seo & sem

  1. D

    How to rank fast and higher ?

    Hi, Apart from PBN and Tiered backlinks, is there any techniques to rank fast for a website or a blog page?
  2. D

    [ASK] Google Sandbox - Banned to get indexed on keywords but not brandable

    Hi guys, On 2020 my website used to get 200k visits everyday, now it's banned from keywords I target. visitor only 2k visits per day. I check on GSC, almost all visits come from brand keywords, no more general or targeted keywords. Is there any solution for this? or should I just move on? and...
  3. Kutum

    Few questions about SEO

    Hello, everyone. I'm currently working in the IPTV industry and generating a decent income. I'm considering leveraging SEO to increase sales and traffic, but I have some critical questions before I invest time in learning SEO or hiring an expert to do it for me. If my website receives a DMCA...
  4. yash9191

    Seo leads

    Hi BHW members and seo experts, I want to know how to increase leads through seo? Pls help. Your answers will be appreciated.
  5. bartsmit

    Gonna get crazy about this decision (SEO)

    Hi guys, Sorry to interupt but I really am getting crazy about wich SEO tool to choose, I am thinking between SEMRUSH and AHREFS but both of them have pro and cons, on SEMRUSH you have less options for 120 dollars and in AHREFS wich is more accurate you have a too hight pricing Whats the...
  6. JonathanFerrari

    I Want To Hire / Collaborate with an SEO Expert for Off Page SEO / Link Building

    Hi there, I started a project some months ago and everything is going fine, just that I'm not an SEO Expert and I don't have lot of experience, want to hire some VA to manage for me Guest Posts/Backlinks and to recognise when a deal is good to do or is bad for the website to rank. If...
  7. LatestPhoneZone

    I Need Help On 301 Redirect Please

    Hello guys, I need help please. I bought an expired domain 60 days ago and redirected it to one of my sites so it boost the backlinks and ranking. This is how I did it: I chatted namecheap support and the staff redirected the domain to my site. No hosting. Just naked redirection. Till today...
  8. Wfixtrit

    OnlyFans agency - looking to boost a website with models on USA Google first page

    Hi guys, I represent an OnlyFans agency are we are looking to find ways to variate our traffic sources for our models. One way to do this is by ranking a page on Google in USA with a list with our models, a list with can modify from time to time. i am looking for a long term partnership with...
  9. rahulthepcl

    For SEO Experts

    If you buy an expired domain, do you start your money site on it (similar niche), or do you redirect it to a new domain and then start the money website on the new domain? Which will provide the best result according to your experience?
  10. P

    Increase Google Position from 5 to 1 in less than a week

    Hello, Im looking for expert who can help me to increase my website position for 5 keywords by 4 to 6 positions. the number of search in this keywords is about 500 to 1000 search per month.
  11. natourious

    A Site that have transition option between visits

    Anyone knows a website that you can make the 30seconds visit between 6 links 5 seconds each like this one webisida .com ?
  12. mainceaft

    I got new SEO offer and I kinda like it should use it on my idle old domains or buy new ones?

    Hi everyone, I have this habit for years buying couple domains write some articles on them and leave them like they are for a year or so, Today while I send couple request to SEO provider and two of them give me kind good offer, but I'm kinda confusing what website should I buy BL for firs? My...
  13. ensky

    Can we write duplicate content part? Within the same site.

    Ahrefs has a concept of keyword cannibalization, which talks about the problem of keyword cannibalization ( ARTICLE example: ARTICLE: 1. How to Choose the Right Laptop H2: Pick Your Operating System H2: Know Your CPUs H2: Graphics Cards H2: How...
  14. Wrath Of God

    “King Charles” dog breed vs "King Charles", the son of the late Queen of England

    Whether we like it or not, being in SEO means staying up to date with local, national, and global news trends. For example, a quick Google search of "King Charles" before September 2022 was REAL different from a Google Search now. Before the death of Queen Elizabeth in September 2022, Google...
  15. R


    Hello BHW community, I'm new here gor gathering some vital knowledge. I hope I will get my desired things from one of the world biggest forum. Thanks
  16. jiya raichand

    Automatically Change Website Language Based On Visitor Country

    Hi there, I have one website which is in english language. I want to show same content/page in different language depending on country wise visitors. How can i do this in wordpress website and will it affect SEO ? Thanks :)
  17. gogaka

    (QUESTIONS❓) Complete noob VS Big Boyz

    Heyo BHWers. While I'm high on coffee and chocolate let me share my questions to you. I am complete noooblet, I built an agency with over 30k MRR (currently at 7k) but all with paid ads, no SEO. Now things are going south so decided to get into SEO and increase organic traffic. Also tired of...
  18. gogaka

    $340K without SEO

    Hi BHW fam. 13 months ago I started working on my agency and with cold emailing and some google ads reached 30k mrr. Unfortunately I am student and doing my final year so didnt have much time to spear. After 4-5 months of lack of working mrr plummeted to 10k. Now I am graduating and thinking...
  19. J

    Google My Business - Willing To Pay - How To Validate Address In City You're Not In

    Hey guys, I have a challenge for you. Do you know if it's possible to validate an address in another city? I don't have an address there so I'm looking for ideas and help. Thanks, John
  20. jiya raichand

    URL is not on Google: Indexing errors ( GSC Noindex Issue )

    Hi all, One of webpage is showing noindex in GSC. Please check the attached screenshot. I have checked robots.txt for that page its showing "<meta name='robots' content='index, follow" and even in old GSC its showing allowed. But url still didnt get index i dont know whats the issue and...
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