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Hey everyone! So I've been a passive user of BHW for quite a while now, but there were several times where I though "Shit, if I could only send this person a pm now" so I will now try to become an active member.
I am currently into music streaming and copy claim stuff so anyone interested in those topics feel free to write me. I have made more money then you would believe with music streaming so I am kind of an o.g. of this.
A lot of stuff that is being sold as methods or secrets is garbage, even some of the courses being sold only make me roll my eyes. I have yet to find someone who knows more than me, so feel free to try me haha.

Anyways, I am currently looking for these things:

- Distro accounts with live music
- Decent affordable proxies with unlimited traffic (Res or mobile)
- Yt Premium trial accounts of specific countries (Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway)
- Private distribution

I know that this probably won't be read by anyone but still, I tried. Hmu if you want to talk about these things.
I will make a proper post as soon as I can.
Good luck to everyone else with their journeys and projects, I wish you all the best!

Cheerio, Welle
welcome to bhw.

proxycake - I tried and it was good.
Did you try them with Amazon, Google & Co though? Because they are very very hardcore good at detecting any suspicious networks and the only provider I had lasting success with was a traffic based one which obviously is not good for streaming. I will check them out though!
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