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  1. DOG

    How to make $100 Per day from Instagram (Guaranteed Success Method) ❤️

    HELLO BLACKHAT WORLD TEAM & MEMBERS ❤️ Instagram has become one of the biggest social media websites on the Internet in a very short amount of time and it’s still growing strong. Hence, marketers see an opportunity in this and want to make some money using the audience of Instagram. In the...
  2. john kennedy

    instagram experts plss help me

    Hiii I want to grow instagram pages of hot babes, yoga babes and nature and more accounts that are related to girls Because I have adult and yoga telegram groups were I will promote my Instagram handles and will use bhw methods to grow instagram But my problem is I don't know from where to get...
  3. I

    Best Instagram niche to invest in?

    Hello Bhw community I'm really glad to write you again so I want to ask you what is the best Instagram niche and what is the best way to monetize it? Can u please give us some ideas or examples Wich you already tried
  4. D


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  5. W

    I have instagram page with 108k followers, how can i monetize?

    Hello, Out of boredom i created a instagram meme page which began to grow very seriously. Now i have 108k followers. Im complitly beginer and I have never had contact with cpa marketing. I think i have a big pontential with this amount of followers. A big problem is that I have an audience...
  6. P

    WTB Mother / Child instagram growth method

    WTB Mother / Child instagram growth method
  7. T

    Debunking Instagram’s algorithm in 2020

    Instagram recently shared some insights on how its algorithm works What are the key factors that influence Instagram’s algorithm? Interest, relationship, timeliness, frequency, following and usage. The algorithm tends to show you more from users that come from friends and family, and in...
  8. Nedronproo

    Instagram + cpa

    First sorry for my englich guys Hey i have an Instagram account with 25k followers is a fake girl account i get about 300 like per post and i want to know haw i can make some money with cpa any one chare with me a methoud i will be very happy because i never make any cent from internet Thanks...
  9. meet thakor

    Is it Possible to start adult tube site with no investment?

    Just few weeks ago I read about Billy Batts Chaturbate guide that motivated me to so something so i applied to CrakRevenue and got approval in next day i was too exited to drive traffic(see some $$)from Instagram , tagged. So for that i headed to pornhub searched Chaturbate cam girl name and...
  10. Balaurul23

    Insta Porn

    Hey guys I want to try something common on instagram, but I can't do this until I agree with the next thing: To buy ready made instagram accounts or create them after i buy proxy addresses?
  11. T

    Facebook Ad campaign Query

    For facebook ad campaign, which type offers would be right choice- Pin submit or cc submit or Sweepstakes? Please suggest me
  12. QontentMedia

    Journey to 5k/month using CPA+Ig client management

    Hello all, I hope you're having a wonderful day! I'm here to start my 5k/month journey, but first let's begin with a little background story; I'm 24yr old and doing I'm si and SMM for 3 years making money doing social media management services and especially Ig marketing for my clients as a...

    Fucking serious trouble!! Please help!

    Dear BHW legends, I am in a fucking serious trouble: My fucking bank blocked me access for all online payment because I cannot invest more than 1000 dollars per year outside of this motherfucking country, I cannot now pay anymore for Jarvee or for my hosting/server or for any shit until the...
  14. summi

    How to get approved for Instagram Shopping

    Hello, BHW Member, I really need the support of you guys. Facing issue with getting approve on Instagram shopping. I have attached screenshot I got in Shopify dashboard page after applying for the Instagram shop. The message "Your store isn't eligible for the Instagram product tagging"...
  15. micko1as

    Instagram Internet Marketing and List Building

    Alright so I’ve been leading blogging and internet marketing over the last year or so and I was wondering if anyone here has had success with getting substantial sales from Instagram. I see Instagram as a great way to build brand and business popularity and spread the word about your products...
  16. D

    Instagram issue

    Hey guys, as the title said i have like from yesterday to this moment 3 account banned i dunno why !! they are fresh and PV also i warmed up them like slowly also i only follow 3 times a day like 20-25 followers, but i don't know why they are banned.. could anyone explain to me why ? Thanks in...
  17. Sohaib3594

    Instagram Motivation

    I thought i should give u guys some motivation from my this year result from one network, i had also worked with few others networks n also earned well with them Traffic is totally from instagram. This is also motivation for me, i am feeling bit down these days because of instagram updates issues
  18. V

    Monetizing Indian based Instagram account

    So I've have a few Indian based Instagram accounts in the 'beautiful girls' niche with a total follower base of around 1M. I've been searching on the web to look out for appropriate ways to monetize the page but not being able to find a good way out. I would love to get suggestions for the same...
  19. A

    Profit Instagram???

    Hello. I was in reading mode for a long time and did not particularly enter into conversations on this forum. Guys, I have a regular income now on dating for adults + instagram. It is about XX-XXX per day. But the conversion rate falls every day. I can extract traffic from this network...
  20. imHugoLeandro

    [JOURNEY] Instagram CPA from 5 accs to 100 accs

    Hi guys, Welcome to my thread about my journey, first things first I don't speak to much English, so if you see some grammar error, I'm sorry :( History/Introduction So I decided to take action, I've been here since August last year, I'm that type of guy who reads but doesn't say nothing, just...