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  1. Legit App

    [SEO] Need Social Signals for my website

    Hello BHW, I need social signals to get my website out of the freakin sandbox! Shoot me your offers. Cheers.
  2. J

    My Website Disappear from Brand Search

    My websites - few of the brands disappear from brand search suddenly. This have happened few times, couldnt find what's the issue and everytime i have to put up a new domain and switch. Then over some time, the domain disappear from brand search again. Background of my website: 1) 2 sites...
  3. Yupwork

    Question to improve my On-Page SEO

    Hi guys I already finished some important task on my on-page. But I wonder if I enable "LATEST POST" on the Home page, can damage my home page SEO. Or this action "LATEST POST" can help me to be ranked?
  4. jiya raichand

    Automatically Change Website Language Based On Visitor Country

    Hi there, I have one website which is in english language. I want to show same content/page in different language depending on country wise visitors. How can i do this in wordpress website and will it affect SEO ? Thanks :)
  5. jiya raichand

    Changing Language of the website will affect SEO

    Hi there, I have one website in which i started getting 1k users per month now. When i created the website that time i have optimised the website with local language and did backlinks also with the same language now i am planning to change it in english language so will the affect my SEO ...
  6. jiya raichand

    Free tools to check trends of particular product for particular location wise

    Hi there, Can you suggest me to check the trends of particular product apart from Google Trends ? Thanks
  7. NinatheBurton

    Hey there! New, not so new. My first thread aka H.E.L.P.

    Hey guys, The first website I created (Blog) I made page post (every post is a static page) which I now see my error, on expanding this will be a real problem (the mess) I was wondering if there's any SEO penalty or if it's stupid to do it so, to change the content of the same pages to blog...
  8. jiya raichand

    URL is not on Google: Indexing errors ( GSC Noindex Issue )

    Hi all, One of webpage is showing noindex in GSC. Please check the attached screenshot. I have checked robots.txt for that page its showing "<meta name='robots' content='index, follow" and even in old GSC its showing allowed. But url still didnt get index i dont know whats the issue and...
  9. ValerieMeshko

    How do you feel about signature links.

    Hi all. I recently started a project from scratch. And noticed the thing that my project is created from scratch, has a ratio of 1 domain = 5 links (the approximate number of links put per domain). And my DR has the same value, and traffic as for example to old rival project, where at 1 domain...
  10. K

    A Page I am ranking at Number 1-2 for 15 keywords disappeared from 120 countries

    I managed to narrow down the problem and found out the following From USA and Canada, I am getting pretty much the same amount of hits a day. ( there is still a drop even though Search Console shows I am at my best ranking position even 1.7) Before I was getting clicks from around 130...
  11. K

    A Page I was Ranking at Number 1 worldwide is gone

    So long story short I was ranking for a specific keyword at number 1 all over the world getting around 300 clicks a day. Using tools I still see it as Number 1 in USA and Canada but the issue is when I search through from different Ip`s I don't see it from my home country and some European...
  12. O


    I need an SEO expert that will help me optimise my website
  13. Muahaha

    How to use a 9 year old domain?

    Hi guys, I own a domain I bought in the year 2012 and have been using it only for my personal emails and not for any content website, neither used for spamming emails. The domain is not blacklisted. So, right now I'm finally thinking to use the domain. What do you guys suggest? Would it be...
  14. Dexser

    Tools to retrieve the positions of the sites in relation to a competitor.

    Basically I'm looking for a way, technique, tool to get for example the first 10 or 30 positions of my competitors on several keywords. To have the list of the first 30 for the keyword "car". To have the list of the first 30 for the keyword "bus". Have the list of the first 30 for the keyword...
  15. Dexser

    Find the ip address of several sites

    Hello ! I need to find the IP address of several sites. I know how to do it the "Prompt command" -> tracert www. ... But I have to do it 1 by 1 ... Do you know a tool to put directly a list of domain name. The goal is to identify in my backlinks the domains with the same IPs. I have 2000...
  16. Shox99

    SEO - Build privat site Network with only money sites - PBN

    I am working for 6 months active on my SEO with good results and rankings. I just focused to get high-quality links from sites in my niche with traffic and rankings, so I invest in just 2 - 3 links per month but these links are very cost-intensive and high quality. Now I want to build my own...
  17. S

    Why does my web page need SEO?

    Why does my web page need SEO? The main source of web traffic comes from major commercial search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!. Although social media or other methods can allow people to visit your web pages, search engines are still the main search engines for most Internet users. Way...
  18. jiya raichand

    E-commerce Website Form Filling dipped

    Hi all, For my site avg position same, in fact clicks, impressions and CTR not much difference. Even i checked the analytics and Organic traffic fine but don't know why form filling dipped like anything. Every day there was 6 to 8 goals either through chat or form filling but after SEPT 14...
  19. N

    Website spam score grow from 0 to 72

    Hi All, my websites have 0 spam score yesterday now its showing upto 72. There was no spam score before yesterday. Now my all sites spam score is high, I did not get spammy links and post duplicate content , what is the reason and how to recover it.
  20. B

    Hi Fans

    I am here for finding good seo refrences for guest post related to niche health sites and to get help on many seo topics.