AI API For Image And Music


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Apr 24, 2015

Im using a web based api for ai image generation, they have 1000 free tokens for testing and allowance, thereafter the cost is ok (though not the cheapest rate per image)

I wanted to ask if anyone can tell me of any good cheap API for image generation and music generation.
I also want an api that can generate samples based on text, for example "A loud crash", "door bell", "90bpm old school seamless hip hop loop, 4 bars"

ok but its not cheaper and you have to subscribe as opposed to just buy top up credits (PAYG)
Also what about music/sample AI APIs?
they have an api dashboard section its the best one i found out there but they still on v1 with their api
Cheap image/music AI can be tricky. Try these:
1. Look for free trials or limited free tiers after your initial tokens run out.
2. Compare prices and features to find the best option for you.
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