1. M

    [% Payed] Highly Professional Music Production Studio searching for Lead Generator for longterm coop

    Hi, we are looking for someone who generates Leads for us. (as a business partner, long term) For every done Deal we would give the person that gave us the lead which transformed to a customer 20% of the earned amount. Fully transparency, we want a long term partnership. We offer high quality...
  2. hazzi

    Uk music scene (grime,drill,trap)

    what are guys thoughts on uk music like drill and grime I’m loving this right now
  3. P

    How would you promote your own music?

    Let’s say I have a YouTube channel with a few thousand authentic subscribers, and I wanted to start making music. How would I promote that music within the YouTube platform, or rather in general across all social media platforms?
  4. EternalFun

    Do you listen to music while you work?

    Hi, do you listen to music on Spotify or youtube while you work online? Like the "work music"? If yes, can you share your fav ones? Also, is there any risk of buying Spotify accs from ebay for like $2 or $3? I mean they do have replacement warranties and I will mostly be put into a family...
  5. I

    Hi BHW

    Very long time lurker here, now decided to step in and participate. I'm interested in selling my music, so I'm eager to find new marketing tricks :) Thank you all.
  6. J

    Hey There Newbie.. been lurking awhile. Im interested in...

    I'm mostly interested in getting: Video view on music videos. Getting blog posts on music related seo friendly sites attached to Building more traffic for an emerging artist DM me if you have any insight on the above!
  7. nuxli

    What path should I choose?

    Hey guys, I am a musician; trap/rap/hip hop producer. My main thing is selling beats, but I want to get into selling drum kits and making soundbanks as well. I'm not sure how should I build my website. There is a website called "Beatstars" where I upload my beats and it already has a store and...
  8. JS Media

    New S-HIT from Chainsmokers

    Have anyone heard The Chainsmoker's latest release THIS FEELING. Frankly it's awesome song with great music and lyrics, what's your opinion?
  9. A


    Here is a video i found for meditation and sleep or reading can you suggest music video for meditation?
  10. K

    Music streaming bot for spotify and Deezer

    PLEASE I NEED MUSIC STREAMING BOT 2018 Multiple instances: The bot must be able to play unlimited individual accounts simultaneous with the option to add more in the future Automatic Account creation: The bot must be able to make the accounts themselves and remember it logins for ad-supported...
  11. alexdiamond

    Soundcloud growth

    Looking to hire someone with experience in growing soundcloud accounts and bringing daily real traffic to it. I tried using soundclound manager and saw some results but nothing crazy. Let me know if you think you can help.
  12. Finn

    ♪♫♬ The Karaoke Experience on BHW - Finn invites you to sing a Song!

    This is my personal gem, which I really enjoy singing - Feel free to post yours! If possible, please try to post songs which are showing the lyrics, this way the thread would evolve into a Karaoke thread, which would be kinda amazing.
  13. THEJAYMAN123

    Hi finally decided to sign up and might as welll ask something....

    I produce rap and hip hop beats in my spare time right now and I want to know if anyone else does this and if they have had any success marketing them. For the past few months I have already posted many tracks on youtube, soundcloud and beatstars and it seems very hard to compete with any tag at...
  14. NagacomesforU

    How would you grow as a music producer and DJ?

    TLDR LITTLE LIFE STORY HERE: For the past 10 years I have learned and progressed as a music producer, producing mostly in the Electronic Dance Music genre (EDM). After getting my Bachelor Diploma I decided that becoming an artist is really what I wanted to do. I can't see myself sitting in an...
  15. G


    Hi you can call me gnome. I deal with alot of things. My l8est endevor is in music. I have a record lable that puts out large volumes of music. through a combonation of gamers, bots, and affeliats i generate massive plays on several services. .
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