1. avilabs

    [GUIDE] Multi Accounting & Botting

    INTRODUCTION 1. My aim with this post This guide is for everyone who wishes to learn about multi-accounting and botting. Throughout this guide, I have tried to cover everything there is to know about this world. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner; my attempt with this post is to share...
  2. D

    Well(e) Hello!

    Hey everyone! So I've been a passive user of BHW for quite a while now, but there were several times where I though "Shit, if I could only send this person a pm now" so I will now try to become an active member. I am currently into music streaming and copy claim stuff so anyone interested in...
  3. ASGTwicit

    Can I integrate a Twitter bot into my blog?

    as the title suggests. Can I advertise blog posts/affiliate products with Twitter bots, is this still viable? thanks :)
  4. randomUN

    Anybody else noticed these accounts on Spotify?

    There's quite a few of them. Which one of you guys is it? Fess up lol
  5. daktyl

    Social media reposting bot request

    Is there someone who would like to make or collaborate with me to make a tool that can automatically repost content from specific accounts or hashtag ? We could add a couple of features too ofc From what I've seen it's impossible to do it with the api so it would need to be done with a scraper
  6. T

    Android multi-thread bot for SPOTIFY / DEEZER / APPLE MUSIC

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share you this tool Android multi-thread DEEZER BOT : Android multi-thread SPOTIFY BOT : Android multi-thread APPLE MUSIC BOT :
  7. D

    how do i get my js code and py script to talk to each other

    #!/usr/bin/env node 'use strict'; var net = require('net'), tls = require('tls'); var HTTPParser = process.binding('http_parser').HTTPParser; var http = require('http'), https = require('https'); var url = require('url'); function main() { //convert `-key value` to cfg[key]=value var cfg =...
  8. W3dCode

    Journey to 100.000 monthly views on Pinterest

    Hello :) This is my first journey ever and I hope updating this regularly could help me to stay motivated. First of all: who am I I'm a 19-year-old computer science student with the goal of using my programming skills to make a couple of bucks online. I never really made money online except...
  9. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    what are the best options for botting with proxies?

    like what are the best options for small to large scale botting price wise for say simple stuff like soundcloud plays with no account . or like beatstars plays with no account . what would u guys says are the best options from low personal scale ooperations to large scale operations like a...
  10. T

    Learning Python

    hey!, im new in this "scene" and i want to learn python for some shit :D, i just started 1 week ago and just want to learn more about the language, maybe anyone can help me so far with my problem. i want to make a spam bot for a website but selenium is way to slow and i want to use proxies...
  11. Twistler

    Does Botting Help Grow Your Channel or Does It Ruin It?

    For as long as I remember, people have always said botting a YouTube channel or social media in general is bad. It's rare for me to actually see people saying botting YouTube is effective I even often see posts here on BHW about people worried that they ruined their channel from botting. To a...
  12. aliver13

    Search views - Views counted but no impressions (botting, farm)

    Hi all. I do botting in YouTube about last 1,5 year. I have a small farm and my own software. I would like to ask you about the following thing. My views, whether they are views with an account or without an account, are consistently counted (no drops). But in the last couple of months they...
  13. Twistler

    What's Your Opinion on SMM Panels?

    Be honest, what is your opinion on smm panels? I have mixed feeling about them, mainly because I started my YouTube channel from botting and they helped me get multiple sponsorships/partnerships which eventually grew to multiple viral videos. You Can Read About It Here. But at the same time I...
  14. ViP


    Amount of followers: No rank = 100 followers Premium = 1000 followers Jr. VIP = 1000 followers Marketplace Seller = 1000 followers Staff member = 10000 followers How to apply: Reply
  15. ViP


    Amount of likes: No rank = 100 likes Premium = 1000 likes Jr. VIP = 1000 likes Marketplace Seller = 1000 likes Staff member = 10000 likes How to apply: Reply
  16. I

    Made Bot that can solve Twitter's Captcha, but still need phone verification later on...

    I made a python bot that can solve the new account creation Dart Captcha automatically, and I want to use it to make a shit ton of twitter accounts to sell likes or follows but the accounts only make it a solid hour before being detected by Twitter and asked to verify a phone number. I thought...
  17. Twistler

    My Journey from Botting To Multiple Viral Videos

    In this post I'm going to be talking about how my journey with YouTube started with me botting my channel all the way up to gaining hundreds of subscribers each day, 70k+ views each day organically, and one of the most known content creators in the game I upload. Note that I will not be exposing...
  18. M

    Spotify Streaming Distrokid Payout Tax Forms & PayPal

    Hey guys, i need some help regarding the Payout process of Dk, Tipalti. Maybe someone can answer some of my questions. - Do you always need real persons behind the artists for the Payout? --> No? How can it be done? - Can you submit your own Tax ID etc for multiple different artists? - Does...
  19. AlbertWeskey

    Reddit patched undetected chrome driver?

    So I've been getting my hands dirty and getting into botting. Was using a Python, Selenium, Undetected Chrome Driver stack all running through Brave (newb shit I know). Now all of a sudden Reddit won't let me log in through my scripts. Dev tools shows "Uncaught (in promise) Error: User is...
  20. noellarkin

    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    I've recently scaled up my local VPS setup, from 8 to 16 machines, running windows, primarily for botting operations. Right now they're all connected via WLAN, but I'm considering switching them all over (in addition to my primarily work computer) to a wired ethernet LAN, because 1) I feel that...
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