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How To Make Your Site Go Viral - Step by Step Guide

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by makemecash, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. makemecash

    makemecash Regular Member

    Mar 16, 2012
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    Many people don't fully understand the purpose of Social Media and how powerful it actually can be. if done correctly, your site and literally explode overnight.

    Let's just take a step-back for a moment and just think about it. Viral simply means "popular". So what happens to make a website go viral or to make it popular? Well, people talk about it and share it with others. When people begin to talk about a site and mass share it, this is what you call "Viral" - very similar to a virus when you get sick, it spreads.

    When Google see's something go viral, it boosts it to the top of search engine rankings since it is guessing that is what people would be looking for in a given search result due to it's sudden popularity. When you are able to master this, you are able to control mass amounts of keywords in less than 24 hours.

    How to Turn Your Site Viral:
    This is an obvious statement, but in order for Google to think your site is going viral we have to simulate the appearance of a site going viral. The best advice that I can give you is to imagine what your site would do if it actually did go viral. Many times we as internet marketers never put ourselves in the shoes of users and how our site appears to them.

    So, what would really happen if your site went viral?

    Here are 3 key factors/actions that happen when your site goes viral:
    - Video's and view counts dramatically increase
    - Mass Social Media Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Digg...etc)
    - Mass Bookmarking
    - Mass comments and trackbacks (On-site and off)

    Let's Get Started:
    First, I will go over the process of what you need to do and then go over why.In the intro round, create the following:
    - 20-30 Wiki Links
    - Submit your site to Feedburner, Google Short URL, Google Places, and Blogger
    - Create a Facebook Fan Page
    - Create a Twitter account
    - Post up 3 Youtube video's
    - Submit a minimum of 20 social bookmarks to each
    - Mass blast blog comments to each
    - Personal Blog Comments

    Wiki's can be extremely powerful when used used correctly. Since Wiki's are usually updated quite often and have an enormous amount of pages and content, they are usually ranked well and easy gain PR.However, be aware that with just like everything you do have to create content for the user in mind. The better the user experience, the better your rankings and traffic will be. This means that you need to find yourself subject relevent Wiki's to post on. Thanks to Google, this is easy!

    Do a Google search for Your Keyword "wiki"

    Due to the easy of use and popularity of Wiki's, 90% of categories will have a large assortment to choose from. Choose 20 of the highest PR Wiki's that you can find for your category and then post REAL relevant content on them. When I say "real" content, I made non-spun content that you or some one else wrote up that is 100% unique. If you aren't sure how you should go about creating your wiki page, simply do a search in Wikipedia for your topic and take a look how they laid out their page.

    Facebook Fan Page:
    This is quite simple, create a new Facebook Fan Page. You are able to create a fan page using your current Facebook account. Once you have your Fan Page created, edit the about information and include as much information you can. That means adding the sub-categories, URL, and about info...etc. If you are able, include an address. By including an address, you have a better chance of Google ranking your Fan Page. Then include your Fan Page Main Image (the huge image on top that timeline now gives you). Within the large image, you will want your URL to be displayed. This will assist you with traffic that comes to your page.

    After you have set up your Fan Page, it's now time to edit your website to include Facebooks Open Graph. This ensures that when someone shares your site/page, that the particular page content is shared. Then of course you will want to "Like" your page on your Fan Page wall.

    If you have WordPress, I'd recommend this plugin:

    If you don't use WordPress, then you can use Facebook's tag generator found here (Scroll down to step #2):

    But wait...
    You don't have any friends or anyone talking about your site. How does just creating a Fan Page make your website appear viral? The short answer is that is doesn't....yet. You need friends, likes, and conversations! This will really depend on your budget. You can either head over to Fiverr and purchase "Likes", or you can get them Free in smaller quantities by going to YouLikeHits.com (or one of the thousand other sites like it).

    Twitter Account:
    Create a Twitter account. Since real followers and comments are always more popular than generated ones, make your Twitter profile look real. Add in a nice profile image and a background that fits your product/site's style. In your profile about info, add it a keyword rich (non-spammy) description and then send off your first tweet. Believe it or not, but Google does follow tweets. And what do site that are going viral do? They tend to talk about, so you will have to talk a lot (or tweet alot) as well. But in all honesty, I don't have time to tweet a lot for multiple products and multiple sites - so here comes automation.

    Socialoomph allows you to do a wide assortment of things with your Twitter account. One of those things is to schedule tweets. Since multiple tweets of the same thing would look like spam throw up red flags, quickly create tweets to go off over the next week. I'd recommend 6-10 tweets per day. In case you don't have anything to talk about, just jump onto twitter and do a search for your sites keyword. This will output a list of tweet's for you. Use them and then slightly change the wording so that they don't look like a copy/paste job.

    Awesome! Now your site is active and tweeting!

    Next, you need activity. You can get activity in 2 ways. Either through followers or through comments. I personally use both and would recommend you do too.

    Let's start with followers. Just like with Facebook, you can either buy them (Fiverr.com) or get them for free (Youlikehits.com). Buying is faster, but free is FREE. After you get your followers, you then need conversations. That means that you need mass Twitter accounts. Again, you can either buy them or get them for free. If you want to buy them, I use this guy: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackh...r-gmail-yahoo-hotmail-accounts-available.html.

    If you want them for free, then you will have to create each account manually.

