time management

  1. Panther28

    What does running your own business look like after a year? - A time management perspective

    Here is my best achievement for the year, actually maybe getting the top 16% this quarter on stackoverflow! lol, Nah, defo this time chart. I highly recommend it's use. They say that reflection in life is important, and that's what this gives you. https://app.clockify.me/ Keep a 5-minute timer...
  2. Jimmywinone1

    [Guide] Time Management Ultimate Tips

    This is my first post in this forum. I learn a lot in this forum, so I want to share my knowledge to you guys. I am a Digital Marketer and Hypnotherapist in Hong Kong. I see many great posts about guide to do digital marketing. But there is just a few posts for productivity and mental health. I...
  3. andykym

    Found Another Tool from Same Guy

    This guy recently released a tool , and I also shared this in on of my previous post .Again he released another tool .
  4. lumiux

    How do you manage multiple websites?

    Hi, The reason I'm posting this is that I am having a difficult time managing 4 websites. I would like to know how you guys manage your multiple websites, How to you guys distribute your time effectively, and become more productive. The work I do on those websites are brainstorming and creating...
  5. N

    How to use my time effectively?

    Hello guys. I have been trying use my time effectively. I plan this and that to make the best use of my time. But i end up doing nothing and wasting all of my time in procrastination. Do you have any suggestion for a procrastinator like me?
  6. Sweetrevenge

    What would you do if you were in this situation ? IM projects

    Here is the thing: Ever since I wanted to build a website for a future passive income, my freelancing job is getting more and more time consuming. I have already built websites before, but none of them worked, because I was ignorant at that time. Then I stopped building them for more than a year...
  7. TonyToan

    How is your day like? (How do you manage your day?)

    As the title said, could you share what do you spend time doing? I often spend 4 - 5 hours of doing IM, 2 - 3 hours of research :)
  8. D

    social media tools

    hello everyone , i'm wondering if there is any free software for managing posting time on social media something can post for you for exemple every two hours i need something like Nextpost 3.0 but for free o_O
  9. mastertanvir

    Anyone who is going to start new money site

    Hello, I need someone who is going to start new money site. Actually, I am also going to start new project with a new site.I want to keep contact with him so that we can work together with own projects. It will also help to work faster and increase quality of work.Newbie is not a problem at...
  10. cosmo89

    What's the most you've ever worked in a week?

    As, Elon Must mentioned that by working 100 hours/week you can get done anything in 4 months, So, i ask all those entrepreneurs here in BHW, how much time you spend per week on your project? and How do you manage your time ?? Any tools or tips to stay productive would be appreciated!!
  11. N

    Maximizing opportunity costs

    BHW, I am sure many of us know the advantages of outsourcing to VAs for $3-4/hr. But what's the trade off ? I will be working over the summer for 12$/hr. For every hour I work I can pay a VA to work 3-4 hours, thereby multiplying my time. I have the choice of working 4 or 5 days a week. As...
  12. P

    How many hours do you invest in your online projects?

    Hi there! have a few questions for the community 1) How many hours do you invest in your online projects? 2) Are you full time dedicated to your projects, or you have another main occupation? This site has been such a inspiration for me, I've learned a lot and have now a lot of cool ideas. My...
  13. F

    Which Tools you use to increase your Work Effeciency Online?

    Hey, I want to know the tools that you guys use to increase your work efficiency in Internet Marketing.I start working and end up on Quora/Gmail/BHW or Facebook ..arghh.. Here are the tools that i have started using for different type of tasks - 1. Time Doctor - for Time Management 2. Zen...
  14. W

    7 Kick-Ass Time Management Tips

    Time is the most expensive element in the universe, they say time=money, but I don?t agree with that, I say : Time > Money The time is gonna pass anyway, it doesn?t wait for you to spend it well or bad. Take a moment to realize how important managing your time is, do you think it is...
  15. StartupBros

    RE: To Do Lists - How do you keep organized?

    In my searching for a way to keep track of my increasingly ridiculous To Do List, Ive decided to see what everybody on BHW does. A group of technological hard workers such as yourselves must have come up with some good systems over the years. I am really hoping to find a To Do List that will...
  16. B

    A little Time saving advice for those that could use it.

    I found this nice little article that has a lot of good advice for those that could use an extra hour our three in their days. enjoy and pass it along if you find it of help and interest. http://bencivengabullets.com/bullets.asp?id=26
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