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Instazood Issues

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by DesperateBotter, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. DesperateBotter

    DesperateBotter Newbie

    Aug 15, 2017
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    Hi. New here and relatively new to the botting game. I used Instagress for about 4 months with fantastic success. Then came the shut down. I used PeerBoost after that but it was pretty crappy.

    Now I'm using Instazood and I'm finding it astonishing how dismally slow the function for adding targets, hashtags and locations is. Compared to virtually any other botting service, it is absolutely awful as far as I can tell in terms of usability, speed and efficiency of set-up. I have over 100 targeted hashtags and users and it will literally take me hours to add them all one by one at this rate.

    It is, however, providing some promising results even with not that many targets.

    As such, I'm wondering if anyone has some insight into how to add multiple targets at once, instead of clicking add target, typing the information, waiting 6 seconds for it to load, adding it and then rinsing and repeating into purgatory?

    Hopefully this makes sense, and, any info would help.


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