jiya raichand

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Jan 3, 2018
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Hi all,

One of webpage is showing noindex in GSC. Please check the attached screenshot.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 12.05.24 AM.png

I have checked robots.txt for that page its showing "<meta name='robots' content='index, follow" and even in old GSC its showing allowed.

But url still didnt get index i dont know whats the issue and how to resolve. Please help me with this.

Thank you


Aug 3, 2014
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If you get the message “URL is not on google: indexing errors” it means that Google has either removed the URL from their index because they could not access it or it's not in their index because when they first tried to crawl it was not available.

If you submitted a page for Google to index and received the Submitted URL Marked 'noindex' error message, it means that Google has identified that your page should not be indexed and displayed in search results.
The 'noindex' tag is a meta tag that you can add to a page's HTML code in order to prevent search engines from showing it in search results. However, this error message doesn't necessarily mean that there is a 'noindex' tag in your code. There can be various reasons for this error to come up, that you can easily check and fix.

If you're getting the Submitted URL Marked 'noindex' error message, try these steps:
  • Check the URL
  • Make sure search engines can index your page and site
  • Check if the page is password protected
  • Check if the page is a members only page
  • Use the URL Inspection Tool
  • Check the Last Crawled date
  • Request Google to index the page