1. T

    Spotify Botting Issue

    Hello, I've noticed Spotify streams through panels have stopped working, anyone else having this issue? Any solutions or somebody who can provide this service now? USA 1:1 S/L ratio preferably premium and royalty eligible.
  2. T

    Spotify Streaming

    Hello, I've noticed Spotify streams through panels have stopped working. Any solutions or somebody who can provide this service now? USA 1:1 S/L ratio, preferably premium accounts and royalty eligible.
  3. T

    Spotify Streaming Issue

    Hello, I've noticed Spotify streams through panels have stopped working, anyone else having this issue? Any solutions or somebody who can provide this service now? USA 1:1 S/L ratio preferably premium and royalty eligible.
  4. thesmartmoney

    Spotify Account Generator and Streamer

    Hello BHW! I'm looking for a freelancer who could create bot/bots which would be able to create accounts and give spotify streaming with them. I would love to be able to generate daily and stream too. It might look easy but need especially someone experienced with these kinds of tasks. Looking...
  5. K

    Spotify account creator - Bulk - 50k - 100k spotify accounts - regular buying.

    Hi there, i am looking for a coder/individual who can create a bot or just supply me bulk spotify accounts regularly. Its highly paid job, and accounts are needed regularly. PS : No web based bots/creators, as they get found quick and there created accounts dont count in streams. Let me know...
  6. M

    Amazon/spotify/apple music farm streaming

    Hello, I have family plans and individual plans on Amazon Music but they stopped counting 1 month ago (before everything was fine) and I use less than 15k a month, any ideas? I use residential IP with 4G but it has only happened to me on Amazon, I create new accounts and nothing continues the...
  7. osinski

    [Hiring] Spotify Streaming Bot - API (requests)

    im searching for one who can code a streaming bot which streams through the API (but not the public one) and send streams to the server with requests. For more details hmu via DM. Im sure we will come together. Preferred c#. HMU via DC or DM
  8. B

    About Spotify streams

    Hi, I'm a developer and recently i've been hired by a music label, to create a simple bot to generate plays on Deezer and Spotify. So i developed a Windows 11 desktop app , with multiple internal instances of Chrome , each with its own context of cookies / cache. By doing this and creating...
  9. K

    Spotify account generator

    Looking for Spotify account creator bot. IT should create stable accounts which will last along with email verification option
  10. Y

    Anti detect Browsers service

    I need someone to help assist me with setting up ADS Browser or any other good anti detect browsers with Proxy to help stream Spotify. When I set it up myself it never streams the song I want, it keeps playing songs randomly. Payment through PayPal goods & services.
  11. C

    new user here, in need of some information on bot farms

    hello guys im change_save and i came across this site because i was trying to find some information on streaming bot farms. ive been doing this for around 3 years with itunes and amazon music (when they still counted streams). now i am trying out spotify streaming but i need some guidance on how...
  12. G

    Why Spotify Botfarm

    I see a lot of posts about spotify streaming farms but why you guys choose spotify and not deezer, soundcloud,...?
  13. wWSGbqS.png


  14. rijiwi9723

    [JV] Our music label + your real views

    Hello everyone, I am in music industry over 3 years. We had multiple music labels with over 5000 "fake" AI artist on multiple distribution platform. We also had our own browser based YT views bot and prototype using Android emulators. After few unsuccessful tries we bought established REAL...
  15. FullAshtray

    {Help Needed} {Paid} Spotify Playlist Bot To Deliver Likes & Saves to Playlists

    Hello BHW, Recently I have been building playlists for a record company in hopes to eventually generate revenue and position the company to be able to leverage playlist traffic to the label's artists. I am in need of a programmer to build or employ a currently built bot to deliver saves and...
  16. tattooedbuddha

    Getting tired of my spotify playlist

    Been listening to Spotifys own "00s Rock Anthems" playlist for the last couple of weeks, getting real tired of it - send me some playlist or song recommendations :D
  17. edindesign

    I will provide you 100 listeners of your songs on Spotify - First 100

    Hello guys, i have my own method to grow spotify views with real user accounts that are older than 1 year. I am in possesion of 60.000 accounts currently. I will provide 100 tests to any person that dms me. Just shoot me your song link and i will provide views in less than 24h. Cheers.
  18. AdaEllington Provides Non-Bot Services For All Social Medias & More | Free Trial Funds Available

    provides Non-Bot Services. Increase Sales & Engagement ABOUT US At ElixAds, our mission is to empower businesses of all sizes to reach their marketing goals through strategic and data-driven advertising solutions. We believe in the power of effective advertising to drive brand awareness...
  19. M

    Looking for music distributor accepting short tracks

    Hi BHW folks, Is anyone familiar with a music distributor that's not too strict with short track? I used to work with amuse, but at some point they started rejecting 40-50 second tracks (even those are acceptable by spotify). Thanks
  20. edindesign

    My Spotify Accounts and Tools + Your Marketing and Clients

    Hello guys, I am looking for a partner. I have 200k spotify accounts around 20k premium accounts and i have tools (bots) that can jump into accounts and we can use them for live streaming, for listening song and videos and for farming. I want somebody who would have clients and promote this...
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