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  1. K

    My keywords ranking shows question marks

    These keywords of my website were ranked when I searched on semrush before, but now the search shows question marks and the ranking of the entire website has dropped drastically. What happened? Is it related to Google’s update?
  2. S

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  3. M

    Change in rankings in different USA states

    So My site keywords are ranking in 1-2 postions in some states and i some they're ranking in 8-9 positions. I'm using vpn to check my keyword positions and search querries using vpn's from android and iphone show different positions. The traffic has been consistent over the last 2-3 weeks and...
  4. N

    What is going on with this site?

    Please take a look below. It starts off as a normal blog although kind of wierd and obviously has something to do with seo. After these paragraphs, there are hundreds of links to random ass urls. Is this guy building backlinks or has he found a strategy? He has a lot of these sites and its all...
  5. D

    My AI platform + your marketing/traffic

    Hello All. My AI content platform with sales funnels. Everything from product, updates and customer support on me. If you know some way to generate sales or leads like SEO Email Marketing Ads Affiliate Marketing Sms Marketing Your Mass DM/traffic method ETC. We can make thousands of dollars...
  6. A

    SEO specialist

    Hello Friends, We are looking for talented google and Asian SEO and article publication specialists. We are not just interested in publishing articles in high ranking sites, but the SEO work needs to be done to tie the publications to our domain. We are looking for serious, professional...
  7. Mindmade Technologies

    Using HARO for Link Building?

    Hi guyz, Did anybody using HARO in your Blogging Strategies for creating Blacklinks? If you are please explain how much effective it is?
  8. Kutum

    Few questions about SEO

    Hello, everyone. I'm currently working in the IPTV industry and generating a decent income. I'm considering leveraging SEO to increase sales and traffic, but I have some critical questions before I invest time in learning SEO or hiring an expert to do it for me. If my website receives a DMCA...
  9. SERP Mining LTD

    How to be successful with SEO services?

    I am new to this marketplace. But I have been providing SEO services on Fiverr and Upwork platforms for the past 6 years. How can I achieve SEO success from this marketplace? Basically I provide Link Building, Guest Post, PBN, Press Release, Quora Marketing, Reddit Marketing, Trustpilot Reviews...
  10. K

    Please recommend a group buying website to buy Buzzsumo

    Hi everyone. I want to buy buzzsumo, is there any recommended group-buying website? I bought the Combo Seo Tools Basic package at, which includes buzzsumo, but many functions are missing, and the website states that if I change One computer to log in to the...
  11. W

    "What are the latest Google algorithm updates, and how should I adapt my SEO strategy to stay compliant and competitive?"

    "Can someone tell me what Google recently changed in how it ranks websites, and how should I adjust my website to stay competitive and follow these new rules?"
  12. ipmakers


    Hello and welcome to IPCola ! Millions of IPs from 100+ countries with 99.99% network uptime !!! The price for High Speed Rotation Residential Proxies is from $ 1.5 - $4 / GB The price for High Speed Static Residential IPv4 is $ 2.4 The price for High Speed Static Datacenter IPv4 is $...
  13. V

    Just new in BHW

    a newcomer in BHW, any guide or help will be deeply appreciated and any service in SEO world you guys can provide, please tell me. i will be interested
  14. yalang

    [Guide]: The Art of Generating SEO traffic without ranking on page 1

    We cannot deny the part SEO plays in generating online traffic. When compared to other online traffic sources including PPC, affiliates, emails and SMS, you typically would end up realizing that with regards to average time on site, low bounce rates and conversion rates, SEO reigns supreme...
  15. S

    Getting Seo Service

    Who are you satisfied with the service? And how much do they do it per month?
  16. Mindmade Technologies

    What are the best practices to make content for two different websites for a same shop?

    What are the best practices to make content for two different websites for a same shop? I mean the two different domains are in two different languages but they both are comes under the same business.
  17. M


    HI, is backlinks creation on forum websites count as black hat SEO i am curious about it i am doing SEO for **removed** i want help in it
  18. AutoSEO

    What are the pros and cons of the big 3 SEO tools?

    If you have extensive experience with the three primary SEO tools, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and in which scenarios do they fit best?
  19. M

    Paid $200 - Blog owner removed the post after 6 months

    So, i paid $200 and published a post on a tech blog. I just found out that the post is no longer there. He removed it after 6-7 months. he is not responding to my emails. I paid through paypal account. What options do I have? I don't want it to go un-noticed. Should I reveal the name of the...
  20. Bilal Khan SEO

    Hi BHW

    Knock Knock . . . Hi I'm new here. When you join BHW ?
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