1. Vladimir375

    Need help with the Spotify algorithm

    Hi Guys, I need some help with the Spotify algorithm when botting streams. What you can do to prevent accounts from being banned? Currently they got forced to change password every 1,5 days which makes them uselss. Is it a problem when you use a proxy too often? Could Spotify put the streams...
  2. S

    Please help me choose proxy for account creation.

    Hello BHW, I am not from the US, but i want to run US facebook accounts. Probably 1 or 2. Which option is safe for running accounts. I am looking for options of buying a VPS, or buying a proxy. But 4g proxies on BHW Marketplace seems out of my budget. Can you suggest me a better option.
  3. draco02

    Future AI = End of botting?

    Do you think that when some day, Artificial Intelligence becomes much more intelligent than any human and also self-aware, botting will get impossible? Because then they could scale those AI instances up and make them review and Check every account 24/7 manually Or do you think botting will...
  4. draco02

    Ideas how to get around 200$ per month - Beginner

    I'd like to hear suggestions from you in which fields i could earn money. :) Knowledge: just experience with social media and a bit designing so far, fast learner, willing to learn anything/educate myself (i ll try out some things and see what suits me best) Im able to invest up to 1000$ What...
  5. Yellowcrow

    Trouble for botters?

    Saw this today: It would be really tough to figure out a workaround for this. Professional botters, opinions?
  6. draco02

    A Method to make money - Botting Video Games?

    So i looked up if it was already mentioned in this forum; but as far as i see i saw nothing in particular about this method. I remember reading about this a couple years ago, elsewhere; but since the Market in which u perform this method is constantly adapting and changing im quite sure there...
  7. J

    Which bot setting do you guys use to warm up accounts?

    I have been away from IG Botting for a long time and wondered if anything has changed with botsettings to warm up the accounts or is it still the best to slowly increase how many ppl u follow and with how many do u start?
  8. E

    DM your followers on IG

    Hello Please someone with some experience in IG can answer this, after the last IG updates is it ok to mass DM your OWN followers on IG without getting banned or having any kind of problems on your account. I am looking working on my own followers not other accounts.. so is this ok with IG?

    Spotify fail

    Well, almost four hundred dollars on songs, proxies, accs and bot. 2000 accs, 100 proxies. Now just one question. Will I see any money at all?
  10. Seagate44

    Anyone automate comments without trouble?

    Hey is there anyone who automate sending comments on Instagram without trouble? I'd like to learn how to, since my accs are getting blocked when trying to do so since a while. Thanks.
  11. D

    Instagram Automatization - Which Software?

    To get that out of the way, I don't think that Jarvee nor GMT2 would be a good choice for my kind of automation problem. ... but what's the problem? To keep it plain and simple: - I'd like to add 5-10 accounts into the software. - Each of these accounts monitor a certain account 24/7 and are...
  12. Seagate44

    Bulk DMs / comments after IG update?

    Hey, anyone could send at least 40 dms / comments daily, per acc, after recent IG update? Extra: does Jarvee let you sending DMs to list of URLs? Extra2: any way to scrape bio's & URLs of followers of each IG profile after recent update?
  13. J

    Changing the Game (reupload)

    So after some thinking I took my last post down. I guess I left a lot of holes. Well let me state some things first to start out. I've mentioned before that the automation tools still work. FollowLiker, Jarvee, Socinator etc. still work. The reason that they're detectable is because they don't...
  14. vedeus

    Which Social platform is "black-hat friendly"

    Hello guys, I would like to start learning about botting on social media and I'm curious, which social platform is nowadays "black-hat friendly".. I mean that where is the safest way to use bots and scale it to the 100 accounts easily? Because I'm not really comfortable doing that on the IG...
  15. V

    Instagram growth - rapid growth through any means

    Hello, I’m looking to hire a provider or service for rapid Instagram growth though any means. Please message me directly or leave your S-k-y-p-e. Looking for big orders. Thank you.
  16. DeathClaws

    My observations after the ig update

    Hi guys ! I'm very disapointing after Instagram algorithm major update like all of you, and I have lost a lot of account in the battle ^^ but I keep running test since weeks to resolve this. And I want to share with you something that I find really weird about this. To begin I did a lot of...
  17. DeathClaws

    Gmt2 on Raspberry instead of VPS

    Hi guys ! I'm doing Instagram botting for a few month now, and I finally find the solution to the new instagram changes, it's work great now ! :D I use gmt2 for 3 accounts on a EC2 Amazon vps, but I want to increase the number of accounts I manage and my vps can't handle them with his 1go of RAM...
  18. Nightguy

    Is botting actually safe?

    Hello everyone! To begin with i will say that i know about botting , I was using bots for a year now until recently. IG throw me a message on top of my home feed on one of my accounts, saying that using 3rd party apps for gaining followers and likes is against the rules and your acount will...
  19. tripz20

    Story Viewing- European Models\Accounts

    I have noticed a HUGE influx of European story views from HUGE accounts 60k-1M follower accounts. it seems to be the new big thing. I know story viewing has been available in bots for quite awhile but I have noticed these large accounts have been "viewing" my story a lot recently and even had a...
  20. B

    Need a little help - Mixer Viewbotting/Stream Viewbotting

    Hello, I am looking for a little help or guidance into the right direction, and I figured this would be a good place to start. Does anyone here know how to generate fake views to a stream on mixer, or know of a service that can? I'm more than willing to pay. They don't have to be real, and I'm...