1. KoolKatz

    Looking For Content Syndication Services Like This

    Hi I am looking for a content syndication service similar to what I have seen with this post here: The original post here on - While it may be behind a paywall you can still see from the first paragraph that the post...
  2. KoolKatz

    Looking For Content Syndication Like This

    Hi I am looking for a content syndication service similar to what I have seen with this post here: The original post here on - While it may be behind a paywall you can still see from the first paragraph that the post...
  3. Slangur

    Syndication Tools? Auto-Generating Content / Auto-Posting Content?

    Hello, i am wondering if you know any tools that can be used for auto creating content and auto posting that content. How do i syndicate this content that comes out regularly and have it optimized when it is posted automatically also - using tools of course.... Do you know of any, of do you use...
  4. flashsites

    Content Syndication

    Hey all, I was looking into hiring a marketing company for WhiteHat SEO and came across this concept of syndication. Is this something that a bot already does, it seems like this would be a pretty common bot. If so what the bot's name :)
  5. Aizik

    Forbes, Fast Company, Yahoo, Business insider, ZD Net, Inc, CNBC

    Curious what the going rate is for articles / syndication / exclusives on sites like: Forbes, Fast Company, Yahoo, Business insider, ZD Net, Inc, CNBC... are these days?
  6. Aizik

    Syndication [Articles]

    Wondering how I would be able to do this: Syndication Services: Guaranteed Distribution & Placement 100+ News Sites USA Today, NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS & More Does anyone on BHW offer this as a service? Would this be tough as a DIY? Did a quick search but nothing recent...
  7. hatterftw1

    Can duplicate content pages get indexed and ranked ?

    So in terms of RSS syndication if you were pulling in and RSS feed and reposting them to your site is there a chance some posts could get indexed and bring in some organic residual traffic in todays google, even though you changed nothing or maybe very litte ?
  8. enigmaghost

    Guest Article Opportunity

    Hello all, hope you are kicking ass this year! I am looking to write a good article on a related niche site in hope of getting a good quality link back. Niches = home improvement/ pools Also if interested, I am accepting good quality content for our main sites. We can work together just hit me...
  9. L


    Hey guys. So i own about 25 affiliate blogs, and am starting to syndicate with Syndlab Pro. Has anyone had experience with syndication, and if so how did it go? I currently have VAs setting up a lot of specials for each blog, but my only concern is that each social being new won’t have a large...
  10. Gary Carlyle

    Iframe stacking question and basic review of Semantic Mastery

    Hi, I was a member of Semantic Mastery for a month. I know it was just a month but I found the experience a bit mixed. Bradley Benner said he bought a course years ago for like $15 dollars, if I remember correctly, yet sells his course of over $60 a month. If that was not a lot of money to me I...
  11. P

    Experience content syndication?

    Hy folks, I have a dream to build an online business to make a good living from- earn good money with. I interested in the uk market, so I been from Europe,with the uk market it is easier for me to get payout through bank withdrawal- as with own products. So to build up a list- I need traffic...
  12. Intuz

    Content Syndication Platform Suggestions required

    Hello, Can you suggest me platforms where I syndicate, aggregate, curate my published contents? For example Medium Growthhackers Hacker News I need to get more visitors on my blog posts. Your suggestions are welcome here.
  13. R

    Ifttt and auto-syndicating my blog

    Does anyone know whether syndicating my blog posts via ifttt to tumblr, google plus, faceboo, linked in, etc. would help or hurt my site's SEO? This would certainly be an easy way to get T1 content out quickly but it would in essentially be entirely duplicate content. It seems to be a common...
  14. Z

    [HOW TO] make tumblrs boost SERPS with

    Hey guys, I'm writing this just to let you know how I finally got around to building a massive 200+ exired tumblr PBN and actually make it so your accounts are not 404 by tumblr. I have probably lost over 300 tumblrs to 404 but after 3 months and no 404 i think I found the secret sauce and it...
  15. zoewarrior

    Syndication = Duplicate Content Penalty According to Neil Patel

    I just read a blog post on QuickSprout. Neil says that if you syndicate your article from your own site or post snippets to other sites, your site will be hit by duplicate content penalty. His observation is based on his own site - QuickSprout. Though his data supports his claim, yet I'm not...
  16. D

    [Journey] Into White-Hat List-building (GOAL: $2k/month)

    My Goal: I'm hoping this will generate $2,000 per month; that is my goal. Though I won't stop building after I've reached my goal, it's going to feel so good to meet that milestone. I will update this thread through good or bad, success and failure...
  17. G

    BHW Members Services to Distribute Press Releases in Spanish (or other langs)

    Hi Everyone, my first thread here so please be kind if I am violating any kind of rules that I should not. :) I am looking for a services that would distribute or syndicate press releases generated by myself in the spanish language. I know that many PR distributors out there like PRWeb and...
  18. socialseos

    Hello, social syndication specialist here

    I am developing a new social sharing platform to conquer social media syndication and mimic the natural way content is shared online. I have been involved in social networking since MySpace and always knew it would be a big part of seo. As far as coming here I would like to learn the latest seo...
  19. socialseos

    Curious if anyone knows a good place to find Onlywire users

    I am looking for onlywire users for an API I recently developed and it will interest them as it allows them to post on other onlywire members social media profiles as well as their own resulting in thousands of shares per post vs 45. Also has many filters, drip feed, anonymous sharing, random...
  20. M

    Video Syndication

    Is there any problem with submitting the same video to multiple video sharing sites? Is it frowned upon by search engines? Is there any good software out there to allow you to upload to multiple video sites at once? Thanks
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