instagram + ogads


    Instagram account's disable?

    i had buy some old PVA ig account. but yesterday, i have 50% need phone number verify, so i type google voice, and then, this image is show. this is very strange, some people told me this account is disable yet. in my option, i remember some account disable don't show this info. Thanks for...
  2. OpenSauce

    Journey to $10/Day with good ol' insta

    I worked with Instagram in the past, but after all the bots were rendered useless it was difficult to proceed and more lucrative journeys emerged from other platforms. Recently I got curious if Instagram monetization was still as simple as it used to be and created a new account with affiliate...

    Making money with a 2,6k instagram account.

    Hi, i got a 2,65k instagram account in the fortnite niche, posting videos from other creators automaticly. And im asking how i could monitize it. I was thinking of mby doing fake vbucks giveaways but my account doesn`t grow fast enough for even 10$ per day. And if you have any growing tips for...
  4. blacksharks

    Instagram + Cpi First Journey

    Hello, i'm starting an instagram+ cpi journey, I've tried this about 1 year ago with just 1 account botted of course and it made me 1$ a day, didn't scale it and don't ask me why because i don't know why i didn't..., i will list what i have and how much i spend until now to start this journey...
  5. Monkos

    Hurdles of Instagram - Mother/Child method, Accounts Creation, 4g Proxies, PVs solution

    Hello All, You can SKIP it! Who am I? I've been using BHW for years, may be from 2011-12, but never thought of signing up, because at BHW without logging in, you can read the threads, and I was really lazy to signup, but don't know why I have signed up for many shitty forums and have been...
  6. Salman.Ahmed

    Anyone tried meme's or funny pictures niche on Instagram?

    I've been thinking about starting one and has a pretty solid plan but only thing that is stopping me is whether it will be profitable or not. Generating revenue through shout outs is possible but it's very low ROI. Anybody made money through these niches? Share your experience if you want to :)
  7. S

    My first journey (OGADS + IG)

    Hi, I created this thread to keep myself motivated and learn along the way. This is my first journey on BHW but not my first attempt at IM earning. Idea is: get traffic to my landing page from IG accounts to my landing pages send users from landing pages to content locker page after a user...
  8. Aksh Verma


    Hello Mates, so i'm bit confused about several proxy types. what to use or what to not for Instagram Automation ,recently i've purchased FOLLOWPLANNER to startup my instagram game but i got stucked on IP Authentication page...:weep::weep: * Currently i'm planning to start my first automation /...
  9. bitif

    jarvee email confirmation loop solution ?

    hi mates hope u r all having a good day im testing jarvee with instagram (i switched from FL to jarvee) my setup is this 10 pva aged accounts (16months old) semi dedicated proxie for each account my settings are : follows 25-50/day and increase by 30everyday till 600 and like first post of...
  10. tejethical

    Is "gain insta followers" niche still alive?

    Looking for a decent easy to start with niche for insta. Is "gain insta followers" still profitable and relevant? I know everything works if you can make it unique and different with a great landing page and all. But I think it is too much saturated for a beginner.
  11. Bookmaker

    Need help with Free Hosting + Free LP + IG + OGads

    Hello Guys, I have a question. Can I create a free hosting landing page with weebly for free? If yes will it work if I put the url shorted in my instagram bio and monetize it with OGads? Maybe someone have experience with this and can help me thank you
  12. ThePlugMichael

    OgAds + Instagram Help!

    I've been reading a lot of forums about OgAds and Instagram, and 2 weeks ago i started doing it myself. I have 3 Instagram accounts and i'm running them all manually. On a good day i get about 30 - 40 clicks and about 10 conversions ($2) however normally i get about 15 - 25 clicks and about 5...
  13. snookiecake

    Instagram accounts question ( email revert / banned accounts )

    Hello guys , i want to ask you few questions if someone know a solution just post it here just don't take this thread as joke and post stupid things , thanks . 1. Is every one else here getting e mail revert when he put on their instagram bot ? Anyone facing / figure it out this problem or...
  14. erf499

    Create Your Own Proxies With User and Pass

    *** THIS IS NOT MY METHOD But I Create My Proxies With This Methode -Have Fun- *** VPS specifications: Ubuntu 16.04 1mb Ram 1 core 10gb storage 1Gbps Installation Update your APT repository and install the software we will need sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install squid3 sudo...
  15. MrAnta997

    [Ig + Cpa] Journey to $5 - $20 - $50 - $100 per day

    To keep it as readable as possible, I'll devide it in sections. About me: I'm 21-yearsold from one Balkan country (Southeast Europe).. I work 9h/day for €250/month.. For the last couple of years, I've been researching Im, lifestyle, agriculture, machining (Cnc).. So I kinda have checkpoints...
  16. I

    Getting into Instagram CPA/CPI

    Hey guys, I recently followed Dillon's method for using an app called "The Plug" to make some money on instagram using influencer shoutouts. Basically you get "Plugcoins" for every download made using your link. I already have experience with Instagram shoutouts through my dropshipping...
  17. blackhathobo


    Well, another journey I am starting, so I am hoping I can reach some success! Lately, I have been doing a lot better than before BUT still a long way from stable income. However, I am getting signups! So that is helping, keeping me motivated! What is motivating me even more, is that a lot of...
  18. Señor Nermal

    Problem with OGADS + Instagram

    Hello guys! First of all, sorry for my bad English, I’m an Spaniard Yesterday I try to start my journey using OGADS with an Instagram account The problem is with the link of OGADS, I know Instagram don’t accept direct links to CPA, then I by one domain and use to redirect to the OGADS link...
  19. IMKage

    [JV] My Methods Your Tools (INSTAGRAM)

    Hey guys, I need someone who can provide me with tools - vps, accounts etc. I have a couple of methods, I did it in the past about 1 year ago but due to some things I backed off. Now gonna start again, gonna be monetizing accounts with different networks and different methods kinda like split...
  20. B

    Instagram CPA - $33,33 a DAY

    Expenses $29,99 proxy (residential) for 5 IP (Can't tell where i got them from). $0 Jarvee (using trial 5 days) $23 VPS ------- $52,99 a month First of all my english is not 100% so sorry for writing mistakes :) Niche: Free Followers Niche: Give Away (I won't tell what i'm giving away) :)...
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