1. C


    Hello, I am a musician with 100k monthly Spotify listeners but no instagram following. Looking for a mother child service to grow a specific EDM / DJ producer niche. Thank you for your help in advance!
  2. TheKingsFL

    Major Record Label Distribution Deals & Exclusive Music Marketing

    Major Record Label Distribution Deals & Exclusive Music Marketing Who is this service for? ➣ Artists ➣ Independent Record Labels Benefits of exclusive music distribution ➣ IG, FB, Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitter rep for requests and verifications (some requirements) ➣...
  3. P

    Boosting numbers of tiktok sounds through automated ai generated posts. Algorithm implications.

    what are the pros & cons of creating ghost accounts on tiktok that post ai generated content that is synchronized with songs, all linked to a certain record label, in order to boost the tiktok numbers of said songs? would this influence the algorithm in the advantage of the songs, recommending...
  4. e-spider

    ✅ Music with vocals for spotify streaming ✅ get high quality music with full copyright for your success on spotify/apple and more!

    Music with lyrics for spotify/youtube/apple ... streaming - with full copyright Introduction Music streaming is still going strong, but A.I. changed this business as well and it gets harder and harder to create quality instrumental music that gets accepted from distributors. With a mix of A.I...
  5. T

    Find a good business according to skills and interests

    Hi everyone, I'm posting for the first time on this forum because I would have liked to have your opinions and advice from people who may have been where I am. Basically, if I can introduce my abilities, it's because I'm basically a slacker, so I've always tried to automate things as much as...
  6. D

    Well(e) Hello!

    Hey everyone! So I've been a passive user of BHW for quite a while now, but there were several times where I though "Shit, if I could only send this person a pm now" so I will now try to become an active member. I am currently into music streaming and copy claim stuff so anyone interested in...
  7. vyactor


    Note: Our products are NOT obtained through carding or any illegal ways. We don't put you up in a cracked-family plan account. Contact Information: Discord Server: Click Here Telegram: @vyactor Private Message at BHW Farm Unlimited Spotify Accounts With Cheap Upgrades. Earn Easy Money By...
  8. 123456abc


    Hey everyone! I stumbled upon this super cool tool called MusicFX on Google's AI Test Kitchen. It’s like having a personal DJ at your fingertips that crafts beats based on your mood or preference - in this case, 'a happy beat to study to, bass-heavy and exciting'. Here's my plan: I'm going...
  9. T

    AI API For Image And Music

    Hi, Im using a web based api for ai image generation, they have 1000 free tokens for testing and allowance, thereafter the cost is ok (though not the cheapest rate per image) I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me of any good cheap API for image generation and music generation. I also want an...
  10. O

    Let's Talk About Selling Beats Online in 2024

    Hi, i've been selling beats for 3 years now using beatstars and driving traffic to it via Youtube I would like to discuss about the future of this, if there's any better ways to do it or to rank my type beat videos on YouTube =)
  11. rijiwi9723

    [JV] Our music label + your real views

    Hello everyone, I am in music industry over 3 years. We had multiple music labels with over 5000 "fake" AI artist on multiple distribution platform. We also had our own browser based YT views bot and prototype using Android emulators. After few unsuccessful tries we bought established REAL...
  12. ATuringtest

    The song I cant get out of my head thread !!

    I heard it for the first time in years and now I cant get it out of my head ...why ... ?
  13. tattooedbuddha

    Getting tired of my spotify playlist

    Been listening to Spotifys own "00s Rock Anthems" playlist for the last couple of weeks, getting real tired of it - send me some playlist or song recommendations :D
  14. phpio

    Eminem's most overrated song?

    Yo what's up everyone, I'm Theo and I'm burdened with a glorious purpose to make ur PHP code more secure ahaha. No but fr, I've been into programming for a while and recently I have finally made something come out of it so now I'm hyped to share it w the world. I'll hold my free resource off...
  15. J

    Spotify Streaming Program

    Hello, I have been registered on this site for some time now. I read quite a few threads. But it is impossible to interact with a person who knows Spotify perfectly and the methodology to be able to obtain payment for all PREMIUMS streams. as I have said several times in my posts. I've been...
  16. Pixelvie

    Bulk organic TikTok reach for Spotify conversion

    Hello, i'm an artist and i release a song every month. I released a song recently that is really catchy, every time i have reach, i can see it on the stats. I paid 3 influencers to make tiktok with it and there is now more than 100 tiktok using it. So it made me think... Now that there is a...
  17. FOXLair

    Music for the soul

    Good afternoon :) Share your favorite songs, or just the best songs in your playlist I start : Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise Purple Disco Machine - Substitution Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah
  18. T

    Sum 1 make this go viral

  19. dnzul

    AI Music Sync License For TIkTOK?

    Hello guys. I will generate AI Music (and edit it to match my expectations) but I'm looking for a trustworthy aggregator (something like Distrokid) where I can upload my songs and sync license them. All the music I will upload will be used on TikTok so I'm not interested into Spotify or any...
  20. F

    OneRPM started rejecting all my songs - Spotify bot

    So, i started to build a cataloge on 2 diffents artist just to bot and make some profit, releases 3 songs on each, not AI song but just easy house songs made by me on FL Studio, about 2 days in between one each other in both artist. But this week onerpm started rejecting all my uploads...
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