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  1. kurosaki4d

    Should i Index Author pages?

    Hello Everyone, Recently i've been doing a lot of improvements in terms of EEAT, including adding authors to my sites. In my Rank-Math settings, I have the following options set to "No-index" by default. Author Robots Meta Category Archives Robots Meta My question is, should I index the...
  2. F

    Does anyone know how to be in google discover with Landing Page?

    straight to the point, recently I see my competitors consistently in google discover like it's nothing. Easier to say is like a facebook, post and boom, there you have it. They upload the landing page and boom, it appear on google discover without any effort. I've been finding what they did for...
  3. O

    How To Use A Black Hat Anchor Text

    Hello guys i want to ask about using a anchor text i see a sample like : Sample domain : https://patenhosting.com Sample main targeting keywords : best hosting i see a people using anchor text like this best hosting | https://patenhosting.com best hosting | patenhosting best hosting |...
  4. M

    Is whitehat seo dying today - a shocking story

    Hi guys, is whitehat seo today dying in the sarch results? You see often more and more commercial sites coming up at the top of first page in google. And many more sites who have nothing to do with your search phrase or question. But hey, G+B these elitists creating new noble rules, to get rid...
  5. V

    Im looking for SEO analyst and consultant to guide me

    looking for the right guy as the headline stated, thank you. Cheers mate!
  6. Dark Hat 007

    [Tip] One of the Best SEO Advise or pointer out here

    This to me is one of the best advise I've ever come across, I feel so because it answers so many question in one page. And I didn't compile this myself, I got it from Reddit and I know BHW doesn't accept links from direct competition but I believe so many of us especially newbies should see...
  7. Didou

    How to Rent Advertising Space on a Blog?

    Hello everyone. I hope everything is going well for you. I've been searching for answers to my questions, but so far, I haven't come across anything related to what I'm looking for. To keep things short, I'd want to know whether it's possible to rent advertising space on a blog. The blog gets...
  8. HenryObi

    Which Of You Is This?

    Stumbled on this on reddit. Which of you?
  9. bladee4r

    Selling my $1K pair of shoes to fund my new Website

    Yes... I am selling my 1,000$ pair of shoes and all revenue will go to my new website as described in this thread: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/website-journey-0-experience-and-profit-to-profitable-lets-go.1382556/#post-14982155 The question is, how would you budget it? I know little about...
  10. Daniel from Linxact

    How Do You Defeat Blackhat Competition?

    Hello Whitehats of BHW, I'm curious to know what measures and tools you use to analyze and outrank Blackhat SEO competition. Also what challenges do you encounter to outrank Blackhat competition on Google? Blackhat SEOs use Private Blog Networks (PBNs) built upon expired or auctioned domains...
  11. Epicster

    Recent Update and Strange SEO Issue

    Hello, there So, with the latest update, 2 of my main pages got disappeared overnight but there is one strange thing which I am trying to figure out what it is. All my other pages except 2 are still ranking where they were before the update. I checked google and found out that if I put my...
  12. Muhatrima

    All Google Cares About Is This.

    I have been observing Google indexing patterns and experimenting with different kinds of websites lately. I came to the conclusion that all Google cares About is: (Domain Age + Original Content + Backlinks). and that is all folks!. SEO Optimizations + Speed Optimization + Quality Content +...
  13. Josh Saga

    Any Advice Regarding Keyword Density Ratio?

    Hello All, I've read on SEO sites that they recommend 1%-2% KW Density- but sometimes achieving such seems to be not natural and makes awkward phrases in my articles I tried following RankMath's advice as well - and I deemed it good when Rank Math signals the KW Density as good although it's...
  14. Josh Saga

    Anybody have a list of Pay Per Call Networks?

    Hello, Anybody have a list of Pay Per Call Networks for Local Lead Gen sites? For home services like HVAC, Lawn Work, Plumbing etc etc? Thanks, Josh
  15. davids355

    Building and Ranking Sites in 2020 - The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction Back when I wrote the last guide (Building and ranking sites in 2017 - https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/seo-guide-for-2017-building-and-ranking-sites.959735/) SEO was hard. Well, it certainly hasn't got any easier today and if you are looking for a quick way to make money online...
  16. Dark Hat 007

    Does Number of words matter in SEO - Watch this Google MythBursting Video

    I just saw this on SEO Round Table. I have no idea if it has been posted already. Anyways. The following questions were answered in this video Updating the same type of content each year vs creating new one (00:00) Introduction to the episode (1:07) How much content should I have and to...
  17. T

    Probabilistic Thinking in SEO

    Brilliant thought put up by Andrew Charlton SEO is not black and white. Yet we’ve all been guilty of proposing solutions as if there’s no uncertainty. We need probabilistic thinking in SEO; an acceptance that our landscape is unpredictable, and although we might know the chances of a...
  18. Z

    How do i get DA80+ expire domain ?

    I have a Fiverr profile having 2200+ reviews and 1500+ reviews in one of my viral gig but from last 6 months my all gigs are derank and I didn't even earn $10 a month now.! so I am looking for DA80+ expire domain to make a highly professional website and offering guest posting service in that...
  19. Sebastian Velandia

    Case Study: Niche Site after 5.5 months applying only Whitehat technique #2

    This is the continuation of my initial thread https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/case-study-niche-site-after-4-months-applying-only-whitehat-technique.1215550/#post-13033546 Im very happy with my last results so far, This month is just starting and Im getting 15-30 daily organic visits form...
  20. KelvyTheBlacky

    Here's What We Found Found About SEO After Analyzing 11.8 million Pages

    This should be an interesting read to any serious SEO out there. Backlinko.
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