1. A

    Hello everyone. looking for a side hustle!!!!!!

    Hello everyone , I'm a new user in BHW and i'm really happy to join it because i discovered a lot of things that i didn't found it in any platform , I'm a 19 years old student i'm always searching about making money methods but i didn't find one that suits me so please guys i need your help. i'm...
  2. A

    need help

    I'm working on Twitter (dating) but now i get band all my accounts close when i create a new account after first reaction get block i try from all my devices and change ip , mac address, my network and still same what can i do.
  3. Z


    i really want a cpa landing page to promote content locker so my question is what i have to learn in order to create one? i know nothing about java, css or html etc
  4. Paabl0

    $30/day Through Media Buying?

    I'm considering earning $30 USD daily through media buying while promoting CPA and Affiliate Offers. My starting budget is $500 USD. Is this sufficient to begin? Should I opt for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Media Buying Sites to start my journey? What do you recommend for someone just starting...
  5. R

    Quick question about Ad Networks.

    Hello, I have a quick question. Let's say I've an offer from an affiliate network, can i promote it on ad networks? Like adsterra, adcombo or lospollos? I've heard good things about promoting dating offers on lospollos, is that true? And one more question is that how much budget would it...
  6. W

    What is the best paid traffic source to promote affiliate marketing offers

    Hello I have 2 websites which I write some reviews about different affiliate marketing products from Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus and few more from Shareasale. I usually promote using free traffic sources from youtube videos, Instagram, tiktok, facebook, quora, improving seo on my websites for...
  7. seojen

    CPA - How to deal with CAPPED offers links?

    To some of you , CPA marketers, I'm planning to promote some cpabuild offers on my blog and I have this concern; Let's say I place an offer link in my post and at some point the offer gets capped. What happens thereafter ? does the system redirect those visitors who click on the capped...
  8. cmasker

    How do people do this? .gov Free robux domain??

    Why is this domain so random?? I even saw a site for free robux with a domain. Do generators still convert?
  9. d11

    *You're typing too fast take a break*

    I am doing Adult CPA and whenever I want to create more than 1 page I am receiving this message and my account gets 0 views. How can I fix that?
  10. INauCkeL

    Is it possible to fake country traffic?

    I have to clarify some concepts first: 1) Are tier 3 country the lowest? 2) "Bad quality traffic" means having tier 3 country traffic, non organic traffic, or what? 3) Suppose I have tier 3 country traffic. Can I fake their countries to be seen as tier 1 country traffic? Like forcing the...
  11. M

    Make a video proof for CPA

    Hello.. I want to create a video proof for cpa. I increased the currencies and everything, but when I shoot the video I face a problem, which is how to display the proof video. I watch in the video of others on YouTube, they open the game and it increases in front of us. How can I do that so...
  12. intracon

    CPABuild - incent traffic for locker?

    Hi, wanted to try incent traffic with CPABuild content locker. However, their manager declared, that CPABuild doesn't allow incent traffic with their locker. Very strange, as content locking IS incent itself. Has anyone had any experience of earning with CPABuild content locker using incentive...
  13. M

    Convert video to APK file

    Hello.. Is there a site that converts a video into an application so that when I click on the application icon, it opens and the video appears to me as if it were the application? Is there a site that does this? Thank you and have a nice day
  14. M

    Upload a video to the YouTube channel

    Hello, I bought an old YouTube channel and posted a video on it and put the name, description and keywords, but when no views came, and the video I made it myself and I made the thumbnail as well, but no views came. I need help, please, in solving the views problem. Thank you and have a nice day
  15. A

    Making $100k+ Per Day With Dating Smartlink

    So I came across a guy that is probably making more than $100k per day, he owns thousands of websites that are ranked on google and once the user clicks on them they redirect the user to a dating smartlink. If you search for any onlyfans model name and next to it add “leaks or erome” (LITERALLY...
  16. d11

    How to monetize TikTok page

    I have a 9k TikTok page in interior/architecture niche and getting adult monetizable followers, advice different ways to earn some money with it pls.
  17. AutomationIsKey

    Journey to Success With Tiktok + CPA.

    Sheesh, way to come late to the party huh? :anyway: After hearing about tiktok for the last few years as being one of the most powerful ways to spark your CPA Earnings, this past week I decided I would finally dip my toes further into the water, and give it an official try. (I sold automation...
  18. intracon

    CPA marketplaces

    Hi, can anyone here recommend any CPA marketplaces or share their experience of working with such? I work with CPALead for a long time and would like to use their marketplace to promote offers from direct advertiser. However, they have a big minimum deposit of 250$ without any refund. I'm not...
  19. M

    Please I want a CPA niche to work on

    Hello, I need a game to work on in the field of CPA. Please, if anyone knows a good game or a good niche, tell me to work on it or send it to me in private. for information, I need money for this period because I have a process and I am collecting some money for it
  20. fortalweb2

    Any Cpa Pay Daily?

    Hey guys there's any cpa who pays daily or weekly?
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