google console

  1. L

    having problem in seo

    Couldn't fetch Sitemap could not be read General HTTP how to fix this error i have tried rank math, Yoast , and direct uploading through ftp still same error how to fix this please
  2. redjoe

    My app got suspended , and admob limited second day

    Hello everyone , i'm so happy doing my first post here , even if its a question and wish you appreciated members will not be disturbed answering me . Both admob and google play console are newly creared using the same new gmail . My app was alive for one week on the play google stare bringing...
  3. themrhassan12

    blogger + google console problem please help

    how i can fix this 2 warnings ?
  4. J

    ¿This Metrics Are Normal?

    Hello, i recently make the site for my buisness y sell centerpieces. Today i see my performance in google console. And i get this crazy metrics. Is that normal? In the first days i get very good Average Position but now looks very crazy. Is there any way to recover the position?
  5. Md.Sya1709

    Keywords I'm Trying To Target Does Not Appear In GWT

    Hello Everyone! :) I'm new to SEO and I have an affiliate marketing site which is about 1 months old. The issue I'm facing currently is that the long tail keywords I'm trying to target are not appearing in my GWT Search Analytics. My article is about 3000 words. I have all the basic on-page...
  6. pulok

    Should i use free web submission site?

    hey guys, i am trying to summit my blog on google search engine.i compeleted the instruction but still when i put my blog address on google it don't show i am thinking of sumitting my blog through free web sumission site.So i just wanted to know what is the side effect of submitting...
  7. Kelvinjw

    [Avoid this] Google ranking lowered because of 301 redirect

    So I once read a post from Neil Patel's blog on increasing google ranking by removing dates from your post url. This made sense. At that time I already had over 270 post on my blog. So I changed my permalink a month ago and redirected most of my old urls to the new one. Now my ranking lowered by...