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  1. courses_retailer

    ahref and semrush sebscriptions

    Hello BHW Is there any chance to get an ahref or semruch subscription for free or for a lower price
  2. D

    I work only 20 hours a week and I look for something to work on.

    HI guys, I work as a customer support and I work only 20 hours a week and I am making $800 month which is good salary in my country to pay my bills, food etc. I have $150 and I want somehow to make money on CPAGRIP or OGADS or CLICKBANK. I only work that little because the job I am doing is...
  3. D

    Started Adult Tube Site - 20$ A Day

    Helo guys i just started a porn tube site with 50 defferent categories only I am posting (not importing) 5 videos per day, 4 videos are affiliate video just to copy their embed code and they pay for embed traffic... 2$ for tier 1 fixed * amount. And 1 another video have affiliate offer with a...
  4. D

    I started adult tube site i need someone expert in seo for getting huge traffics

    Hello all i need who can do seo for my adult porn tube site running on wp script retrotube it is new one domain My earning source will be different from others so i do 50/50 of our profit as well contact me please. Experienced and expert perseons show their previous work
  5. WallB

    Affordable SEO Packages & Services ⬜ Become An SEO Reseller ⬜ Big Profit Margins ⬜ SMM Panel API Compatible

    Our cheap and affordably priced SEO services can be used for your own projects, but they're also ideal for reselling. Our brandless reports mean you can sell white-label and private-label SEO services under your own brand. Their affordable prices mean big profit margins and upselling...
  6. ElliotG

    Taking a loan to buy a website

    Is it crazy to take out a loan to buy a website? For example, take a 8k loan, buy a niche blog website on flippa or a really good expired domain (up to 5k), invest in content (up to 1k) and the rest in link building. Grow the website and then monetize it with ads/affiliate or just sell it...
  7. J

    Hello from Spain! - Any Advice????

    I just wanted to introduce myself, although I have been register for few month I havent done it yet, but Im forcing my self to post here everyday from now on, so I can get to the 100 post and enter in the premium club! :D So yeah my name is Jose, I live in Spain and I have been leaning SEO...
  8. jiya raichand

    How to rank facebook page in Google

    Hi All, I have seen that for some reason Facebook page is ranking in google serp instead of website. I even checked both the pages website is having proper page for that product with proper content , images ( well optimised page! ) but instead of website facebook page is ranking. How can we...
  9. jiya raichand

    Some ideas for my new website

    Hi all, I have one domain where i was putting content mostly related to "marketing blogs" ( blogs on social media or related to SEO ). Recently i have changed my website and planning to make that website as a digital marketing agency website but i am not sure will it work or not. I am having...
  10. S

    POD - Print on Demand - customisable product site

    Hey, Im looking to buy a pre-made site on Shopify or WordPress in which customers can create and customise their own products and place an order. Upload their own design for t-shirts or visiting cards etc. Pre-made or if someone can build or has an example and can share costing and timeline...
  11. B

    Gatsby.js for Blog?

    Did anyone use Gatsby.js for their personal Niche Website or Authority Website? How does it compare to WordPress SEO wise? Also are there any special SEO practices that I need to implement for a Gatsby.js website? I work as a front-end developer, so pretty much I am able to code up my own...
  12. Oneilrocket

    Can anyone point me to a tutorial they used to learn SEO.

    when I search on YouTube I see hundreds of tutorials and its all overwhelming. most of them require a website that you pay 100 dollars up to us their tool and the whole outlook looks complicated. I'm a newbie so please what tutorial or guide worked best for you. i just want to have a guide i...
  13. jiya raichand

    Changing Language of the website will affect SEO

    Hi there, I have one website in which i started getting 1k users per month now. When i created the website that time i have optimised the website with local language and did backlinks also with the same language now i am planning to change it in english language so will the affect my SEO ...
  14. Aadya

    Affiliate Website Home Page Design

    Hi, what should be on my home page somebody actually shared a home page structure on BHW about how that might affect ranking of all the other pages can somebody give me insights about it how you do things Thanks!
  15. jiya raichand

    Free tools to check trends of particular product for particular location wise

    Hi there, Can you suggest me to check the trends of particular product apart from Google Trends ? Thanks
  16. Aadya

    How To Setup A Perfect Product Affiliate Review Page?

    Hi, I want to know How To Setup A Perfect Product Affiliate Review Page? I not looking for niche ideas or content ideas. My Affiliate Product Page looks bad as compared to competitors even though I have more detailed content but clicks are very less is there any way to increase the clicks by...
  17. uxdrug

    Simple Cool Year extension trick I used to get additionl traffic

    If you run a blog, log in ahrefs and check my method. Also, improve CTR in SERPs. Are you using the Year extension in your title? What do I mean? Normal Title: Best Horror Books With year extension: Best Horror Books In 2022 people use years in their searches and using this in your niche...
  18. jiya raichand

    URL is not on Google: Indexing errors ( GSC Noindex Issue )

    Hi all, One of webpage is showing noindex in GSC. Please check the attached screenshot. I have checked robots.txt for that page its showing "<meta name='robots' content='index, follow" and even in old GSC its showing allowed. But url still didnt get index i dont know whats the issue and...
  19. Snqke

    Auto Blog Post Amazon Affiliation Still Work?

    Hello guys, i just discovered new topic for amazon affiliation the strategy is generate maximum of posts on my blogs and share product on every post and get visits from google organically is this method still work ? Any Suggestion ? Thanks
  20. jeanfrank

    How to pass the affiliate verification?

    Hi, guys Recently, I applied for permission to join the OGads and Lospollos, but they all denied my request. I don't know why I can't pass the verification. Do you guys know how to pass the verification? CUZ I really want to make money through the affiliate program. Thanks in advance