1. mo006

    Bypass Envato Elements CAPTCHA and get ACTUAL unlimited downloads.

    Envato promises you ‘unlimited downloads’ for a price of $30/month, your eyes sparkle with excitement as you think about all the ways you will make money by re-posting those items in various platforms, but as soon as you start downloading, you get slow CAPTCHAs and warning messages telling you...
  2. TomTheCat

    Meta Hit With Massive Piracy Lawsuit Over Epidemic Sound Royalty

    Isn't this funny? Mark is a thief. Meta has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit demanding at least $142 million in damages. Epidemic Sound, a company that provides royalty-free music to YouTubers and other creators, claims that Meta hosts 94% of Epidemic's music in its own library...
  3. Freedom$

    Music Promotion

    Please am looking for a good and reliable distributor that will help send my music to varies platform and award me my royalty without stories, using paypal as payment gateway.
  4. Jewishmoney

    How to capture peoples attention on youtube

    I have a Youtube where I upload song covers about three times a week. I do visual edits to the video and I spread my videos along social media. I find it is best to meet the audience where they are and give them what they are looking for. You also can ask them for favors such as spreading your...
  5. B

    Porn thread; how royalties are calculated on porn websites?

    Hello everybody, looks like porn is actually a crazy way to generate a lot of traffic, but how are royalties managed on websites like pornhub and xvideos? I tested xvideos by uploading some random porn and i noticed that the views ramps up pretty easily without any kind of effort. If i put some...
  6. Sylax

    Newbie To Hack The Music Business

    Hi! I'm a newbie to Black Hat. I am here to learn & share the dirtiest ways to hack and fuck the music industry! NON STOP TILL THE TOP!
  7. E

    Click or download profile farms

    New to this webpage. Was looking for user farms - collections of accounts opened only for the purpose of being useful for clicks. In this case, a real friend has a new song released. It downloads from itunes at $1. If i had $10k, a farm with 10k accounts could each download it once, for a...
  8. sklavier

    What is the longest you've had a song stuck in your head for?

    Minutes? Hours? Or longer....?! And what song was it?
  9. sklavier

    Anyone have any unusual or avant-garde music recommendations?

    When I'm thinking about a new creative project I love to listen to music. I'd like to listen to something a little off the beaten path - something that isn't easily classifiable into a particular genre of music would be great. Preferably something on YT since I have the YT music app on my phone...
  10. noellarkin

    Favourite Music for Work?

    Just finished a long coding session, and was listening to some 1971 shows of the Grateful Dead throughout :) What music do you listen to during long work sessions?
  11. B

    YouTube For Record Label (HELP!)

    Hey BHW Fam I’ve got a record label based in the UK (Registered as a limited company) and I have our content on different YouTube channels. I want to be able to distribute under our own name instead of C D B A B Y on YouTube is there a way I can get a CMS / Art Tracks etc? And tips at all?
  12. B

    Looking for streaming information

    Can anyone point me in a direction for a good automation software for streaming on pandora or Apple Music? I bought AIOStream months ago and it has yet to work properly what a joke! It’s not compatible with any proxies no matter where and what kind you buy and that’s all the “tech support”...
  13. C

    Can You Earn Royalties Through TikTok ?

    I just re uploaded old videos on TikTok and the traffic is so easy to get compared to other platforms . Is there a way to create your own music and earn money through TikTok ?
  14. C


    So for those who didn't know, there is a secret method to monetize youtube videos without getting approved by YouTube Partner Program. Basically, you create a song regardless of the quality. And you claim it as your own ( thanks to a rights manager ) , so you can claim youtube videos that...
  15. GNews

    Cross-Promoting Content Method Best Thing For Music | Using Other Facebook groups To Grow your Profile

    I see a lot of aspiring music artists or servicers of artist here. For those who don't know: A Great method to grow a music fan-base on facebook is simple. 1) You have to create interesting content but then upload it to Facebook .. Your fan-page or personal profile. 2) Simply share /...
  16. Luca Jones

    ✅▶️ [Done For You] SPOTIFY All-In-One - Custom Commercial Use Music, Album Cover + PDF HOW TO EARN MONEY $$ WITH SPOTIFY│Spotify Music ⬅️✅

    Hello BHW - Today we are launching our new service to kick-start your own journey into making money with SPOTIFY (or other platforms) Have you always wanted to start your journey by earning by uploading your own music but don't know where to start or was just too lazy to take action? We are...
  17. UnusualSubstance

    What music do you listen to?

    Hey! what music do you listen to? Embed a youtube link here: I'll start. Let's see what BHW listens to ;)
  18. C

    Can youtube shorts be monetized with content ID ?

    Hi , I’m glad to be back on the forum . I had personnal problems in my life . I don’t know about the new ways of making money of youtube . But I was wondering if I could earn money claiming songs that I own the rights on shorts ? Wouldn’t be great ?
  19. B


    Hey everybody:) Im a musician & I looking for a bizzness partnership for Stats, DL`s or Streaming service on all Music platforms (Spotify, Napster ect). So if you are a software developer or something similar: just get in touch! :) greetings
  20. afromanic

    Guest post for music

    Hello. I am looking for premium guest posting for the music niche. The type of ones I'm looking for are XXL Mag, Billboard, The Fader, The Source and others on that level. Please don't waste my time if you can't achieve this. Willing to pay on a pretty decent budget if you guarantee.
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