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  1. Dolphin_tool

    ✅Dolphin {anti} - now an antidetect browser! Modern browser management.

    You said - we did it! ;) Dolphin Anty - is an antidetect browser A Powerful tool tor Solving traffic arbitrage tasks | Facebook | Google | Tik-Tok Dolphin {anty} benefits: ✅Manage of browser profiles. Work with hundreds of unique profiles from one device. Each profile is a unique browser...
  2. Y

    I Have clicks but i don't have conversion

    Hello guys ! I have a probleme as you see i have some clicks but i only have 1 conversion... I use lospollos and my traffic source is teelegram. CAn you please give an advice to convert this traffic. [ can anyone share with me a chat script to convince and register in the cpa offers ] Thank you
  3. Chuchitas_009

    Please help, I can't convert to CPA.

    Well guys, I signed up for the Adthorized CPA network and well, I don't know what happens, I don't get to get any conversion, just clicks and host but no conversion, I receive 50 or more messages a day, my niche is for adults, please help.
  4. D


    HOT DEAL! THE TOP-SELLING CPA GUIDE FOR JUST $22! LEARN HOW TO DOMINATE THE INSTAGRAM WITH CPA OFFERS! This is a limited chance to get the guide only for $22 Instead of the full price of $47! Buy now and get free LIFETIME updates. USE CODE: "DEAL" BUY IT NOW: CLICK HERE! ORIGINAL BHW...
  5. kira6indo


    Hi every one , I need some help , i'd like to make some money online and build my career , i chose CPA and i want to learn more about it. if you can advice me with a course or something , so i can understand what is happening. AND THANK YOU.
  6. D


    With so many REAL positive reviews you can't get wrong! Comment "I'm Lucky" and I will send you an awesome discount!
  7. I

    Be initiative, Make Money Online

    Hello everyone I hope all of you are doing fine . I'd like to make money online , and I have a budget of 500$ . I'm thinking of starting dropshipping business, I've read alot alot of articles about it . Seems promising , yet the corona virus killed it. I wish If someone has any useful...
  8. amanwaa

    How can i monetize 1000/Daily "Fortnite" Traffic from USA/

    Hey, If anyone has any idea for how can I monetize Fortnite traffic please share with us. Suggest me best CPA network or affiliate.
  9. MagicNeon

    Hello everyone, i have recently joined. And my goal is to learn CPA marketing

    I am trying to find good organic traffic to send it to my CPA offers. Currently i am using maxbounty as CPA network and Instagram as traffic. I am doing everything manually right now , but my goal is passive income. Please give me some tips like: Best automated tools for organic growth...
  10. typina

    My Journey in CPA

    Hello, im Krisetya from Indonesia. Today i write my journey at BHW to boost my passion to making money online. Previously my main IM income from SMMA (Instagram), the revenue is quite good, I can fulfill my life and college cost. But, you know that recent IG algorithm make all page in...
  11. Mazen Hlel

    HOW I GET 30$/DAY ?

    Hi guys I have 550$ in my paypal but coudn't find any way to make money . I tried CPA IG , snapchat , FB ... I tried affiliet marketing also nothing :( I get this 550$ from buyed my channel YT and I lose my first 50$ in IG influceurs for CPA offers but no 1 leads :( I hope anyone know somthing...
  12. TrendSearch

    My Journey To $10 Per Day With CPAGrip + IG

    Background: I'm a 15 year old currently making about $100 per month from YouTube, I lost my Fiverr accounts due to getting flagged for multiple accounts recently, so I have to find something else. Experience: I started making money online at 12 so I've made some money before on Fiverr, Low...
  13. D

    Best niche for CPA on instagram?

    What is the best niche for CPA offers on Instagram? Please help. I have not made a single dollar on CPA. Like I have a site that generates 4$ a day ad revenue but its too less.
  14. Renfield-Files

    Blog Niches For 2020: Travel and Tourism

    Matter of fact travelling and Tourism are great niches since forever, and few niches are so steady for semi-autopilot earnings. 2 years ago I set up a blog covering one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brazil. By car, 609 KM of Beaches, Islands, Old French and German architeture and etc...
  15. aziz elmo

    what are best offer and country for AIRpush

    hi, anyone trying Airpush can tell me what are the best offer for it I spent 40$ but not result please help me
  16. V

    Where to find affiliates?

    Hello, I created an e-book and posted it on my shopify but its been difficult getting affiliates? Where do I find them?
  17. I

    Hello, my introductions:

    Hello, I'm new to BHW and I recently created my account after snooping around some of these threads posted here. I recently created this account because I believe this community website will help me in my journey to make money online as a teenager. I'm currently underage but that isn't stopping...
  18. vedeus

    CPA + IG Newbie trying to get 10€/daily

    Hi all! Thank you for reading this, it means a lot for me. Also I'm sorry for my English errors :D I'm interested in making CPA with Instagram, run bots F/UF, link in the bio and get € for conversions :devil: I read some journeys here, watched some YT videos but I still don't understand some...
  19. Harnur

    Are there any CPA/CPL experts here?

    Where can i find ideas to create a CPA-offer landing page that converts well. OR How/Where can i spy on the CPA landing pages that are already famous...and have high ROI? Is there any software or manual way to do it?
  20. PowerPath

    Best Age Range To Target For CPA

    Hey guys, I just wanted to ask what you thought is the best age range to target for CPA. By this I mean the age range (e.g. teen or 13-18) to target for CPA, mainly based on EPC. I am doing content lockers CPA. This is for IG+CPA If you guys can help me out that would be great.