1. D

    Paypal to bank to binance looking for new bank to withdraw from paypal

    Hello, I am a freelancer without legal papers what I have been doing is reselling However, i am trading with 30-50k euros every month but it's not a profit Let's say I bought SMTH with 1k euros i sold it for 1050euro etc So I am having a large volume monthly getting payments then withdrawing...
  2. AlexanderTheGreat

    Who else was banned from Wise for no reason?

    I had my private account for 6 years, traveled half the world with it, enjoyed good exchange rates in many countries and only used my personal funds. And then all of a sudden they block me ... just because someone transferred 2k to me. after many weeks of hassle and threats with lawyers I...
  3. N

    How do I accept credit card payments without any KYC?

    Hey everyone, I want to start accepting credit card payments online, but the KYC requirements seem a bit overwhelming at Stripe or Wise, especially for a small business like mine. So, I'm curious if anyone knows of any methods or platforms where I can accept credit card payments without the...
  4. RealTraffic1

    [Method] How I make another X,XXX$ profit every month on my SMM business.

    Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any site I'm going to share here, I'm not making a single penny from sharing this method. In order to run some services on my site I need to buy large amounts of traffic every single day. most of the traffic networks we work with accept / give bonus on WISE...
  5. P

    Looking for Wise Personal and Business Accounts? Read this first.

    I first posted this on a WTB forum, but realised that others might benefit from it if I post here. I would also love to hear from other members of BHW. After a long and arduous journey, I managed to buy a Wise Business Account for 2.5k US. This is quite expensive to me, but I haven’t been...
  6. Katiba

    Hello Everyone! Curious to know what i'm doing?

    Hello everyone. I'm Katiba and i'm currently a reputable member of different forums around internet. I've been lurking on BHW for a while but today i decided to create an account and become a reputable member of this amazing forum. I'm seeing a lot happening here so i'm super happy to give my...
  7. A

    Paypal question

    Hi everyone, I am having a big of a problem with a small task, i have been working in creating Tiktok thresholds for the last 10-20 days, but recently i faced a problem where i can’t link wise cards with paypal, always this problem”screenshot” To be sure i tried to add the same card that have...
  8. V

    I don't receive a code to my Paypal numbers

    good evening everyone, I have a problem I created paypal with virtual numbers (smscodes.io) also I connect to them with a vps but there it asks me for a code which it sends to these numbers which I do not don't have it now, what should I do?
  9. W

    Wise rejecting account creations (UK company, foreigner)

    Hi, when applying for Wise Business with a new UK company I have created it's showing the next error message: "Due to high demand, we're temporarily unable to onboard your business". This is shown directly in the account creation screen, after selecting the company country as UK and introducing...
  10. B


    Hello everyone, We are engaged in e-commerce sales in the European Union, and our current monthly revenues exceed 700,000 euros. Due to these significant revenues, we have monthly tax payments of approximately 150,000 euros. Each country imposes over 20% in taxes, and we are forced to find a...
  11. leftyruggiero

    Link a bank account to a purchased stripe account

    Hello, I just bought a US stripe account and I want to link my personnal bank account (wise) The problem is : as you can imagine the stripe account is owned by another guy who hasn't the same name than me so can I be banned if I link my bank account with my name ?
  12. C

    FAN(facebook ausience network) payout

    Hello Guys Is Anyone Here Tried Linking Fan (facebook audience network) Account With any banks like (Wise, Payoneer) .. Is It Working Have You Get Payment Without Any Problems Thanks,
  13. R

    Wise and etsy

    Hi! Need help from regular users. I heard that Wise - does not accept mismatched deposits in all cases Has anyone experienced this in practice? I have a store for a woman, and you for a man. obviously the names are different. If I add the bank data of the Vise account to Etsy, will the...
  14. S

    Stripe + Wise

    Looking for verified stripe + wise account please
  15. S

    Verified stripe account needed

    i urgently need stripe verified account please ! 3 day payout will be bonus wise is greatly accepted with it as well pm me
  16. M

    Alternative to Transferwise / Wise

    Hello all, Wise has unfortunately been causing significant problems lately. Accounts are constantly being blocked or transactions are being queried, which is just completely annoying. Has anyone already found an alternative to Wise (Transferwise)? Revolut, Payeer etc. are all rubbish too...
  17. eNdl

    → Buy TransferWise / Wise Bank account - Receive payments like a local in 10 currencies

    What is TransferWise — now called Wise TransferWise, which recently renamed itself Wise, is essentially an online account where you can send money abroad or get paid in other currencies, and spend abroad on their Wise debit card. Why should I consider Wise? Easy to use. We signed up for an...
  18. carljohnsonseo

    [WTB] VCC for Wise verification

    Hi, I have a fresh Wise account and my VCC's from revolut/nexo are not getting accepted for some reason, I would like to purchase a VCC with 20 euro balance in it so I can deposit to wise and unlock the IBAN feature. As wise requires 20 euro deposit for iban. Hit me up with your offers...
  19. M

    How can we create a stripe account as a Nigeria

    Hello Friends, Please I want to know how to create a stripe account or someone who can do it for me. Positive comments are welcome
  20. TomTheCat

    I'm the only idiot that Wise has found?

    I have a Wise account that I never used. I only ordered the card if I need it as a backup when I travel. Each two months, Wise sends me an e-mail to confirm my account. Today I've got the 3rd e-mail to confirm my account. If someone from Wise reads this, I wish the company goes bankrupt!
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