1. jharr53301

    Looking for a betting bot developer

    Hi, Looking for a bet365 bot.. I've seen all the rubbish on the market and I'm looking for a trusted developer who my team can work with. Please PM if interested
  2. C45HC0W

    Puppeteer or Selenium - which one do you prefer?

    I have recently worked with Selenium but now I have tried Puppeteer and I must say that Puppeteer seems more convinient because it is much harder to detect by AntiBotPrograms(in my opinion) and I dont need to update the BrowserVersion as often as for Selenium. So wich one do you prefer?
  3. thecountingclub

    18yr old Fiverr Journey Instagram Gig's Sustainable INSTA-BOTTING [NEED ADVICE]

    Hello everyone this is my first post here I'm not sure how to start. First, let me start by greeting this community, I'm eager to experiment more and more with methods and ways to expand my income online. I'm ready to learn new skills with time and effort and I understand what it takes to be an...
  4. tompots

    [Learn] ★ Botting Automation Free ★ iMacros Tutorials! (No-Codeing) ★ [Learn]

    What is iMacros? iMacros is a free chrome and Firefox automation extension, this extension allows you to create automation scripts like the pros without any coding. Here I will be showing you how to automate any website, extract any data, and much more. You can find the newest scripts in the...
  5. mona€o

    Good proxy for spotify/Apple music Botting

    Hey guys im looking for a good and reliable and cheap proxy that i can use for spotify/apple music botting. Im mainly looking for a residential proxy as i heard they are the best for this kind of activity. Open to all options! //mona€o
  6. Luksa998

    Help with tinder bot?

    I need someone to help me with tinder bot, i have no experience with tinder, but i have exp with instagram botting. I will pay, that isnt problem. I want to learn how to create new accounts on tinder without ban, shadowban :) Thank you in advance
  7. wild vegetable

    [JARVEE] How to create groups Twitter groups

    Anyone knows how to create Twitter group conversations automatically with jarvee? I get invited to chats with 40+ people constantly by these spammers selling SMM services. Anyone knows how they do it?
  8. B

    Spotify and Youtube views

    Hello there, Im looking to get someone who can provide a longterm supply of highly detailed Youtube views, comments, and likes these views should be geo targeted and a have look alike group. What i mean by a look alike group is (that the bots should listen to similar artists so I get suggested...
  9. B

    How to start with Spotify and YouTube botting?

    Hello there, I have a lot knowledge and experience when it comes to the music industry and i heard from many places by now that botting is a common used tactic to reach more people. I did a lot of research the past few weeks when it comes to setting up a botting operation but I´m still very new...
  10. Agencybackground

    How to earn money with Spotify bots ?

    I m so confused , I have many questions .. don't know where to start .. How does people run so many accounts on same pc ? How all of them are connected to different proxies ? Please can someone give me a clear explanation, my account is new so I can't send messages anyone idk if I m able to...
  11. Nekronomikon

    What does a website know about me (my bot)?

    Lets say I want to automate an account creation process, what are factors that the website where I create the accounts on, can find out about me/my bot? And what are red flags for websites that I'm a bot, besides using the same IP address? Can they also find out my MAC Address as an indicator...
  12. Captaintj

    Which programming path to choose? (Which would you suggest?)

    Hey guys. I have a question for the people here who are earning money via their programming skills. So I begin with my learning Programming journey a few weeks back here - I started this Journey just out of...
  13. A648434

    [Journey] Making a TikTok Automation Bot

    This is not a usual journey of someone making $X from Y method, but rather creating a tool instead. Main goal: make a TikTok bot that fully automates account growth. I will create a piece of software that finds popular videos on YouTube and uploads it to TikTok automatically, 3 times a day...
  14. Mr.Sinatra

    Google Disabling freshly created account

    Hello everybody, I have been creating gmails over the last few days. Using two services : Proxies and SMS verification from the marketplace. "I do not want to mention names to be fair". The account are new, did not use them for any spam or anything. I basically create the gmail and I close the...
  15. T

    HELP Why is my bot being detected??

    Hello, I try to Bot Porn hub but my actions are being removed after some time despite using residential high quality proxies, emulating scrolling, visiting websites before, emulating user behaviour etc. May it be the email addresses I registered the account with? Does the IP address I signed up...
  16. P

    How to emulate mobile devices for bots

    I am currently looking into Spotify botting and read relatively often, that it is important to simulate real user behaviour. How to automate a task using selenium is clear to me. Now my question: How does one emulate mobile devices, especially ios devices to install the spotify app and automate...
  17. dwad

    Making Money from MMOs

    Hello there, I've wanting to get into making profit from mmos for a long time. I know there are alot of ways to do this, botting economy manipulation and more. If anyone would be kind enough to share his strategies or any interesting detail that would be awesome. Also if a discord group in this...
  18. rikzy Jezuli

    Help me find the best and cheapest proxies for this task

    I am managing about 50 ETSY accounts in a bot that does tasks like search for a product, wish listing and favouriting etc. I initially wanted to buy some residential proxies for this task but they are super costly. $200 for 1 proxy with 3 subs users! (smartproxy) Honestly, I haven't used...
  19. EasySunshine

    Favorite Bots of 2020

    What are everyone's favorite bots in 2020? They can be for Traffic, SEO, Views - anything really. Google Search Bot was one I was utilizing for a minute to increase CTR as well as BT's twitchbot.
  20. C45HC0W

    Google will freeze and unify the User Agent string

    In order to increase privacy online (thats what google says) they want to get rid off the user agent string. I still couldnt figure out if this will simplify botting or make it more complicated because now it is harder(?) to fake the useragent...