cpa + ig

  1. M

    CPL Dating offers that support spam

    Hey, I have developed a bot that does social interactions on some +18 social networks. Im looking for ways to monetize it and i was looking for CPL (SOI - DOI) Dating offers that support spam as a traffic source, does any of you guys have any idea?
  2. AriantheWise

    Best adult CPA method?

    Hello BHW! What is the best adult CPA method that has brought you great results? Is it a fan page on Ig/TikTok? Twitter? Tube sites? Blogs? I have read many journeys and am having a hard time getting started. My apologies as I know this is a newbie question I'm just exploring new ways to make...
  3. S

    CPA Guide

    what do I need to know to start studying CPA, I read many threads on this forum and found a lot of success from CPA players, but I have never had experience in this field, is there a clear guide to starting from zero?
  4. E

    How to monetize my Instagram account with 50k followers 95% female audience

    Hi BHW, I have an Instagram account in the manifestation/spirituality niche with 50k followers and a 95% female audience. Any suggestions on how I can monetize this? I have already tried CPA survey offers such as $750 Shein & Cash App but I don't get enough clicks. I have also tried offers such...
  5. K

    Someone teach me how to monetize Instagram with CPA

    I have about 50 perennial instagram accounts. I have not earned any money from CPA before. My family is having financial difficulties. Nice if someone can show me how to earn CPA with these 50 accounts. Thank you!
  6. L

    How to find a profitable offer in 24H

    Hey everyone, First of all I like this forum and whenever a question I comeback here and search and I find a lot of information. Let’s start : In the CPA world you always need to find a good offer that converts but how ? You need : Smartlink WW from any network. Tracker Traffic source (you...
  7. E

    adult cpa method that is working?

    Hello to all members of the forum, I am new here and I am new to cpa. I would like to know if there is any method for adult cpa that is generating money today. I have tried everything, I have several Instagram accounts, 64k, 39k, 15k. I tried Instagram in stories, sending them to Telegram so...
  8. SeasonedCode

    multiple accounts logging

    how do platforms like Facebook or Instagram... know that you are opening many accounts and disabled them and how I can avoid that What should I do cause I do Cpa automation
  9. S

    I need help on cpa to save my brother

    Hello BHW ,my name's Samy, 24 years old, I live in Tier 3, an unemployed university student, my brother Axel 27 years old, he has cancer we discovered it in the last 3 weeks. He has hope to live, but his surgery is very expensive and must travel to Germany (the cheapest one) and the costs of the...
  10. jinxedsoul

    what is a good cpa network for instagram ?

    i had some good luck with plugco but i want to try something different and bigger what do you guys suggest ?
  11. M0805

    Did you try MASS DM for CPA

    Hi guys! I wonder is somebody try Instagram MASS DM for CPA. How many DMs you need to send to get Conversion. Thanks!
  12. A

    Find Content Lockers Developers

    Anyone help know who can create content locking script for our CPA network? I already have own lead gen campaigns and 1500+ pubs but we don't have to content lock create script so urgently looking it....
  13. Kingzzz

    Best cpa network for instagram traffic?

    Hello guys I run more than 25 instagram accounts in which 10 accounts are 10-15k + followers and highly engaging audience I have tried theplug and earning decent amount of money And now iam planning to monetize my insta accounts with cpa offers also Can you plss suggest me good cpa...
  14. B

    [Journey] Deep Dive Into Social Media!

    Hello, welcome to my journey! After reading so many inspiring journey about Social Media (IG/Facebook/Reddit/Twitter) peform CPA Marketing i decided to make my own journey. Strategy My strategy is grow as much a targeted friend/follower to selling CPA product. Plan Make 5 Account on IG...
  15. Chuchitas_009

    Where do I get photos and videos of hot girls?

    Hello, how are you friends, where could I get content of hot girls, naked type, semi naked. Good is to be able to make pages of adult content, Thanks
  16. Chuchitas_009

    How can I monetize my content?

    Hello, how are you friends, I am about to start my journey and I will tell you briefly. I recently created facebook pages, instagram accounts and also some snapchat and they are all adult content, I publish hot girls, bikini, beautiful girls, etc, and I already have a few thousand likes. What...
  17. D


    With so many REAL positive reviews you can't get wrong! Comment "I'm Lucky" and I will send you an awesome discount!
  18. Frazinjer01

    Email/Zip submits CPA

    I just want to know if I get paid once they enter their email and it goes to the next page to fill in their phone number?
  19. CyberGen

    First compaign! Give me your opinion!

    EDIT: sorry for the title! Its campaign. Hello everyone, so during about 2 days Ive made the best landing page I could to promote a cpa product. I think it's very nice and looks pretty professionnal. Ive made a noice juicy thumbnails and now I am trying to find good words to make a juicy...
  20. Stifl

    Instagram + CPA + Giveaway?

    Hey BHW! I'm wondering.. is a real giveaway that's backed up by cpa marketing profitable on Instagram? I've found some niches and IG accounts that I can start a JV with. Now my only question is, are people on instagram (mostly gaming niche) "that st*pid"? Does anyone have experience with this?
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