1. SirLouen

    Followliker still updating but 0 support

    Something that keeps intriguing me in the past 12 months is the Followliker situation I've been using it for several s**t tw accounts successfully (although they have incurred in many shadowbans through the process) It feels weird to use a non-support platform for a main or an important...
  2. Bloodseeker

    Is there any similar service like FollowLiker or Jarvee for Reddit?

    I want to automatically add comments to new posts in some communities that I am not a mod of. Is there any tool or bot available for this purpose?
  3. M

    Problem with Pinterest FollowLiker

    Hello, i saw a Youtube Video from Matthew Sabia where i showed a free Traffic-Method with PinterestFollowLiker... He is just pinning his product and put his dropshipping store link in it. I followed his instructions but FollowLiker gives me Problems. I set it all up but always if i press...
  4. J

    Follow Liker Help Needed | Quick Job (10-15 minutes)

    Hello, I currently have a follow liker subscription. I need help setting up a system where I scrape a profile's followers and one by one in this order: Follow > Like Photo > Comment > DM, then repeat to next follower. If you are avail today to help set this up, I have everything else in...
  5. R

    About Instagram !!

    Hi everyone i want to know if this software is working for instagram and does this software has bad politics with instagram or does this work good thank you
  6. K

    Followliker - my opinion after 5 years

    I bought my first followliker version for instagram. It was running like a charm. I used it on one account only. My Ingstagram profile was already a few years old with good activity. I made it to 45K Followers and ~800 Followings. I had to stop using instagram because of some personal things...
  7. K

    Followliker - Like Comments ?

    Does anyone know how to set the twitter Followerliker to like (click on that heart symbol) each comment under a Tweet?
  8. K

    FollowLiker - Contact support not possible anymore?

    I know there was an option to submit them a ticket for support, but now i don't find this feature on their site anymore? Anyone know how to contact the followliker support via ticket/email? EDIT: Nevermind got it
  9. flashsites

    What is your Mass Twitter Bot Secret Sauce...

    I know this is a big ask and probably will get ignored. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a legit twitter traffic service here so I've decided to bot myself. But Im new to running bots on Twitter and need someone with experience to give me sort of an outline for success. My goal is only to...
  10. M

    Jarvee how to extract a #hashtag search on twitter of users that like/retweet post for that #hashtag?

    So say I want to use a link for extraction on twitter for "#dogs" How would i have jarvee extract active users that has liked top post for the hashtag #dogs? so this is the link I want to extract users on of those who has been active liking...
  11. M

    Followliker and Twitter no longer working?

    Im trying to grow twitters with followliker, used it for instagram with really not many issues. Just got the unlimited subscription plan for twitter yesterday, got some accounts from hq-accounts and am using proxies from anonymous-proxies. net I have about 10 accounts on followliker right now...
  12. P

    Followliker Pinterest PIN Question (+Make Money Video)

    Hello BHW, first of all thanks for opening the thread and reading my question =) Im currently using Followliker to automate my PINS on Pinterest. I created some Spinax and designed around 20-25 Pins. Followliker puts all posted pictures in the History Folder, so I created a Automator script...
  13. flashsites

    FollowLiker Twitter edition

    Hey all, Im thinking about buying FL for Twitter. I've been hearing Twitter is cracking down on bots. Is it still worth it? I currently use FL Insta, which is pretty dead. None of the old tricks work anymore so it just good for automating mother accounts it seems. Zombies pushing to mother...
  14. S

    Instagram Influencer Scrapper pulled 1.5 million influencers!!!

    Hi I finished an influencer scapper for IG. It pulled 1.5M influnceres with their followers, engagement calculated, and esitmated costs. I'm looking to see in there any way to contact these members. Example: Sorry for the symbols those are Emojis.
  15. Esinem

    FollowLiker asking for SMS verification

    I have four accounts on Twitter running via FollowLiker, each for a different business of mine. FollowLiker is asking for SMS verification on 3 of them. I tried re-entering my mobile number and submitting the verification again but FollowLiker still shows the same message, depite re-starting and...
  16. N

    (followliker) Current limits for pinterest follow, comment & etc for new account ?

    Hello! I never use pinterest, therefore my knowledge is very weak. Can someone please tell me the current limits for a new account? Interested in limits on these actions: 1) Scrape User 2) Scrape Pin 3) Follow 4) Unfollow 5) Repin 6) Comment Thanks in advance. I would be very grateful if...
  17. cjstott

    Jarvee Vs FollowLiker

    Hi guys, Hope you're all doing well. I used Jarvee with great success for about 14 months but stopped back in October. I've heard that Instagram is really cracking down but I need to automate some actions, liking at least, follow/unfollow too ideally. What are people getting the best...
  18. Damian Uzcanga

    Followliker Twitter (Login problem)

    Good afternoon friends of BHW, I would like to know if you are also presenting a problem in twitter with Followliker, when you ask me to change the password, the account does not start session again, I cleaned the cookies, and I changed the keys, I tried almost everything and always tells me in...
  19. korbes

    How to mass unfollow on Instagram?

    Hi there, how do I mass unfollow on Instagram, the easiest and best way? I don't have a problem with manually following people, but unfollowing is bit more of a hazzle. I used FollowLiker and Jarvee some years ago, how does these automation programs work today, in 2020? All the best, - Korbes.
  20. D

    followliker Pinterest Edition system install

    Hello recently i plan to buy followliker but does it work perfectly for Pinterst marketing ?also i need to know about proxy please if any one know about that then give me some info about that Thanks