirect from non-www to www with Cloudflare. So, my domain is a non-www hosted on a server in the US. To get some love from Google and speed up my site for my visitors across the world I set up a CDN (Cloudflare). Everything's fine so far. However, I have...
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