script builder

  1. B

    A bot for Google using the GoLogin API

    Hi, I need a script that will log into Google accounts using the GoLogin browser and add Google reviews. Please leave your Telegram username only if you are experienced and have created scripts using the GoLogin API.
  2. Snqke

    What is this CMS ?

    Hello guys, anyone know this cms name or where can i buy it ? or Thanks
  3. N

    Need Help With Twitter/X Adult CPA Method

    so i have been stuck on this for months trying to figure out how to do adult cpa using twitter like this person ( and i've had no luck. I've got proxies and accounts along with Dolphin Anty. The account is most likely automated. I've built scripts to open Anty and...
  4. dillywilly

    puppeteer + gologin Developer needed to build a small clicks browser bot to my links

    Hello im looking for someone that has experience in coding puppeteer + gologin API i need to create a script that send about 100-300 clicks daily to my "specified links" + gologin browsers i need it to register as real clicks if this is something you're familiar with id love to chat and see if...
  5. Fail

    Need Dev for paid work. (Needs to know basic languages especially py, js, html, etc)

    Need a dev that can make automated scripts ex. I place info such as a message and the script takes this message and clicks through a website or application and places that info into certain slots. Also need a dev for api work, I have my own apis and I need them incorporated into senders for...
  6. dillywilly

    simple script for tracking my ads that are alive and when they get flagged

    Hello i need a simple script built with simple UI where i add the live ad Https link of my ad and it tracks how many days its been alive/ when flagged / and also calculates average days all ads been alive for. this script is for manual link input and then the script starts tracking once link...
  7. A

    Need help accessing messages being sent by telegram bot to my old account which I no longer have access to.

    I lost access to my old telegram account that had a bot on it with some important stuff. There are still messages incoming on the bot on my old account. I still have the HTTP API token, and have heard that I can access the bot from another telegram account with the token as I have seen others...
  8. A

    Need STRONG Antibot script

    I need strong antibots to stop page going red. My page keeps getting detected and going red, I need help to avoid this issue.
  9. S

    Hello BlackHatWorld

    hello everyone, the forum has received a new scriptwriter. I write scripts of any complexity. I work with emulations of real user actions through the web interface. I have also been doing SEO for more than 10 years
  10. PDonline

    How to Add Bulk Users from competitor group to my Telegram Groups?

    Hello, I and my friend have created a tool to scrape Usernames from competitor groups and add them to my group. However I got a problem, I only can add 50-100 usernames to my group with 1 telegram account then my account got banned. So I have to need a lot of telegram accounts to add thousands...
  11. C

    Browser automation studio

    Hey guys it’s my first post here, and I was wondering if you guys can help me. I use browser automation studio and I wanted to know if it was possible to create a Disqus like bot that create verified user accounts. If anybody uses BAS it would really help me out to get some advice you can share...
  12. D

    I searching for this WhatsApp Referral Script

    Does someone here know where i can buy a Script like this?
  13. $

    Custom scripts + depending on feedback much larger project

    Like probably 73729101 people thatve posted in freelancers, I need someone to help (i.e. do most of the heavy lifting on the code) with creating completely up to date scripts that can be used to purchase limited edition items, and am particularly interested in coming up with something that can...
  14. N

    [Help] Auto Link Clicking in Gmail Account

    Hello, I have hired a freelancer to create a script that goes into my gmail account, switches to gmail HTML (minimal), finds a specific email, opens it, and then clicks a confirmation link. However it gets to the opening of the email and then crashes. It wont click the confirmation link and we...
  15. E

    Info needed

    Am so glad I finally signed up here, please I need site where I can buy good vps to create my private smtp. Also I need good site where I can buy fudpages, bulletproof Cpanel. All payment with perfect money payment system. Thanks all
  16. kpenshoppe

    Hire a Freelancer who knows how to create a WAPSITE

    A wap community script with many advanced features including, forums, chatrooms, polls, blogs, chat bots, plusses system, smilies, wap games, download system, user files, user sites, user clubs including their own chatroom and forum. Please send me an email but I have to be honest I can only pay...
  17. triplecheeze

    Script creation

    Hello guys, I'm learning multiple languages at the moment and would like to share my skill to grow up my own knowledges. Im at the moment learning python, c# and scala and I already know nodejs but still have to improve it. I also know PHP but this is another topic. So if you have any script or...
  18. A

    Coders!? Looking for partners ASAP. Get in touch

    Hey, I've been testing a few apps to see which can bring in traffic and how can I turn that traffic into profit by testing niche funnels base on the app I'm testing. All the testing happen manualtesting (doing everything by hand and it brings some type of traffic) I'm now looking for a...
  19. J

    [urgent] coder please help!!!

    Dear WHW friends!!! I have done the research for the code (script) for a full night and was not able to find one! If you have any idea or the code, kindly help! Let me give a brief description about how the script works: SCRIPT OF TWO PAGES PER URL: 1. Visitor referred from facebook visits...
  20. D

    TurboWeb 2.0 - The Web 2.0 Blogs Network Builder (14 days Free Trial)

    Support / Pre-Sales Questions: turbowarenet (Skype) FORUM | F.A.Q. | TUTORIALS | AFFILIATION | CONTACT
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