1. Twistler

    What's Your Opinion on SMM Panels?

    Be honest, what is your opinion on smm panels? I have mixed feeling about them, mainly because I started my YouTube channel from botting and they helped me get multiple sponsorships/partnerships which eventually grew to multiple viral videos. You Can Read About It Here. But at the same time I...
  2. ViP


    Amount of followers: No rank = 100 followers Premium = 1000 followers Jr. VIP = 1000 followers Marketplace Seller = 1000 followers Staff member = 10000 followers How to apply: Reply
  3. ViP


    Amount of likes: No rank = 100 likes Premium = 1000 likes Jr. VIP = 1000 likes Marketplace Seller = 1000 likes Staff member = 10000 likes How to apply: Reply
  4. I

    Made Bot that can solve Twitter's Captcha, but still need phone verification later on...

    I made a python bot that can solve the new account creation Dart Captcha automatically, and I want to use it to make a shit ton of twitter accounts to sell likes or follows but the accounts only make it a solid hour before being detected by Twitter and asked to verify a phone number. I thought...
  5. Twistler

    My Journey from Botting To Multiple Viral Videos

    In this post I'm going to be talking about how my journey with YouTube started with me botting my channel all the way up to gaining hundreds of subscribers each day, 70k+ views each day organically, and one of the most known content creators in the game I upload. Note that I will not be exposing...
  6. M

    Spotify Streaming Distrokid Payout Tax Forms & PayPal

    Hey guys, i need some help regarding the Payout process of Dk, Tipalti. Maybe someone can answer some of my questions. - Do you always need real persons behind the artists for the Payout? --> No? How can it be done? - Can you submit your own Tax ID etc for multiple different artists? - Does...
  7. AlbertWeskey

    Reddit patched undetected chrome driver?

    So I've been getting my hands dirty and getting into botting. Was using a Python, Selenium, Undetected Chrome Driver stack all running through Brave (newb shit I know). Now all of a sudden Reddit won't let me log in through my scripts. Dev tools shows "Uncaught (in promise) Error: User is...
  8. noellarkin

    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    I've recently scaled up my local VPS setup, from 8 to 16 machines, running windows, primarily for botting operations. Right now they're all connected via WLAN, but I'm considering switching them all over (in addition to my primarily work computer) to a wired ethernet LAN, because 1) I feel that...
  9. caCODEmon

    Questions about Social Media bots

    Yo! I'm trying to create bots to make some money, I've seen a lot of people making/using them and make a lot of money off of them. So! I'm familiar with Python + Selenium and other libraries to automate things, but I want to gather more ideas and features that my bot has to offer and make...
  10. M

    Advice on Instagram Growth

    Hi everybody, I am a language teacher and want to grow my instagram account. My service and expertise are at the very top in the field some people with now 2 million follwers used to be my student but I myself have only 2k followers. My question is whether I should go through mother child...
  11. noellarkin

    Simple No-Code Bots and Automation for Beginners

    I'm far from an expert on botting, but I've been working on my skillset for close to a year now, and am reasonably proficient when it comes to scaling to a couple thousand bots, using JS based browser automation, and distributing botting operations across multiple computers. I'm still pretty...
  12. takyriooo

    Botting Traffic on website

    hey so i would like to know its it even possible to bot traffic onto website and get paid from ads in 2022?
  13. noellarkin

    Thoughts on MasqueradeJS?

    Anyone here using it?
  14. Legit App

    Building a "real" BOT army [Need advise]

    Hello BHW, so i want to build a small bot army that i think it might be easy to do so, just need to right provider to help me. I want to start building an army of 50 Instagram, discord, twitter and other platforms bots that look super legit, i will customize the profiles to look like real...
  15. noellarkin

    Site Account Creation and being 'grandfathered in'

    For those of you who are seasoned botters, of course botting and account creation has been getting more and more expensive over time, whether it's the cost of proxies or recaptcha solving when you start botting a site do you try to make as many accounts as possible as early as...
  16. L

    In need of streaming bot such as Spotify, Tidal etc

    I am currently in need of anyone with the capacity to create streaming bot so as to generate passive income. Hit me up on Skype - live:.cid.266bebc41d7f4952 Let's make a deal
  17. noellarkin

    Markov Text Generation for Profiles

    I'm trying to make my bots a little less incongruous by giving them profile desciptions etc. Is there any markov generator you guys use (perhaps something from github) that gives a reasonably good output, when botting? I don't think I really need AI.
  18. demigod103

    Looking For a good Apple Music/ Spotify Botting Program

    Do anyone have any suggestion on where i can get a good software for APPLE MUSIC botting and where I can buy good proxies for that ??
  19. T

    Easiest music streaming platform to bot?

    I want to start a discussing on which streaming provider is the easiest to bot. There are many topics on Spotify, but as a ton of streaming platform has emerged I think there are petter alternatives out there.
  20. jharr53301

    Looking for a betting bot developer

    Hi, Looking for a bet365 bot.. I've seen all the rubbish on the market and I'm looking for a trusted developer who my team can work with. Please PM if interested