auto account maker

  1. D

    Looking for someone who can create a tool to give 20,000 likes from different Twitter accounts

    Hey I am looking for someone who can create an SMM, where we can give Retweet, Likes, and Comment on tweets using APIs. It will be something like this AND Basically, user can enter their username, and then we...
  2. GringoMonkey

    [JV] My instagram monetization, your automation

    I have a system to monetize on instagram and am looking for someone to automate it. Works best if you can gather followers from a targeted account and auto create accounts. Pm me for more details if you are interested.
  3. I

    Looking for a custom bot maker

    Looking for a coder to make me a bot similar to this Offering $$$ PM me
  4. A

    Coders!? Looking for partners ASAP. Get in touch

    Hey, I've been testing a few apps to see which can bring in traffic and how can I turn that traffic into profit by testing niche funnels base on the app I'm testing. All the testing happen manualtesting (doing everything by hand and it brings some type of traffic) I'm now looking for a...
  5. supermat007

    Bookmarking Account Maker

    I seem to remember seeing some where on some sight that sign up to a list of bookmarking sites for you, and a programe that sign up for you. Just like a gmail account maker but for bookmarking sites. Anyone know what its called or where it is? Thanks
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