google search console error

  1. TheDankChocolate

    Does any body else see this in their GSC?

    All of a sudden I see a surge in the "Coverage Issues" for all my websites in GSC. I was wondering if I should start the validation for these but Big G has some other plans I guess? I am not sure what these idiots are up to now :( Does anybody else see the same thing in their GSC?
  2. SEO Duke

    Discovered - currently not indexed

    Hello, I am facing some indexing problem in my new site. Almost 30+ articles are published but none of them index automatically, ( indexed 5 articles by force index) In search console its showing "Discovered - currently not indexed" Can any one help me to get out of this problem?
  3. jiya raichand

    Disavow Links Failed - Upload failed due to errors in the list

    Hi there, I wanted to disavow some links from GSC but while uploading its showing this error. Please check and help me out. And some random links showing for my site which we never submitted. Please have a look into my screenshot. Thanks
  4. jiya raichand

    URL is not on Google: Indexing errors ( GSC Noindex Issue )

    Hi all, One of webpage is showing noindex in GSC. Please check the attached screenshot. I have checked robots.txt for that page its showing "<meta name='robots' content='index, follow" and even in old GSC its showing allowed. But url still didnt get index i dont know whats the issue and...
  5. G

    Error 304 - Not modified in Google Search Console - What to do?

    Google Search Console fetching is not working for our articles that we update on a monthly basis since 26th Jan, 2022. WE tried fetching thrice but it did not work for a single article since the date mentioned above. It showing this 304 NOT MODIFIED error. What should we do? Note - We have...
  6. Md samar

    I Need Help With Legacy Tools And Report In Google Search Console

    Hey folks, this is Samar, today my question is that I launched a new website added to google search console and analytics, but when I go to google search console "legacy tools and report section" and click on international targeting, This function does not let me enter instead...
  7. jeanfrank

    [GSC Problem] Submitted URL blocked due to other 4xx issue

    Hi, guys Did you know How long this validation will last?
  8. C

    Indexing 600+ new pages

    Hello, One of my sites is not indexing new location pages. If i try and index them via Google Search Console it states "Quota Exceeded" even after requesting one page to be indexed a day. I need 600 new pages to be indexed as quickly as possible? Can anyone help with this? Thank you CBUK
  9. Sonia Bilton

    Google Search Console Shows Coverage Error?

    Why my Google Search Console shows these coverage errors?
  10. U

    Site not showing any results in Google Search Console

    Hi everyone, Im looking for an answer that why my site showing no result on Google Search Console>Queries :( Although, its showing some clicks as well like 2 hits the site received in past one week but there are no queries to show yet and it says there is not...
  11. jiya raichand

    Search Console - you exceeded your daily limit

    Hi all, I just submitted 6 to 7 url for indexing in GSC and after that its showing like you excedded your daily limit. What is this. even i sent feedback to them. What to do now shall i need to wait ? or any other thing i can do ?? I never faced such kind of issues. And this is showing...
  12. L

    Google Search Console: Hire someone to include Excluded content

    I recently found that Google is not ranking most of my topic or indexing it. When I take a look at my google search console, I found out that my content which was paid for to be written was not getting index. Can anyone give me an idea or I want to hire someone to fix this problem ASAP?
  13. Asirir88

    My new website posts does now show in Google

    Hi I have made a new website and put it to the GSC. However, there was an error when submitting the sitemap at the start due to cloudflare. I disbaled it and then the sitemap was okay. Now when request for indexing 3 of my posts, it does not show up. Only it shows the site and the hello world...
  14. SeedPhrase

    Server Error (5xx)SEO killer(GSC error)

    am facing this error in google search console does it affects SEO? if yea, what could be the solution(how to fix), basically my pagination URLs showing under this error.( please do suggest. I'd be highly glad for your help.