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Sep 1, 2013
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Instagram has been the talk of the town and all for the right reasons. It's one of the best mediums for Affiliate Marketing. If you're new to CPA, then Instagram is really the best place to start with it. Keep in mind that no matter how much I spoonfeed information to you here, you are gonna have to put some effort into it to see results. Why? - There's thousands of people already doing but there's money for everyone.

A little history - I got back into Internet Marketing 7 months ago and decided to try out Instagram as everyone was doing it. And my first choice was OGads obviously. In the past 7 months I've made over $11,000 using Instagram so it's safe to say I know what am talking about. :)

What you need to get started -

1. Account on OGads - These guys are currently the best Mobile CPA network and you're gonna want to be a part of them. Very good offers and very helpful staff.

Signup to OGads -

2. Bot to run Instagram accounts - I personally suggest using Massplanner. Some would say I'm biased but it's really personal experience. I've been using Massplanner for 7 months now. I have Followliker too but I prefer Massplanner over it.
The Instagram Edition of Massplanner costs $17/month.

Instagram Edition of Massplanner -


If you don't have Funds for a bot yet, use Instagress. It's a free bot and you can add multiple accounts to it. It's got a ton of features for a free bot.

3. Instagram accounts - Only buy Aged Non-PVA Instagram accounts. There's multiple sellers and I've used most of them but the best accounts are from @thetraveller.

Add him on Skype - psihomag

If you don't have funds to buy accounts, don't worry. I've written a guide to creating your own Instagram accounts safely. You can read it here.

If you do make your own accounts, make sure to age them for at least a week before using them. Else you're gonna get banned very quick.

4. Phone Numbers to Phone Verify accounts - I only use free sources for numbers like Textnow or Textplus. They're both free services. Textnow is web based but Textplus is an app. So you can either install it on your Phone or Bluestacks.

5. Proxies to run accounts - You will definitely need proxies to run your accounts once you start scaling up and again, I've tested various providers and I've found Buyproxies to be the best. They're a little expensive but totally worth it.

Visit -

That's about it, moving on ..

The Method

1. Once you're signed up with OGads, you can use their pre-hosted landing pages. These are mobile optimized and convert really well.

Visit -

You can request multiple landing pages. There's loads of niches to choose from and you can pick any, really. I would suggest using General Niches ( free followers/giveaways) . The landing pages are automatically approved.

2. Add accounts to the Bots. Adding accounts to Instagress or Massplanner is pretty straightforward, your grandma could do it. You can import multiple accounts to Massplanner at once and you're also given the import format so you shouldn't have trouble with it.

3. Grow your Instagram accounts.After you've decided on the niche you want to promote, you need to grow your Instagram accounts. When I started out I was blindly spamming with my accounts and the ban rate was really high. I quickly realized that growing accounts is the key here so I started doing that. Here's an example account if you're gonna use the Free Followers niche.


Grow your accounts this way so they last longer.

Day 1 - 50 likes max
Day2 - Rest
Day 3 - 50 follows
Day 4 - Profile the account and add links
Day 5 - 300-350 follows
Day 6 - 400-450
Day 7 - 450-500

I do not post images on any of my accounts. Images can increase ban rates.
Also, if you notice, I have over 6000 followers on this particular account. They're not fake followers I've boosted the account but actual people who've followed the account over the past 4 months.

I use Bitly or to shorten my links.

That's basically it. Find some large Instagram accounts and just start following their Followers and you'll soon start seeing clicks and conversions in your OGads account. It's really that simple.

If you do it all right, you won't get banned fast.

You might encounter a few hiccups in the form of Phone Verification requests or Temporary Follow blocks. For Phone Verification requests, use Textplus or Textnow to verify the accounts.

Temporary Follow blocks happen if you're following too many at a time. If you get hit by Temporary Follow blocks, stop the follow process on the account and start unfollowing on it or just leave it be for a few days.

If you have any questions regarding Instagram or Massplanner settings, leave a reply here and I'll get back to you. Please don't PM me about it.
Lastly, here's a little motivation.



Back to work now. :)
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So you only Follow users no Likes??
Also Do you follow same procedure for every niche or you change things?

And Do you follow some account followers or follow from tags?

Nice Motivation.
Thank you for the share, clear and simple.
My understanding is that you only can use 2 instagram accounts with massplanner isn't that the case?
thanks for the mthod.

how do you post the landing page to the account
Great tut man, but if you request a landing page from og, you post the link on insta or you use shorten urls ?
I actually host the landing pages myself. And I shorten the domain links.
has anyone else tried this?
There's thousands of people doing it already.
Congrats OP , I will start working on the method . How many accounts you are using right now.
I have 85 accounts running right now, giving me $150-200/day.
So you only Follow users no Likes??
Also Do you follow same procedure for every niche or you change things?

And Do you follow some account followers or follow from tags?

Nice Motivation.
I only do likes in the start, when am growing accounts. After that it's just follows. I follow the same procedure for all niches.
I only follow account followers. :)
Thank you for the share, clear and simple.
My understanding is that you only can use 2 instagram accounts with massplanner isn't that the case?
That's why I suggested getting the Instagram Edition of Massplanner -
thanks for the mthod.

how do you post the landing page to the account
Put the link in the website section of the account.

When I post OGAds link on IG it says this link isn't allowed..
Yes, I had shortened the urls..Now I will buy domains... :)
You need to host the landing pages yourself and then shorten the domain links.
isn't the payment screenshot of CPAgrip. are you using cpagrip offers too?
Yes it is. I started using CPAgrip al
I check this method, very thanks Bro :)
No problem, let me know how it goes. :)
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Congrats OP. Its Motivating.
Couple questions --
1. Does OGads approve all accounts ? or is there an approval process ? I see that they are asking to list your social accounts and current content locking sites when you create an account there.
2. How many IG accounts did you use to get this earning ? ---- EDIT---- I see you have answered this already.
Great method here m8, and very well instructed (just add a point where people need to create their own domain and redirect them with affiliate links)

1. When we first start doing this method can you suggest how many account we need to buy/open, considering for example I'm new to all the things disscussed here (bots, massplaner, etc)..

2. Is it the same case all the time when you don't post any photos on your account, or this strategy is only for that specific niche you have presented to us in OP ?

would appreciate if you can elaborate more on these 2 points..

thanks :)
Do you put the shortened links in your bio? If yes, how long do you usally wait for a fresh account?

I guess you put them asap on 1 month old accounts.

Also what do you usally write in your bio?
Hi, how you are building your lp"s?
How many accounts per 1 domain?
Any other ideas on working niches?
Quick question. What happens to the IP if an account using this IP is banned? Can you use the same IP again for a maximum of 3 account or can I just put it into the trash?
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