twitter account adult

  1. D

    Hello BHW world

    So I'm trying to increase my exposure on pornhub / xvideos and xhamster . I have profiles on each verified and just need to increase traffic, I have twitter and insta (darkchocxxx and darkchoctriplex). Which i use to promote etc but need more traffic. Any suggestions? Cheers Jermaine
  2. H

    Twitter Marketing Help

    Hlw Guys, First of all Thank You For Interest, I am very new in Twitter Marketing so i found a profile that create a affiliate link over the video top left corner, whenever someone hover the video this link comes on the left top side. plz see the image for clear the concept. also ignore the...
  3. Mercedes-Benz

    Adult + Twitter

    Hi can I post my adult smartlinks on my aged twitter accounts? Also via dm? Or will they get banned? How many people can I follow now on twitter what are the limits? Would hear some tips for Adult + Twitter Thanks
  4. NightEmperor

    Rise of a Multimedia Adult Empire - Twitter, Reddit, Erotica, Adult CPA & Adsense

    More than a year ago, I posted my first journey about my Twitter accounts. In the meanwhile, I got quite busy with real-life stuff popping up and enrolling in university but now I kind of have...
  5. wapo77

    Hello BHW Guys, I Got one question?

    I am new here and i would like how to grow afew twitter accounts ? i would be so thankful if any one can provide good information as i am ineeded to make it through twitter as its adult friendly platform
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