Error 304 - Not modified in Google Search Console - What to do?


May 19, 2013
Google Search Console fetching is not working for our articles that we update on a monthly basis since 26th Jan, 2022.

WE tried fetching thrice but it did not work for a single article since the date mentioned above.

It showing this 304 NOT MODIFIED error. What should we do?

Note - We have AMP installed.
Six methods you can use to try and fix an HTTP 304 status code ,
  • Clear the Browser’s Cache Data
  • Run a Malware Scan
  • Disable Your Browser’s Extensions
  • Flush the DNS and Reset the TCP/IP
  • Try Using the Google Public DNS
  • Check Your Server Configuration Files for Incorrect Redirect Instructions
Check with this URL -
It shows you more about above methods to Fix an HTTP 304 Not Modified Status Code with more detailed .

See :
It shows you 304 Not Modified: What It Is and How to Fix It .

Hope this Helps !
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