Oct 27, 2022
How i can fix this after new twitter update started getting this message on every new account and my post getting 0 views


  • Screenshot 2023-03-17 000358.png
    Screenshot 2023-03-17 000358.png
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wonder if that means that your account has reduced visibility, had this happen on a couple of accounts too.

would like to know exactly what it means if someone knows :D
This message means that Twitter will monitor your account more closely. You need to let your account rest after you click "confirm" on this window - for 15/25 days.
that can be removed, it means you are in the eye of the storm, twitter thinks you are a bot for the actions you perform, so that is like warning before they get you banned or shadow banned, basically the only way to make that message disappear is like or retweet other posts interact with your followers and slow down how much content you upload because might look spammy or like a bot is uploading the content.
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