tax advice

  1. borke

    Tax in Spain for Onlyfans

    Hello guys is there any loophole for Onlyfans tax in Spain.Also I would love to know what excatly tax I need to pay in spain for Onlyfans.
  2. MehtaM

    Media buyers from India, how will you deal with 20% TCS tax on international transactions?

    Share your experience if you have an overseas company to run your business please.
  3. bnw017

    What's the best way to reduce CCorp double taxation?

    I would like to get some insights on how to reduce double taxation for Delaware CCorp!
  4. C

    How Money Works?

    Anybody got any resources for learning more about UK tax, PAYE, corporation tax, etc.. and also money and business in general? Thanks
  5. Nw_Work

    Any experts on taxation of non resident UK LTD/LPP or US LLC?

    Hi I am a non resident of UK and US, currently what I need is to optimize my taxable income personally and via my present company in my country. So what I currently also need is for this new formed company to have access to services like PP/Stripe, Wise business acount as well. Starting in 2023...
  6. omar abdi

    do i need to pay tax uk Adsense account

    hello, I'm getting paid by Google Adsense UK the numbers are increasing every month from 2k to xx,xxx should I worry to pay tax and how to declare this income I don't live UK I'm using a family bank account.
  7. RKD2313

    First Full Year Online E-Comm Seller Looking For Some Advice (TIA)

    Just as the title suggests, Im looking for some tax help/info/advice - Oklahoma Sole Proprietor - I am registered with the state for a Resale License - Have a Tax ID and EIN # Tbh the majority of my professional life (35) I just gave my W2 to my parents and they just had mine done when they...
  8. J

    Ukraine FB accounts TAX/VAT

    Hey guys, after a year using ukraine FB ACC and from last week i see some TAX charges 20% from every transaction some one know how to avoid them ??
  9. N

    Help for Adsense Taxes and Youtube Revenues

    Hello everyone! I'm new, I've searched a lot but I can't make up my mind so I hope that people with experience will be able to help me. To put it in context, we are 2 to have an Adsense income (via Youtube) of about 6k per month which will surely increase throughout this year. I live in...
  10. L

    A question about taxation

    So I just started working in CPA and got my first payment the other day. I live in country that has no tax treaty with the US so was wondering if I'll get double taxed. Do I have to pay taxes to the US government since the network I work with is located there?
  11. Impressor

    Non-US resident needs tax advice for proposed US LLC

    Hi there. I would like to know tax implications between setting up a company in India and the US (preferably in the states of Delaware, Nevada, or Wyoming). I aspire to deal in IT services (Web/App Dev, SaaS products, etc) and my operations will be from India, at least currently. Most of my...
  12. monkeyjar

    Making 6 figures from affiliates, file taxes with LLC or go Self Employed? (USA)

    First time trying to file the Self Employed way.. Tax Day has been moved to July 15 this year so I have time to think.. Anyone have some pointers on how to approach this? Thanks in advance.
  13. wireman

    I want to Open a C Corporation in USA Need Help

    Currently I am opening a C Corporation In USA for My E-commerce Business. We have 3 partners and we really have some Good products. Firstly where i ask to open a C Corporation they are charging me 500$ What charges i need to pay every year. and any other helpful information will be a good...
  14. L

    want to hire a tax expert

    i would like to hire someone who knows how taxation works in regard to internet income.and if there's a way around send me your skpe to discuss
  15. P

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on?

    Can I lie about my personal information on a marketplace I sell on? Hi so I was banned on a site called redbubble about 2 years ago. So I signed up again on a different IP address. All they want when you sign up is your address, first and last name, country, and PayPal email. I used a fake name...
  16. B

    Traffic junky VAT

    Hey so I recently got into media buying and it's freaking awesome. I've been lucky to have gotten some bonus codes which have made my traffic cheaper, hence why this hasn't been an issue thus far. The thing I've been thinking about is the TJ VAT, it means I have to pay 25% more for my traffic...
  17. T

    Proper tax declaration - How to deal with blackhat services?

    Hey guys, I try to stay in clean in terms of taxes. No off-shore, no weird constructions. Situation: Starting in the blackhat niche I am using / buying services from anonymous parties. Accordingly there is no proper invoice. Question: How you deal with costs of such services in your tax...
  18. Justinbullard

    How Can Hire A Top Accounting Firm For Filing GST?

    I want to Hire A Top Accounting Firm For Filing GST. I start up a New Business. Need for GST Registration GST efilling
  19. realhuntguyz

    Does Anyone Come Across This?

    Hi BHW Family, My name is Bimssey, I'm from Africa, and I'm a graphic designer, also Web developer. 2017 I started my dropship journey and I was winning and making about $500 as profit every week with Shopify, While I was really becoming an expert 2018, and then I woke up one morning and...
  20. M

    I am verified on Upwork, living in Europe. I am not from the U.S. Taxes?

    Hi there! I am verified on Upwork and about to start a bullet-proof plan to make a good amount of money through it while getting great reviews and stuff. Just moving my very loyal clients to Upwork, nothing fancy or even remotely illegal. In fact, Upwork likes this. My question is direct and...
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