viral marketing

  1. Starblazer

    Meme Marketing is the next generation of Internet Marketing

    Everything in marketing is a variable except one fundamental thing. Anything that draws the attention of a user for a moment is a marketing opportunity. If you understand it, you can understand 90% of the trends in marketing. Let it be the hot girls in a car advertisement, adventures for a...
  2. T

    How eos skincare rode a TikTok trend to sales increases

    An interesting case study of how a skincare brand used TikTok to go viral and saw a 35x increase in website traffic. Source:
  3. T

    How to go viral, quickly

    It’s easy: leverage a viral trend. Like a ship stuck in the Suez Canal. He created a website called To begin, he was just wasting time on the internet, and when he Googled “is the ship still stuck” he realized there was an opportunity. So, he built the website. To...
  4. ilyascay

    please help with adsense !!

    hey guys i am new to internet marketing world ; i am starting my journey with adsense (viral website) i have a few questions and i will appreciate it if you helped me ! 1. is it okay to hire a freelancer to rewrite my website articles ? is it against adsense policy ? 2. is it okay to have...
  5. G

    Complete Guide To Viral Posts

    I saw a few posts asking for guidance, so I am posting this Complete Guide To Viral Posts Have you ever noticed that when something captures your attention naturally, rather than when you trying to concentrate, you loose your complete awareness to that object, forgetting everything else and...
  6. D

    Skype Viral Marketing?

    Since beginning of this week, I receive weird messages from some of my Skype contacts with the link that has my Skype ID at the end: Link leads to Looks like a pretty cool way to generate traffic
  7. S

    Facebook Viral Marketing (Q&A)

    I will be using this thread to answer topics related to viral pages. Most people will probably ask questions that have been already answered in threads elsewhere in this forum so I will only be responding to the best questions that I also feel will give everyone in general more insight in those...
  8. S

    What To Do If Your Page Is Viral? (8 Gold Strategies)

    Over the last 16 months I have grown over 15m likes on Facebook. And it's safe to say I have had my fair share of pitfalls and successes. One of the things however, that I see many people failing to capitalise is on is when a piece of content is going viral on their page. This is where most...
  9. H

    Fake Fb Account Professionals !

    Hi I lost some of my usefull fake account they were modest never reach 5K friend before but they're were very usefull building a facebook page, Now i did come back to this method but unfortuantly i was unlucky that the accounts are disacrtivated for the 8th time in one week and its annoying...
  10. W

    create a viral marketing strategy...heres how..start by knowing what your viral market....

    Hello, My name is CJ and I'm a online marketing major. Been doing this for a while now and i just wanted to break the ice by putting a freebee of mine that you can use or sell to someone and charge whatever you want. It includes a site called ifttt and what the site does is do a if this then...
  11. T

    Share & like popup increases my reach dramatically and tips from ViralNova!

    Ok, first of all I am completely new here. I have been marketing on Facebook for over 2 years with some crazy amazing results, but I just wanted to ask what your latest tactics on increasing your reach was and let you know what i've found helpful in the last few months. Ive been getting reach...
  12. arnosv

    Homepage of Dutch YouTube (making video's viral - GEO)

    Hi there, I'll try to keep this short and to the point. I have a client who wants to make his video go viral on YouTube (specifically Dutch). So basically we want his video to be on the front page of YouTube. It's not keyword based. (hint: music) I know that YouTube is a bit a pain in the...
  13. ozzieoz

    Facebook Viral Scrip

    Hi , I have a facebook Viral script but I dont know how to use it to make money. Are there any methods on how to utilize it???
  14. G

    Viral Marketing Strategies and site promotions

    Hi, I am working on a website to promote services for different prices. A seller may be able to offer services for $5 , $50 or $200 and a buyer may accept it and work and get things done. This would be a combination of different sites like Odesk, fiverr and freelancer. I am looking for...
  15. procam

    My Method: Does MyLikes ban for doing this?

    Hey :D I can get anyone that visits my site to post a link/message to any social platform they use. Will mylikes ban you for having other people post your ML links on their accounts? I can generate a massive amount of legit clicks just need to know if anyone has experience with viral promotion...
  16. procam

    Viral Tweets & Followers Giveaway - Get 7 Days of Free Viral Marketing!

    Ever wondered how the big boys in social media get all those followers that they never have to follow back? For a limited time I'm giving that away to a select few, access to my viral social media method. I don't need access to your Twitter account. All I'll need is your twitter handle and a...
  17. makemecash

    How To Make Your Site Go Viral - Step by Step Guide

    Many people don't fully understand the purpose of Social Media and how powerful it actually can be. if done correctly, your site and literally explode overnight. Let's just take a step-back for a moment and just think about it. Viral simply means "popular". So what happens to make a...
  18. V

    URGENT Youtube Video Is Viral - How To Monetize??

    Hey guys! So my video is the Times Square Crutch Fight video. its over 200k views and i uploaded it 2 nights ago. What can I do to monetize?? News sites picked it up like CBS. A bunch of other sites picked it up. Even paulyD used it in his video and linked to it in: Frenemies: Google vs. Apple...
  19. G

    Best way(places) to promote a viral facebook app with cpa at the end ?

    I have a facebook app is a Quiz and I can create more viral apps for facebook(I have a secure server https) ,the app has like locker for fan pages to start the app , it get user email adress an send it directly to aweber ,It post custom watermarked image and mesage on user wall with his name...
  20. F

    How to go Viral on facebook?

    We'll I'v started a new page on fb a couple of hours back, around 20 likes. yeah I know thats pretty lame but hey, the content I'm gonna upload there is gonna be pretty new and fresh, I was wondering is there a way to go viral on fb? Is there a little bit of a trick in the trade? my niche is...
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