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  1. Pradeep Madgaonkar

    How to increase the Domain Authority of website

    How to increase the Domain Authority of website
  2. AlbertoMR3

    [HOW TO | JORNEY] From Domain Selection To Sell Your Website For Up To 15X its Affiliate | Ads Revenue !

    Quick background: I’ve been online professionally since 1994, and have had websites even before Google exits. So basically I have been doing SEO since to repeat 1000 times a keyword on white font, over a white background was enough to rank first ;) until today where I'm on the SEO by AI SaaS...
  3. jiya raichand

    Website Redirecting Somewhere Else - Black hat technique

    Hi All, I was doing some compt. research and was checking some keywords in google, i just noticed that one site is ranking on first position in SERP results page and when i clicked on that site its was redirecting some where else. The url which was showing on google something else and i was...
  4. jiya raichand

    Best place to invest $ 20000 to 30000

    Hi All, Just wanted some ideas about investment. Where should i invest $ 20000 to 30000. For short as well as long term. Please advise. Thanks in advance :)
  5. dost7189

    Can i change title of my posts which have main keyword with high KD to a low KD keyword?

    I started to write articles for my blog and picked short tail keywords with very high KD as the main keyword and title on which sites like Cnet, NYtimes are ranking and there is no chance I can beat these for now. Now I want to change the titles of articles to long-tail keywords with relatively...
  6. Sosik1

    Your First Website - How did it go?

    Hi there, This forum is filled with many amazing journeys and success stories - but what about the first ones? I am looking to start my first affiliate website and have been wondering how did your first website turn out. Did you succeed? What were your mistakes? How much traffic you were...
  7. W

    What Happens to expired domains content ??

    Hey guys, I am a professional SEO, but sometimes man it just bedazzles me. Here Goes !! Suppose you have a website named X, it has been expired and the links are no more indexed in google. I have tried with site:X Can I use its content on some other domain, won't it come under plag as the...
  8. D

    Multiple niches in the same theme or one website?

    Hi guys newcomer here! I know it is a neverending debate but I have a simple question: In term of SEO or ROI is it easier to have multiple niches in the same theme or just focus on building a website wich will expand in that theme? For example: Is it more profitable to build maybe 3 or 4...
  9. jiya raichand

    Facebook Page for Adult Products

    Hi all, I saw many of my competitors crated fb business page for adult products. And those all fb pages are old one and recent one too. But whenever i create for my client its getting blocked. How come ? Earlier after creating pages its working for 1 week , 1 months. But now adays just after...
  10. jiya raichand

    E-commerce Website Form Filling dipped

    Hi all, For my site avg position same, in fact clicks, impressions and CTR not much difference. Even i checked the analytics and Organic traffic fine but don't know why form filling dipped like anything. Every day there was 6 to 8 goals either through chat or form filling but after SEPT 14...
  11. E

    1 Hour Indexing and rank 1st page on Google Search - Sites

    Hello everyone, Im new here. From my Previous experience im sharing some websites which index fast like within 10-20 Min and even rank on first page. After Posting you have to make backlink that post to other media that will help you to rank your post to google 1st page. Here is the Site Link...
  12. jiya raichand

    Hack to increase your DA ahref, moz etc

    Hi all, I am not sure is it useful or not but I just noticed one thing from a competitor. These types of link building they are doing:- , -- is it useful ??? and by doing like this...
  13. jiya raichand

    Ahref Temporary link 307 meaning

    Hi, I was just checking my site in ahref (The Best Pages by Incoming Links) this section so i noticed its showing 307 redirection for some of my pages. Can you please tell me what is this and is it a big issue. Somehow i checked in google but didn't get many ideas. Thanks :)
  14. jiya raichand

    Sudden Drop in organic traffic

    Hi all, My site was doing well but after 16th aug there is big drop in clicks and impressions though avg position and CTR same, there is no change in that but how come clicks and impressions dropped. I checked google analytics too there is big drop in organic traffic. Please Let me Know :)
  15. sajal mahmud

    About Myself

    I am Md Sajal Mahmud working as a professional SEO specialist. I am working as a full-time freelancer since 2011. As an SEO Specialist, I know very well how a website will be ranked on Google. Its high time to keep up to date with the Google latest algorithms. For 2020, ranking on the first page...
  16. F

    How much search volume are good for new amazon affiliate site?

    Hi Marketers, I want start new amazon affiliate website, but i am confused for search volume. Please someone suggest me some Important points for new amazon affiliate website.
  17. YounessAylal

    publishing at Unesco a site pdf etc...

    Hi Guys, Please How Can I publish at Unesco a site pdf like this: Thanks
  18. jiya raichand

    Not getting clicks for US region

    Hi, I started my website 5 months back and it's USA geo. Now i am getting almost 1k visitors per month and clicks also fine. But i am not getting visitors from the USA region. I already set my target region US in search console and doing backlinks too and whatever content i am posting all...
  19. DylanMarshall

    Cloning someone elses price/feature comparison site but without the amazon links.

    Hi, I got this little idea to re-purpose a simple but huge price comparison site for electronics I came across. The kicker is, instead of Amazon links, Id replace those with a different affiliate program in my country and since its based on a particular country, change keywords to all say "in my...
  20. jiya raichand

    Romania Region SEO

    Hi all, I started one site and its for one particular geo that is Romania. And its been a month it's not even in SERP and not getting any clicks from Romania region. Getting clicks and impression from other countries ( though my site is .ro) so what you recommend me to do ?? Shall I keep my...