twitter account adult

  1. aidelio

    Twitter Update New Accounts

    Hello, 1week ago my new accounts getting 10-50k views on new post after new update my new account and new post get 0 views and getting message Get seen by more people How i can fix this?
  2. aidelio

    Twitter 4g proxy

    i want manage 10twitter accounts how much 4g proxy i need?
  3. P

    NSFW Twitter Shadowban

    So i have a Account that is currently Search Banned. Im looking to buy a 2015 aged Twitter Account, but im wondering if i need to use a proxy or can i just run it without one? Also how long do i need to wait until my current Account isnt Search Banned anymore? Sorry for my bad english! I wish...
  4. ExhaustedPigeon68

    Problems with Twitter CPA Method

    Hey guys, first post so not sure whether I'm posting in the right thread but I'll just go ahead with my problem... I've been in the adult twitter niche for something a little over 1.5 months now, and it seems to me that I have had incredibly bad luck. I had great success in the niche at the...
  5. Windnfire

    Looking for Twitter experts

    Hey there, Increase my Twitter followers by 1000 - 10 000 users in the next several weeks. I would like to consider any specific packages for quick promotion for crypto niche & bloggers. Please, let me know if you have any questions about the requirement of the job. Budget for test: 300$ +...
  6. B

    Twitter nsfw retweet group

    Hi everyone. I started a new nsfw account (mostly B&W gifs, pics) after deleting my old one a year ago. It's hard in the beginning to gain followers and I can't seem to find great engagement groups. Does anyone have recommendations?
  7. Porter.parter

    How to promote the OnlyFans model on Twitter? Share your experience

    We have software, we perform actions: subscribing to people, liking their posts. Our accounts look just like the real thing. But for some reason people don't subscribe to us and very rarely subscribe to OF. Share your advice, what to focus on, who to take subscribers from?
  8. Porter.parter

    I need advice on promoting Twitter

    I started promoting OnlyFans models on Twitter. I created very similar to the real account - model accounts. They are really hard to distinguish, they do retweets, likes and are identical to any profile on Twitter I started doing mass subscriptions, but no one is subscribing back. Made over...
  9. fickra

    I have a Twitter account with 35k followers. How should I monetize it

    I have a Twitter account with 35k followers all adult niche. I am not sure how should I monetize the account. I tried CPA but it didn't work well. Any suggestions are welcome.
  10. E

    Twitter Adult Account

    Currently, I am making money with the adult audience and I want to use twitter to increase this audience because there are too many people in my country who use twitter for this purpose. But I created an adult account on twitter and the account was closed. Later, I opened a new account and...
  11. Porter.parter

    Twitter limits? Looking for an answer to a question about Twitter action limits

    Hello, I would like to ask practitioners. Who has used Twitter bots? What are the limits for committing actions from one account? For actions: 1. Subscriptions to other accounts 2. likes on posts 3. Messages to users (Mass DM) Please tell us about the limits if you have worked through...
  12. dmtrsk

    Twitter NSFW Accounts

    So, i stumbled accros a problem. I grow NSFW Twitter pages and then do affilliate marketing. But they keep getting banned in 2 weeks or so. Now when i am creating new accounts ( even on icognito window ) all the accounts i create get instantly LOCKED. I need advice! I read that i ll have to use...
  13. F

    Twitter Botting and Proxys Help

    Newb here. Got twitterdub and can buy aged//fully verified twitter accs no problem. My question is i would like to have a seperate campaign for say to promote one niche of adult//onlyfans. I would like to start with idk 10 20 50 accounts and slowly start using each to like follow comment ect...
  14. M

    Looking for Onlyfans/Adult Traffic

    Hi, Looking for profitable traffic for the girls that I manage. All beautiful models that are experiencing growth but I want to 10x it. All girls currently on - Twitter - Instagram - TikTok Looking to also get girls on - Tinder/Bumble/etc - Reddit Open to other recommended platforms. Can...
  15. mka175

    twitter adult traffic

    so how you guys are generate traffic from twitter adult niche i get like 500k reach in the last 28 days and im welling to convert some off them to my smart link, i have tried link in bio and embedding link in videos with no clicks at all i need your help guys
  16. Castle770

    Twitter as a traffic source

    Hii there, Facebook is saturated with newbies or spammers. Same goes for instagram. YouTube SEO, ranking and all. Reddit being goldmine for adult traffic. Discord is even harder than reddit ,Tiktok and snap for sweeps but why isn't anyone talking about twitter? I saw Goddissee post a while ago...
  17. UserWhoWantSomething33

    İ Need a TweetAttackPro Expert (WageProvided)

    Well. title is saying what i mean.. i just need TweetAttackPro Expert and Professional man so why ? what i want from you Exactly ? let me explain: İ am a Adult content businessman.. you know we are cant publish our ads in everywhere and everysite etc therefore.. so i need a twitter slash bots...
  18. redcardinal_ichii

    Hello, BHW. I work in the field of adult content on Twitter ;)

    I am an employee of a marketing agency in Brussels. The agency is engaged in the promotion of models in Onlyfans. I specialize in Twitter and would be happy to participate in discussions with people who promoting adult content.
  19. N

    Twitter API posting Sexy Content

    After weeks apply, My Twitter account can use API now. Does Twitter check often API content? I am trying to post some sexy content using Twitter API. Wonder Twitter ban it. Any advice? Thank you so much in advance. Appreciate any tips
  20. A

    OnlyFans Twitter Help

    Hey, I'm an Onlyfans creator new to Twitter. I noticed girls are constantly getting on the suggested tab for saying things like "anime" or "gamer" in the title and getting thousands of likes/followers because of it. How do I get on the suggested tab? Also what is the best way to grow on twitter...
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