1. MR.Spuf

    Do you have a university degree?

    I'm curious how many people that lurk around here, have bachelor/master/dr. degree and how much did it use in your career now? Mine, it wasn't helping me that much. I've followed Marketing courses for 3 years and let me tell you that s*it info is older than Stonehenge. Only skill that helped me...
  2. Tristin_Davies

    Bcom in Informatics

    Does anyone here have a Bcom in informatic systems? Just want to find out some information about it.
  3. W

    Need someone to write me a psychology essay

    Only 2 pages of writing. Need it done ASAP. If you can do it send me a message or leave co tact details below. Ill send more info when contacted.
  4. Ankonz

    Want a FREE Certificate from any Of the Worlds TOP UNIVERSITY?? *GET YOURS WITHIN 31 JULY* [University of Virginia,Johns Hopkins,Duke University etc]

    Do you ever dreamed to Get a Certificate from any of the World's Best Universities? If your answer is YES, Then I have got some good news for you. JUST FOLLOW MY STEP. I'll show you how can you get a Certificate from any of the World's Top Universities. And it will be totally FREE. You...
  5. irivi

    [Attending] University/College Campus for Promotion

    It is my belief that a handful of ultra-successful businesses have been formed as a result of the environment which is a University/College Campus. It has been a while since I have been a student. Let me know what you think to about the following questions: 1. Do you think that the campus...
  6. B

    Yale's most popular class ever is available free online — and the topic is how to be happier in your Lecture is available on Coursera free of charge...
  7. blacklotus_89

    advice on scholarship and university

    So recently because the corona epidemic, my university entrance exam have been delayed till august this year so i literally have time to considering to apply some university scholarship around the world. can i have some advice and tip on how to successfully apply scholarship. I prefer major like...
  8. T

    Who else is in a hard major in University/College/School?

    I will start by myself, I'm studying Computer Engineering (Bachelor's degree). For me it's definitely not easy to handle it with all of my IM projects, but I will be graduated in 1.5 Years so it's temporarily anyway. What about you guys?
  9. AnEvilBurrito

    [Help]Have money to invest but no time, what to do?

    Hey guys I have saved up quite a bit over the last two years and are looking to do IM seriously. However, I am still an university student and my holidays will end in a month. My university course work is tough (double degree) and I figure that I will not have a lot of time to develop things...
  10. B

    Looking for academic proxies

    Greetings, I am looking for some special stuff. There is no request part in the marketplace, so I ask for your advice, or please redirect me in the correct forum section. I need a small set of proxy list regulary updated, which are on academic (university) networks (preferably in USA, Canada...
  11. phydev

    ClickBank Products ??

    Hello guys I would like to know if some products on clickbank are very popular, For exemple: Organifi, CB University, ... and many people already bought these products, does this make them consumed and very hard to promote. Thanks in advance
  12. L

    make money at the university! (very easy, also for beginner)

    If you are living in a city that has a (big) university, you are very lucky. As we know, many students are stressed out and need help for their study. Fiverr is a good website you can promote. Many big cpa networks own that fiverr offer with an high payout (up to 50$ per signup, signup =...
  13. G

    Is it possible to buy a '' email anymore?

    What it says in the title, If im not looking in the right please or anyone has any tips that would be great. Cheers!
  14. D

    I just graduated from college! Was it worth it? [8 YEARS ON BHW]

    [ALMOST 3,000 WORDS BELOW. PREPARE YOURSELF.] In 2 days, it will officially be 8 years since I’ve joined Black Hat World! I was only 14 when I registered! This week, I just received my college diploma. Times flies! So... “Is college worth it?” o_O Short answer: Depends Long answer...
  15. Rohan Walter

    Blogging diploma?

    Do I need a university diploma to become professional blogger? If yes, which university and profession? Danke!
  16. G

    How to access university FB groups / get university e-mail adress?

    I want to access FB groups that require a university e-mail domain. Of course I don't have those e-mail adresses. Does anyone know a solution / a service that can help? Thanks in advance!
  17. Tamalkrishna

    Why Clickbank university affiliate link is not working?

    I don't know what is happening with clickbank university affiliate link. As far as I know everything is fine. But when clicked my CB university affiliate link is saying : The target URL was invalid. Please contact the vendor. I don't understand where is the problem. Has any one of you faced this...
  18. rashidouk


    Is there someone who has Corse " Clickbank university v2 " or where can I find him " free " thanks!
  19. dhia27

    I've just graduated, what next ?

    Hi, Yesterday, I've just graduated with a mechanical engineering bachelor degree. I over-estimated it in the past. But it is BS (max $250/m), even if I get an enginner diploma, it's useless (for me). I discoverd IM last July, when my friend pointed AdSense in a discussion and the journey of...
  20. A

    IT University

    Hi, can you recommend me some university, where I can study IT marketing, IT management and some other things which have something similar with topics on BHW, please ?
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