1. J

    instadub expert

    Hi, Im looking for someone who knows how to configure instadub well for specific tasks
  2. T

    Hiring Instadub Expert

    I am looking to hire a Instadub expert to manage all my instagram campaigns. Please only reply if you know how to use instadub software well. thanks in advance
  3. mxdaicheng

    Cracked instagram marketing tool

    I have DM
  4. A

    How do proxies work with IG and twitter in 2018? I just dont understand

    Hey guys About to invest in a instagram/twitter business of my own. SO I'm supposed to get FL or Instadub or w.e, But I dont get how it works with proxy. If you look at sites like stormproxies or smartproxy, they are rotating IPs. They advertise it as Instagram/Twitter proxies themselves. But...
  5. Krypticlol

    [JOURNEY] After 1 year I am finally doing $1,800/mo with Instagram automation

    To be honest I can't believe it... but it's been a year since I've decided to put a lot of time and effort into my business after just sitting around with just 1 client that was only paying me $100 per month. Today I got one more client and I just had to share as it's about 1 year since I...
  6. PowerKnipser

    Instadub Scraping Problem

    Hey all, I have a problem scraping followers of a specific IG page with instadub. When I start the process, it fails. The log says it tried to find the username i wanted it to scrape from, but didnt find it. It always says "failed to get userprofile details" Does someone know more about this...
  7. ciano061

    Best Instagram automation software?

    I’m saving up for an Instagram automation software called instadub. I like the look of it because unlike other softwares it’s only a one time payment of €100 and you can use unlimited accounts. I was just wondering if there are any automation softwares that would be better than instadub. I would...
  8. Sartre

    Just something about Instagram you guys might be interested in

    (This is unrelated to my client work - for clients i use proxies) Recently there was a promo at kimsufi and i bought a cheap atom(slowww) dedi for 8 bucks a month if i remember correctly - anyway its cool cause it has 2TB of harddrive so pretty useful for different stuff. And i made a little...
  9. 223thaproducer

    I need help with rootjazz instadub pretty please

    Ive been using instadub mostly for promoting worldwide online for a few months now. But today im trying to run a local hustle lol... Quick money. I cant seem to figure out how to mass follow users based only on location (not hashtags) in other words if their in my city and they have an acc then...
  10. F

    bot question: identify as mobile device vs. normal browser?!?

    Hello forum :cool:, maybe you could help me with a general question. I noticed that among (instagram) bots some identify themselves as a mobile device (instadub e.g. I think?), others identify themselves as normal webbrowser (FollowingLike e.g. I think). (As far as I understand it, some...
  11. swagbasedgodswag

    Instadub help

    Besides the boring given tutorials Rootjazz provides on how to use the bot, does anyone have any other sources that could help me learn this bot? I bought it months ago and the interface is complicated. Any extra help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. aminosi

    108 link click ( vs 14 clicks on Ogads is that normal ? ( INSTAGRAM CPA)

    Hi guys I'm starting my journey on Instagram a week a go I have about 8 account ( creat them my self ) running on Gramdominator I'm using a Vps too , my account are running 24hours a day following 800 each day... Today's statistics show 108 click on bitly here's from Ogads 14 click , 2...
  13. Royalwithcheese


    Guys I have to buy a bot for my IG accs. Me and a friend have been thinking about buying a bot and pay 50-50 for the bot and vps. Which means there would be about 40 accs on the bot. We're hesitating between Followliker and Instadub. What bot you think should we buy ? We need a stable bot with...
  14. Z

    VPS for bot questions

    I've been thinking of buying Instadub bot and want to put it on VPS. However what I've been researching now I'm not really sure can I even have VPS because I have MAC. Can I connect to the Windows VPS trough my MAC? How does it happen? Another question: I've seen people saying that if I live...
  15. R

    Any Instadub user in the crowd maybe?

    so, after using Instagress (RIP), followadder & followliker, i decided to buy the license for instadub. it took me a while to set things up, and i used Martin's help along the way (and he is truely great guy). now, after all, things are still not going well, and it seems i just don't get how to...
  16. S

    Setting up VPS for instagram bot?

    So I have a few questions about setting up a VPS to grow Instagram accounts. I want to build about 20 accounts that are in fashion/art categories they will all be a bit different but are mostly going to be used for promoting a few different brands I work with. What bot should I use? Right now...
  17. A

    What IG Bot are you using?

    Hi all - I was using the free trial of GMT2 quite successfully previously and really liked the UI and functionality. I started getting a few virus detection threats and the dev went on vacation so I stopped using it. I am looking to continue to grow my accounts so I have decided to purchase a...
  18. DesperateBotter

    Instazood Issues

    Hi. New here and relatively new to the botting game. I used Instagress for about 4 months with fantastic success. Then came the shut down. I used PeerBoost after that but it was pretty crappy. Now I'm using Instazood and I'm finding it astonishing how dismally slow the function for adding...
  19. OSolution

    Instadub Review

    I was looking for a review for this program and searching brought up nothing. So, when I purchased Instadub, I felt it would help out future buyers, by me posting this as I was looking at other programs and just starting out in the social media world myself. Looking at other programs, there...
  20. JackMagic

    Instadub: The Perfect Daily Limit - Shared Actions!

    Hey guys, I'm new to InstaDub but old to the game. I've been tinkering with my actions this past week to find the perfect daily limit but having some trouble pin pointing it. I'm wondering if any veterans can give me their InstaDub actions to work with. I'm currently only liking images, but...