    After you have your accounts, it's time to go into manual overdrive. This part may take some time, but it's worth it. Go back to Socialoomph and sign in with each on of your Twitter accounts. With each Twitter account, you are going to want to set up auto-responders for certain keywords. Since you have 100 accounts, you don't want to mass spam people with 20 messages of the same thing at once. So each account should be filled with different keywords. When you enter your reply message, don't forget to insert the direct link to your site AND hashtags. Hashtags can be extremely powerful because (1) people tend to look for certain keywords, and (2) Twitter gives higher priority for hashtag keywords. So if you have a site about "pet food", then you may want to include a hashtag of "#petfood" or "#pets".

    And...last but not least, ping your Twitter page with both Pingler.com and Bulkping.com.

    Youtube Video's:
    Youtube is awesome because it's owned by Google. And with everything else that Google owns, they give high priority to it. That means that it's easily ranked high in search engine results granted that you have optimized your video description for your given keywords.

    So where do you get video's? Unfortunately you can't just pick them up off of Youtube because the video's code has the authors info as well as Google actually reads the video content. With that said, there is still a way to grab free video's to post up. Head over to Vimeo and choose your video you want to download, then take the video URL and go to www.tubeminator.com.

    When you have successfully downloaded your video, upload it to Youtube, add a title that includes your keyword, add a description about the video that is keyword heavy, and then place a link to your site in the description.

    To make the video appear to go viral you will need primarily views and comments if you are able. Since Youtube tracks IP's, the comments will need to come from other people. There is really no easy free way to get mass Youtube views, so unfortunately you will have to buy them. If you do buy them, I'd recommend *********** - or jump into the "BST" threads. In regards to comments, with views will come comments, but it also helps to request comments from people you know. Just ask 10 people you know to comment on your video's and you are good to go - and that's free!

    Of course, don't forget to ping your video's as well.

    Social Bookmarks:
    When a site goes viral, people bookmark your site because they like it. The whole purpose of bookmarking is to (1) show the popularity, and (2) share the popularity. The more shares, the more popular your site appears to be.In this case however, we will be wanting to mainly target the stuff you just created rather than your main site. While it's important to do a simple social blast of your site, the "popularity" is going to come from where people are already - the social channels you just created.

    I personally use Bookmarking Demon since it's quick and easy to mass bookmark everything that I create.
    However, if you don't have the cash then here is a list of the top social bookmarking sites: http://pastebin.com/NduKzDF1

    Order of Operations:
    1. Submit your site to Feedburner, Google Short URL, Google Places, and Blogger
    2. Create a Facebook Fan Page
    3. Create a Twitter page
    4. Post up 3 Youtube Video's
    5. Create 20-30 Wiki's
    6. Ping All URL's with Pingler.com and Bulkping.com
    7. Social Bookmark your site 1-time, and then social bookmark each of the above 1-2 times.
    8. Send around of 10,000 or so blog comments using Scrapebox (if you have it) directed towards your links above.
    9. If you can, upload all of your URLS (bookmarks, comments, etc) to Lindexed.com
    10. Sit back and see your site go VIRAL!!
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  2. BigFatWallet

    BigFatWallet Power Member

    May 21, 2010
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    That makes a really good read. Thanks and reps given.
  3. jhonson5

    jhonson5 Power Member

    Mar 4, 2011
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    Very useful post indeed. Bookmarking this one for future reference. Thanks a lot.
  4. makemecash

    makemecash Regular Member

    Mar 16, 2012
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    Glad you appreciated it.

    What many don't realize is that it's quite time consuming to write this stuff up ;)
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  5. colourful14

    colourful14 Registered Member

    Mar 28, 2011
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    good info friend .......
  6. Sep77.

    Sep77. Junior Member

    Jul 28, 2012
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    Home Page:
    This is exactly what I need! Thanks, I appreciate it.
  7. billysoboles

    billysoboles Newbie

    Sep 23, 2012
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    Thanks for taking the time to share 'makemecash', must've taken ages to type....better get some work done now or I'll become 'makingnocash'.
  8. britcpa

    britcpa Power Member

    Mar 25, 2010
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    makemecash - many thanks for the time and effort youve put into this guide. besides being an easy and well structured read, there's also a couple of new titbits in there for me (the WP plugin for facebook & tubeminator the online mp4 downloader - when downloading vids. i always use the firefox addon FLASHGOT myself, but from now on, when im not using my own pc, iv got an alternative in tubeminator that i didnt previously know existed).

    thanks button has been hit for the tools youve given me & iv just upped your rep x 4 for sharing your knowledge with us all.

    good to have you on board BHW....
  9. DarkMeta


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    Interesting method to rank and looks perfect for penguin.Thanks
  10. kirkonpolttaja

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    This is great recipe for my new adventure, thanks and rep given!
    I will shoot you a PM, i just need your opinion on new domain (nothing to do with keywords) to help me taking step through my domain phase.
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    Thanks given. Awesome post
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    Nice share man.
    Thanks a lot for share.
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    Looks good. I found some missing tricks to rank well.
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    Really neat share. Thanks for this :)
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    Very good info. I will use this as a future reference.
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    Very nice makemecash. Appreciate the effort. It won't be long before someone lifts this word by word and sell it as an ebook. Heck, they don't even need to edit/re-structure it!
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    Electrical Engineer
    nice share.what type of competition is good for this method?
  18. .:mAestro:.

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    Really great tips. Especially that ones for Twitter.
    Thank you very much for posting this!
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    nice guide man, i hope you'll write a 2nd part with more tips