1. atsdie

    Anyone know how important a Wikipedia page is to Spotify's algorithm?

    Hi, working on making an SEO presence for my music. I know Spotify crawls the web as well as it's own listener data to determine who to suggest artists to. How important might something like a Wikipedia page for that artist be?
  2. dextro_e


    Requirements: 1. Registered on BHW for over a month 2. You don't have a similar service 3. You will write a DETAILED review in our BST thread when it gets opened How to apply: 1. Do not PM me 2. Just reply with a detailed reason why should I choose you 3. Best replies will get free review...
  3. 6Gargamel9

    Spotify stream farming / botting

    Hey! I have recently gotten into stream farming on spotify and I have some questions for those of you who have working farms. I have published two tracks through distrokid and have multiple spotify premium accounts through family plans and such. Can I just loop songs on different web browsers...
  4. T

    Stream farming in 2022

    Currently still farming in 2022, but had to restart with all new music as was too risky on my main music. Any advice on which platforms pose the least risk. Tidal I got some pay when I did under 50k streams per month. But still haven’t seen pay on a large scale. Is deezer is a good option?
  5. bookingsjgoode

    How many spotify plays

    To keep my account safe, what's a good number to stay out of the dangers of being fraud detected? I have 23 songs currently spreader across 3 albums and a few singles. Would 100k split across 23 songs too much or can I push more? I'm tryna quit my day job so I need to know what I can make back
  6. sonprofesor


    Hello, I'm a music producer from Turkey. My income has increased in the last 5-6 months, I currently earn close to 1800 dollars per month on average. But the problem is that already distrokid is making deductions and I don't want to pay taxes to this country I hate. Currently, my money...
  7. Ahmirof

    Need help for index my Music accounts (Spotify, Soundcloud, Napster ,...)

    Hi, I distributed two music albums in the last 5-month on Spotify, Napster, SoundCloud, Tidal , and some other websites. The problem is,My accounts on the websites I mentioned are not indexed in Google SERP. What should I do? is it about the music's play number?
  8. B

    Spotify Botting In 2022 - Still Viable?

    Hi all, I’ve been researching Spotify botting and want to know if it remains viable in 2022. I have a very specific use case that I want to satisfy, so if anyone knows if what I want to do is possible please PM me or ask me to post in the marketplace thread. I am a musician, posting my own...
  9. bookingsjgoode

    $1,400 down the drain with spotify plays

    Thinking about getting out the music business unless something change in the near future. I spent $1400 and made a rio of $40 dollars. I started getting streams back in June of last year. Took my time and scaled to a million streams in like a year to raise no red flags. Does anybody work with...
  10. Streamingdegen


    gm, I quit streaming a little over 1 year ago. But i feel like i should try to get back on track. There must be new ways to dodge the system. I have some ideas already which could work and i am going to try it out and share my journey with like minded people. I am sure that someone is reading...


    Hi, why are there so few providers with German service for Spotify etc.? What I noticed is that some providers are unfortunately very expensive! How can that be ? I know a lot of customers who prefer German streams but they are very expensive. There are now German providers who have...
  12. RudiBrudi

    Spotify Botting

    I wanted to know if there are people here who have experience in this area. I wanted to exchange something on this subject. I have some experience with botting, have built my own. Spotify seems to have changed something, from when accounts are considered valid. Namely, I think it has something...
  13. strikerdelite

    Capped spotify account

    I noticed that premium spotify accounts are capped at a number of paid listens per artist but I can't find how many
  14. afromanic


    Hey guys! I just wanted to make an update on my findings of being on this platform for 3+ years. I'll be be honest and say it, every single person on here who i've worked with to provide my artist's streams have either ended up with the following: 1. The streams would come, however the cities...
  15. C

    Looking for experienced marketing for music streams

    looking for someone or a team dedicated to providing the best results when it comes to obtaining streams and growth on Spotify. Would be ideal if accounts where niche specific so organic traffic comes in as well as making sure genre relevant artists are showing up on the "related artists"...
  16. D

    Experience regarding Spotify streams with free/premium accounts in 2022 ?

    Pls, someone who knows if it makes sense to use free spotify accounts?
  17. D

    Spotify streams / montly listerers ratio in 2022

    Hi, you have some news at safe ration between streams and unique listeners in 2022 ?
  18. D

    Spotify streams config in 2022 ?

    Do you have any setup issues since the beginning of this year (2022) ? Have you noticed some changes in the spotify algorithms in 2022 ?
  19. A

    Dabbling into music streaming with family accounts(spotify streaming group?). (spotify, youtube music, apple music, amazon unlimited, deezer, tidal)

    Hi Everyone I've been lurking in Blackhatworld for a long time, and I used to have another account, but I can't remember which email I used. What I am doing right now: Over the course of 5 months right now, I have been dabbling with Spotify exclusively with my Distrokid account. I am using 1...
  20. W

    Cheap Spotify Save

    Hola Guys! I will buy big amount spotify save. ıs there any provider in forum or which panel can you advice me with cheap price?