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  1. A

    I'm looking for team partners

    We are looking for partners with traffic! Transparent terms. Paid every week. We provide any creatives (banners, promotional codes for you, etc.).
  2. J

    I want to start making my OWN PBNS I need you help please

    Hi, Guys I have few websites that growing but very slow and I'm stuck with backlinks, I have no clue where to start from please help me with Tier 1 backlinks. Tier 1: What type of Tier 1 backlinks I should make for "Money Site" and also for PBNs Tier 2 & 3: Please also help me with Tier 2...
  3. B

    Introducing myself

    Hi BH community! A pleasure to join you! I m a sales consultant for online casino niche, but I m not here to sell my services! That s not the place. I m here for 2 main reasons: 1. Sharing knowledge, experience or opinions with other members 2. Who knows I may find some interesting guy...
  4. Random007

    Clear Concept About On Page SEO

    When You Will See This Kind Of Graph. That Means Google Still Not Sure About Your Website Perfectly. We Can See Some Fair Graph Signs, Which That Means During Some Google Updates, Your Website Followed The Exact Rules. But It Didn't Sustain. Why? Due To The Loopholes Of Your Website, You...
  5. SpecialCPA

    SEO writer for provide strategies in Affiliate marketing, Ecommerce, soical media marketing etc

    Requiremts : 1. You must know antidtect browser and know its application scenario 2. You have wide knowlege in affiliate marketing ecommerce, cypto, social media marketing etc. 3. You know how to write a SEO conent and know to add SEO keywords in the content naturelly Its a paid job, if you...
  6. D

    Casino and Gambling websites marketing techniques?

    Hi, I'm working on some gambling or casino websites for a country in which these things are banned, so my question is to get traffic for a website which techniques can i use? Like paid and organic both. Apart from these, like can I use WhatsApp marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing...
  7. D

    Reddit bot for affiliate marketing - upvoting issues

    Currently using a reddit bot for affiliate marketing, the bot is working fine, the issue I am having though is that when I run the bot none of the upvotes are counting. At first I thought the issue could be that reddit realizes it is a bot trying to upvote these comments, so it does not count...
  8. D

    Reddit for clickbank

    currently in the process of getting an automated reddit bot for DM and comments and upvoting etc. I have the option of being able to create accounts and use these accounts for DM and comments, or buy aged accounts and DM spam and comment spam with them. It would obviously seem more organic and...
  9. D

    Best way to promote a blog for affiliate marketing?

    I spent tons of time building a blog under the assumption scrape box would do the job, but the comment posting feature isn't working well for me, I assume its because most blogs nowadays require comment approval, because I've sent out thousands of comments with very little traffic to my site. I...
  10. Jeffoski

    Parasite SEO Newbie Tips...

    I'm considering getting started with promoting affiliate products and selling my own products using parasite SEO and getting my articles to rank on Google. I'm looking at starting with LinkedIn and Reddit. What are your thoughts? Any tips/pointers for a beginner? How to set up properly, dos...
  11. Harley Gibbs


    Hello gays! I am new here
  12. bowls1122

    Black Hat SEO needed for a SaaS website

    I have got a SaaS product, and am looking for qualified service providers who can provide me Blackhat SEO services. What I need is Quick Conversions on SaaS such that people buy the product. I am willing to offer a flat fee and Commission per sale. Please DM me if you think if you can get me to...
  13. seosolve

    How to make money with BHW?

    Kindly explain me How to make money with this forum?
  14. seo.mehtab

    seo.mehtab: Mahtab Ur Rahman - SEO Expert Extraordinaire

    Greetings, fellow digital enthusiasts! As an SEO expert with years of experience under my belt, I am thrilled to join the vibrant community here on Black Hat World. Allow me to introduce myself and share a glimpse of the knowledge and expertise I bring to the table. With an unwavering passion...
  15. GGP AD.gif

    GGP AD.gif is a gest posting agency, that sells guest posts on both low budget and premium websites. We have a data of more than 20,000 websites where we can publish for our clients
  16. armur

    How to Stop This Free Fall in Website Traffic

    I've had this Amazon Affiliate Blog for over 4 years now and the traffic was always steady around the 60-70k impressions per month range. That was until last Feb (2022) when traffic started dropping steadily. I thought it was some seasonal thing and let it be and didn't really concentrate on...
  17. S

    Thanks for existing, BlackHatWorld! New user ready to learn from you guys

    Hi everyone! I cant tell you guys how excited I am to finally find an in-depth forum on SEO! Now, I'm quite new to the world of SEO, indexing and Googles' ever-changing circus. I am however someone who loves reading up on things and absorb from people with much more experience then I have on...
  18. thaibangshop

    My 2-months site had a spike of index to 500K then go down

    Hi. My site 2-months old site,, has weird behavior that it had a huge number of pages being indexed in 2 days. It went from just 1000 to 500K in just 2 days. I checked that by using the query on Google and I can check that my site was crawled very fast...
  19. T

    advice and application.

    Greetings forum, I come here looking for professional help, I am in search of legitimate traffic to my website, unfortunately I have opted for a service here in this forum which was totally disastrous, bad work and nothing professional. I am an entrepreneur looking to get results in a real way...
  20. jiya raichand

    UTM Parameters - Will it affect SEO

    Hi there, I have one doubt, one of my client using utm urls to track their leads. For eg - ( this url she is using to track how many leads comes from GMB ) similar way on blog post, instead of linking our idle page, she is giving...
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