translation seo

  1. A

    Can Google detect plagiarized content that is translated from english to another language

    Question is simple: can Google detect if I copy content from a site, translate it from english to another language, and make very few adjustments just to remove bad traduction from google translate and make it easily readable for people?
  2. jemzozole

    What is the best WordPress plugin for automatic translation? (working with the Elementor)

    What is the best WordPress plugin for automatic translation that's good for SEO at the same time? (working with the Elementor)
  3. Elonmusk420

    Multilingual plugin

    Anyone know good multilingual plugin that automaticly translate to spesific choosen language and the translation post can be indexed as that choosen language?
  4. G

    Does g00gle index translated content?

    as the title says, does big G index translated content? lets say you scrape content and then translate it and make it readable . so can it be indexed ? and can it rank for that language's keyword?
  5. ninja21

    [INSIGHT] Each website for translated languages

    Is this a good idea? Each language has its own unique website. And rank each website for it's own language keywords. Anyone has done this before? A link probably in the forum ?
  6. Lokht

    Looking for Auto/bulk Translation service

    I need some translation from English, few thousand sentences (all are WP blog titles) What are my options? 10x
  7. B

    Secret to Authority Website found!!! I am puzzled and amazed...

    Hey guys, this is a pretty long post but hope you have the time to read it till the end, and not skip paragraphs. FIRST, I need to tell to those who don't know yet that an AUTHORITY website is not necessary a big website. You can get high authority in the eyes of Google even if you have a...
  8. P

    English to German Translation - Large Project

    Hi all, I am looking for a good quality translation of my large corporate website from English into German. Content must be translated so that native German speakers understand it clearly, and should be re-written in parts (using alternative description words etc) to avoid it looking like...
  9. V

    First time posting on BHW need advice on multilingual SEO

    We are using an automated translation tool for our word press blog. Thanks to BHW our SEO is great for US search results but in China and Japan we are getting our ass kicked on Google. Since we are using automatic translations and do not have staff to do SEO in 41 languages. What can we do in...
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