twitter account adult

  1. S

    Twitter Ads for Adult Twitter Account is possible?

    I actually have a “succeed” business running here in Brazil, making around R$600 per day (a little more than $120 for those that are curious). Now I am struggling to make R$1.000 per day in sells, I want to run ads, alredy have a big knowledge in FB Ads, but the Twitter is so far the most...
  2. M

    I need help from Twitter experts

    I decided to create Twitter accounts in order to start CPA, but I faced after problems and questions, and I need the help of professionals in it. If you know a solution or an answer to any of the following please help me and thank you in advance. 1- In the event that I will target France, will...
  3. Imagirl

    Twitter adult niche 2022, need advice

    So I've run some test on twitter on 2 different accounts [aged account] account 1 = I posted random photos mixed nude, different poses different scenes, short clips, meme, sexy jokes, posted anything everyday. Sometimes just text. 5~6 times a day. I didn't get much following back. I went to...
  4. Pranto

    Twitter + adult niche in 2021?

    I just purchased twitterdub bot for twitter botting and planning to promote/grow adult niche.I never botted twitter before so have some Qus before start :) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ;) should I use scraper accounts for scrapping followers to follow like instagram? Can I...
  5. ohSHi

    Twitter RT groups

    Hello everyone. I want to apologize right away if such a topic already exists. I want to know how things are now with RT groups on Twitter? Does anyone belong to such groups and how is the number of followers growing? I have an account with an adult theme and 6k subscribers. There are groups...
  6. S

    Need help with adult CPA LINK

    I think I have everything correctly on my Twitter account but every time my follows click the link this happens please help what can i do to fix this
  7. FindingMyNiche

    ISO Adult Twitter shout-outs

    I'm looking for adult Twitter-shoutouts. To advertise OnlyFans models. Any interested applicants please PM me. No newbies I need people that know what they are doing.
  8. SERP Buster

    How often does Twitter delete someones offensive tweet

    Started exploring twitter marketing. And just have a quick question. It like, Is it possible for twitter to delete someone's offencive tweet. And how often there are chances of the tweet to get deleted?
  9. F

    [HAF]Need 2 VA to help growing an adult Twitter

    Hi, Currently I need 2 VA to help me to build and grow some twitter accounts in adult niche. Requirements : - Have the content to tweet on the accounts. - Have exp in twitter adult niche. - Know and have exp in using tools such as Jarvee to grow the accounts. Please Pm me with your offers...
  10. Alle155

    how should i monetize twitter babe accounts with cpa

    i have about 20 Babe twitter accounts with 2k+ followers and i want to monetize them with some kind of offer, anyone got any ideas on how i should do it?
  11. Chuchitas_009

    How can I get really hot girl photos for my adult CPA method?

    Hello friends, I have been looking for some pictures of hot girls for many hours and I only find porn actresses, and that is not what I want, they must be unknown girls for my profile to look real, I am starting a CPA business combining Snapchat + Twitter. I would like to know some place where...
  12. S

    More Reach on Twitter, pornhub and Stripchat

    Hello, I'm SexyMaria20201 and I'm looking for help on how to make my Twitter account even better known. Does anyone have an idea? I'm also on Stripchat and the Porno Hub and would like to manage my reach
  13. the eyes

    Twitter Retweet group

    anyone here doing adult cpa on twitter. I have twitter account with 18k follow and want to join retweet group or if someone have the same follower or over than 10k follow can DM me. we can do rt for rt to help grow faster
  14. riverflower2

    Twitter + CPA method still work ?

    I want to start CPA + Twitter but I'm wondering if its still work?
  15. ComicCityy

    How good its Twitter traffic for Adult Offers ?

    Hey there BHW friends I want to start again to work with adult content but this time i wanna try Twitter traffic not Snapchat... My plan its to work with 20 acc Twitter (for start ). Ofc i will work with robit to manage all the acc (auto post, auto like, auto follow etc etc.) I will create...
  16. survivorghost

    Twitter Ads Missing Creative Tweets ❎❎❎

    I am trying to run ads on Twitter for the first time since I found more of my audience on Twitter than Facebook. When I create a campaign, I can't find my tweets when I reach the creative section. I search google and tried all the answers like change browser, disable adblocker... Nothing...
  17. CoderFromHell

    I’m Bored... What’s Next? (Programmer)

    So I made a pretty decent IG bot that makes me a pretty decent amount of money for doing nothing besides replacing accounts once a week. I feel like I want to move to Twitter now. I’ve never used Twitter before, have no idea the ins and outs. I want to build a bot for it, or at least gain...
  18. Sardi


    Sooo ... I have created a Twitter account on the adult niche because my main Snapchat adult method died R.I.P Anyway I decided to move over to Twitter and try adult niche there and fuck it's so difficult to convert My question is on how the F do you convert such traffic ? What cpa ? what...
  19. R

    Twitter and Adult (porn) Guide step by step anywhere?

    Hey there. is there any step by step guide how to make twitter accounts by getting good and reliable followers and posting adult / porn content ( in order not getting problems) with copyright of the girls pictures and videos? What I need is a need how to set it up atep by step and get the...
  20. D

    Twitter Niche Page Affiliate Part 1

    Hello Blackhat friends, I'm new here, but I've been lurking in the shadows, learning, waiting, scheming. Anyway, I am flat broke, on unemployment, in $9500+ debt, and the unemployment rate in my area is well over 10%. Financially, I'm not doing so well. So once again I have been looking for...
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