Coders!? Looking for partners ASAP. Get in touch

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    Aug 15, 2016
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    I've been testing a few apps to see which can bring in traffic and how can I turn that traffic into profit by testing niche funnels base on the app I'm testing.

    All the testing happen manualtesting (doing everything by hand and it brings some type of traffic)

    I'm now looking for a partner who's able to code basic scripts/bots that can automate the process For iOS apps or Android.

    If you skilled enough to create basic bots to automate what I've been doing manually and can create some that's multithreaded that's able to run 100's even 1000's of accounts let's work!

    It's more than 1 app where I'm getting traffic from its tons of them :) so you have to be able to create fast.