Need Help With Twitter/X Adult CPA Method


Apr 29, 2023
so i have been stuck on this for months trying to figure out how to do adult cpa using twitter like this person ( and i've had no luck.
I've got proxies and accounts along with Dolphin Anty. The account is most likely automated. I've built scripts to open Anty and open browser profiles to post everyday (for other things on twt) But i just don't know how or where to start when it comes to pages like the one in the link. They Post and rt the other pages posts to make sure the owners smaller pages get traction as well. But i see no tags in the posts so how would i start this when starting from 0. Do i start with hashtags? Do i buy a promo? i have no clue where to start or what i'm doing. Please leave suggestions in the comments below if you have experience in this or may know how to start.
Did you find a method?
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