cpa + ig

  1. Chuchitas_009

    Where do I get photos and videos of hot girls?

    Hello, how are you friends, where could I get content of hot girls, naked type, semi naked. Good is to be able to make pages of adult content, Thanks
  2. Chuchitas_009

    How can I monetize my content?

    Hello, how are you friends, I am about to start my journey and I will tell you briefly. I recently created facebook pages, instagram accounts and also some snapchat and they are all adult content, I publish hot girls, bikini, beautiful girls, etc, and I already have a few thousand likes. What...
  3. D


    With so many REAL positive reviews you can't get wrong! Comment "I'm Lucky" and I will send you an awesome discount!
  4. Frazinjer01

    Email/Zip submits CPA

    I just want to know if I get paid once they enter their email and it goes to the next page to fill in their phone number?
  5. CyberGen

    First compaign! Give me your opinion!

    EDIT: sorry for the title! Its campaign. Hello everyone, so during about 2 days Ive made the best landing page I could to promote a cpa product. I think it's very nice and looks pretty professionnal. Ive made a noice juicy thumbnails and now I am trying to find good words to make a juicy...
  6. Stifl

    Instagram + CPA + Giveaway?

    Hey BHW! I'm wondering.. is a real giveaway that's backed up by cpa marketing profitable on Instagram? I've found some niches and IG accounts that I can start a JV with. Now my only question is, are people on instagram (mostly gaming niche) "that st*pid"? Does anyone have experience with this?
  7. D

    How to use CPA + Instagram

    Hey guys I recently signed up with MaxBounty and im trying to promote few offers but every time the link for the offer gets banned from Instagram in few hours.. Can you tell me how you do it I tried bitly , bought new domain and few hours after I place it on the website field it gets banned from...
  8. O

    Anyone here has experience buying DMs?

    Hey guys, I found this service just today, offered on BuySellShoutouts and a few other websites, where you can buy Instagram DMs. Has anyone here tried it out? Any thoughts? I thought, instead of creating and growing accounts to send DMs, I could just buy the DMs straight away and drive people...
  9. A

    Am I doing it right?

    Hello my friends! So I decided to try this method as a beginner : I was able to make 2 Instagram accounts and after that I get an error. I understood that I reached the limit of account...
  10. D

    CPA Method

    What's the best method to earn money by cpa (Sign up). please help me..!

    What to do with an aged IG account with 100.000 followers ?

    Hello to all BHW members, So I found a guy who own an instagram account that has more than 100.000 followers and he offered to sell it for 200 dollars but I have no idea what can I do with this account, any method to make profit from it ? I was thinking to use it for CPA offers but I am...
  12. PatronE Osem

    Cpa+Instagram Method Journey to make 10$-120$/day- NEED HELP!

    Hello everyone, i wish u to help help and help me, bcs you don't know how ur help will make me happy. I'm very newbie to Cpa Network Marketing. Sorry for my shitty english Im gonna talk a about my life story here (u can move down to the method if u dont want to read): I live on a shitty...
  13. FBM

    Oh ANOTHER IG Journey?! - $10/day with CPA

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I am aiming to make $10 a day with IG + CPA. No deadline set as of yet, though that said I don't want it to take forever! Now I have played around with IG a while ago in terms of growing accounts (got several accounts to 100k (adult using MP) and then randomly they...
  14. Sbaba


    I am New here. I am interested in cpa marketing and would like to get all the necessary advice from pros here
  15. seoxz


    I want to work in CPA, i have no idea at all. I have worked in clickbank that was 4 years ago and i i w barely making any money but no losses. I wouldn't prefer any adult or gambling niche. Can anyone give suggestions
  16. Andrewbar

    Some GMT2 questions

    I recently switched from Jarvee to GMT2 to scale, and have been having some problems. The follow tool doesn't stop following after reaching the daily max, anyone had this problem? Also, is there no option to randomize night mode as in jarvee? One other odd thing is I don't get EV when adding...
  17. R

    How to make money with a large Instagram following

    I’ve tried a few CPA networks and the leads never convert even though there are atleast 100 people doing it, I’m just wondering over ways to make money with no website
  18. @daddy

    Learning about CPA

    I'm new to this forum. I appreciate the knowledge people have here, so just thinking to start with IM, I thought to try CPA first. I'm seeking for some knowledge and guidance you guys can provide me. Thank you guys, you all are wonderful
  19. the gent

    I had to ask Adult + CPA !!!

    Hi All Stright to the point! What has more chance of converting on Adult + IG is it with offer Direct linking or with LP ==> Offer ? thanks for suggestions
  20. micleclark

    CPA Link Redirect, Does it Works?

    Hay Guys, CPA link redirect for instagram, does it works? Does the CPA network count the lead? Let me clear it first. I want to drive traffic from instagram. You all know instagram block CPA link, that's why i use a tools that redirect my CPA link to offer link. Instagram doesn't block this...