1. 223thaproducer

    I need help with rootjazz instadub pretty please

    Ive been using instadub mostly for promoting worldwide online for a few months now. But today im trying to run a local hustle lol... Quick money. I cant seem to figure out how to mass follow users based only on location (not hashtags) in other words if their in my city and they have an acc then...
  2. swagbasedgodswag

    Instadub help

    Besides the boring given tutorials Rootjazz provides on how to use the bot, does anyone have any other sources that could help me learn this bot? I bought it months ago and the interface is complicated. Any extra help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. S

    Setting up VPS for instagram bot?

    So I have a few questions about setting up a VPS to grow Instagram accounts. I want to build about 20 accounts that are in fashion/art categories they will all be a bit different but are mostly going to be used for promoting a few different brands I work with. What bot should I use? Right now...
  4. S

    What computer to buy for instagram bot?

    was looking to get but seems I would need a computer to run it and don't want to have it running on my laptop what is a cheap computer you would recommend? I was looking at this one -...
  5. DesperateBotter

    Instazood Issues

    Hi. New here and relatively new to the botting game. I used Instagress for about 4 months with fantastic success. Then came the shut down. I used PeerBoost after that but it was pretty crappy. Now I'm using Instazood and I'm finding it astonishing how dismally slow the function for adding...
  6. X

    I own 500 phone verified Twitter what?

    I am in possession of 500 phone verified twitter accounts and I am purchasing 100 proxies from Squid today. These are all new accounts and their primary purpose is for retweet and supporting my primary accounts. (which are 2 music blog twitter accounts). I own a RootJazz Twitterdub bot as well...
  7. MartysW0RLD

    Tumblr Marketing For Newbies (my journey)

    Hey guys it's me again, I'm dead tired been up all night setting up a new plan I have involving Tumblr marketing. Seeing as how my last journey motivated the hell out of me and kept me focused until I couldn't keep up with it any longer, I figured I'd reignite that fire with this new journey...
  8. S

    Soundcloud bot : Rootjazz Soundcloud Manger vs Cloud Dominator

    looking to buy one what are the pluses and negatives of each? what ones do you use? One feature I would like that neither seems to have is the ability to follow everyone who commented a certain track. Also can either of them scan group or keywords for emails?