1. F

    OneRPM started rejecting all my songs - Spotify bot

    So, i started to build a cataloge on 2 diffents artist just to bot and make some profit, releases 3 songs on each, not AI song but just easy house songs made by me on FL Studio, about 2 days in between one each other in both artist. But this week onerpm started rejecting all my uploads...
  2. Panther28

    Cool AI resource for free music over tracks for your youtube videos

    If you are looking for commercial usage music for your videos and you want it free, check out They have a free 10 tracks month plan, or you pay $9.99 a month for unlimited. It is easy to generate and takes a few minutes to create, and then you can adjust some aspects of the track...
  3. georgetoons

    Help me Im Heartbroken

    Hi everyone, well i just broke up with my girl of a year and a half. The relationship just turned into something toxic, she would constantly complain about how we don't do anything like going to parties etc. The reason for this was i was always working and trying to build my career as i am only...
  4. D

    Music Streaming with amazon?

    Is anyone still streaming music with amazon and making good money? I stopped a while ago since I experienced issues and didnt get paid anymore. Im open to share methods, im doing other streaming services right now
  5. thesyndicate

    Where do you get your free to use for commercial use music for long videos?

    Where do you get your free to use for commercial use music for long videos? I am talking like one hour long free songs or melodies.
  6. e-spider

    STEP by STEP: How to make money with music streaming | Video Course | How to get music | Private Telegram Group | Metrics inside to not...

    Title Music Streaming Masterclass Introduction Every time music is played someone earns royalties. No matter if its The Beatles, The Red Hot Chili peppers or ... YOU! If you have music online and it gets played, you earn. Easy as that! Not really, but thats the concept you gonna learn in the...
  7. odyssee

    My 2022 Earnings With 3 Years Of Experience

    Hey guys, my alias is Odyssey and I've been making money online for about 3 years now. I've been reading here for a while and wanted to introduce myself. Currently I am 23 years old, born in Germany and I still live here with the goal to move to a country with a higher quality of life. The...
  8. psychoomantis

    Ranking cover songs on Spotify

    Hi Can anyone recommend a good social media pannel ? with some good Spotify services I tried to test some to help rank my music on Spotify I've reached 11+ million streams on some albums ( 15k counted from 11 m streams) but without any rank progress Thanx
  9. H

    [WTB] Requesting SoundOn or TikTok for Music

    Hello! Anyone have access to analytics, detailed charts from TikTok Music. I'm looking to promote a few artists on TikTok and I need a plug. Happy to connect with others on the industry too.
  10. noellarkin

    Best Music For Black Hat Work?

    For me, these days it's almost always the two N.W.A albums (Straight Outta Compton and Efil4zaggin) played back to back.
  11. bukidbros

    Looking for Spotify Marketer/ Farmer

    Hi, I am looking for a Spotify marketer that knows a broad range of strategies, both including panel hits, bots, farming and organic streams. Trying to help client get paid for streams with as many methods as possible. Marketer with the best quality methods will be paid accordingly.
  12. VlK6

    Making money by bulk dumping music.

    I just found this website, im not very experienced as you guys, but I came up with this idea that i dont know how to execute. I'm very good at music production, i can produce different genres like EDM, Lofi, Techno and generic trap/hiphop beats. tried making a beat youtube channel but the...
  13. isaac.b

    Spotify playlist monetisation

    I currently have two Spotify playlist one has 33,000 monthly listeners and the other 44,000 monthly listeners Orders have reached out to me before for free review to put that song on the playlist But I want to know how to make money of these playlist I don’t know how I go about it because it’s...
  14. karlochi

    Music for focus and grind

    Recently, I started making notes about albums that made me more productive while i was in grind mode on IM stuff. I made a list of albums (all of it hip hop) ranging from de la soul to MF DOOM, all the way to logic and frank ocean. Yesterday I listened j cole album called o.f.f. s.e.a.s.o.n. It...
  15. Jewishmoney

    music promotion

    I am promoting a newly released single to boost sales, looking for an individual with the infrastructure available to facilitate further reach and exposure. PM me or post in this thread now. Thank you very much, I appreciate you Check out my single here
  16. N

    Looking for white hat IG promotion for a Brooklyn techno dj?

    Looking for someone who can do white hat IG promotion for a Brooklyn/nyc techno dj Let me know what services you can provide and pricing! Not looking for follow/unfollow, mother/child, etc…looking for a way to promote this account naturally to a target audience for people who like underground djs.
  17. letuvis

    [JV] My Subreddit community - your sales techniques

    hello, I own a few subreddits with decent traffic. crypto niche and music niche, both SFW Who wants to join? I would send the stats in private. We could share 50/50. I have few ideas myself but sky is never the limit.
  18. B

    YouTube content ID

    Hi I've been reading about youtube music content ID and how some producers made several 1000$s but eventually got banned by the distributor, how does that work?
  19. atsdie

    Anyone know how important a Wikipedia page is to Spotify's algorithm?

    Hi, working on making an SEO presence for my music. I know Spotify crawls the web as well as it's own listener data to determine who to suggest artists to. How important might something like a Wikipedia page for that artist be?
  20. shabushabu

    Any producers making money with Motionarray, AudioJungle, 123rf, etc... ?

    How are your earnings? Have a bunch of random beats I'm looking to earn with.
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