7 Kick-Ass Time Management Tips

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    Time is the most expensive element in the universe, they say time=money, but I don?t agree with that, I say :
    Time > Money


    The time is gonna pass anyway, it doesn?t wait for you to spend it well or bad.
    Take a moment to realize how important managing your time is, do you think it is possible to double or even triple the real-work you do now just by managing your time in a better way ? The answer is Yes! I am a live proof of that. After spending over 2 weeks reading time management books and blogs, I can finally say that I?m 500% more productive !
    This means that in the long run, I will be able to achieve what was supposed to take me 15 years in just 3 years. It?s worth the 2 weeks I spent on researching time management methods isn?t it?. You won?t need to spend 2 weeks doing what I did because I wrote down the most important points , memorized them and applied them.

    Today I will share with you guys these points so you can do it yourself :
    1) Dedicate some time for distractions ? Things like Facebook, Emails and news are common distractions for us all, avoid them when you are working. But make sure to dedicate like 30 minutes a day (one time) and just spend it on checking your Facebook, Emails and other distraction. Just never do that when you are working, it?s the biggest productivity killer.

    2) Find your hours ? Working in the early hours of the day is x2 more productive to me than working in the afternoon/evening hours, for other people it?s just the opposite. Find you in which time periods you are more energetic and you will see a huge difference .

    4) Ready-Fire-Aim! ? Right after you put your plan for a specific project DO IT and then you can make changes along the way. Just don?t be fooled with the common ready-aim?-fire as the planning period may just be your reason to procrastinate.

    5) Make daily schedule ? At the minute you wake up, plan a schedule for your day which is correlated to your short-term and long-term goals.

    6) One-by-One - When you start a task, stick with it till it?s 100% accomplished. Never switch tasks in the middle. When distractions show up, ignore them fast, you can always deal with them later.

    7) Set tasks time limit ? You should make a deadline to finish all your tasks. It is also highly recommended to set time limit to finish a task, for example give only 60 minutes to finish writing a 1000 words article, this way you will force your brain to make a great article in a short time period (This isn?t possible with all tasks) .
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    Dude I recommend you to check "Wake up productive" by Eben Pagan, and also "How to master your time" by Briand Tracy. U've got a lot to learn. Take also a look to Brad Fallon. Those all are self made men and addicted to time management, they give some pretty good tricks that helped me to double or triple my productivity.
    Time is the KEY for every succesful business!!
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    David Allen's "Getting Things Done" is my way of working. It really works for me very well! I'm more productive and less stressed at the the same time!