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Iframe stacking question and basic review of Semantic Mastery

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Gary Carlyle, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Gary Carlyle

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    I was a member of Semantic Mastery for a month. I know it was just a month but I found the experience a bit mixed. Bradley Benner said he bought a course years ago for like $15 dollars, if I remember correctly, yet sells his course of over $60 a month. If that was not a lot of money to me I would have stuck with it as they have live Q&A webinars that are pretty good but nothing you can't just Google really. If you don't know SM it is basically content syndication training for using IFTTT in relation to SEO.

    I could sum up 99% of what they teach in a few sentences but if you can afford it easily and really want to be better at content syndication then I would recommend it.

    Basically, use IFTTT to create tier 1/2/3 for Youtube videos but only tier 1 branded for sites. Because Google will see it as spam if you make a single mistake with more than 1 tier. Of course, tiers 2/3 should be mixed content and not just your own. Also, backlink YT videos on your site with a link to the original video and ideally add some content of your own in addition to the info in the video to make your post about the video unique. Although, they then go on to say that sharing YT videos to your site is pretty much dead. Which it is comparable to the potential return you could get. Their live Q&As are done well and are very social but their secret FB group was not really managed well and it was hard to get a response there. Especially compared to some of the open free SEO groups on FB of which I am a member of. Also, compared to this forum, of course.

    Another one of their main tips is to use their plugin or another one that lets you include the actual target link through IFTTT so as not to only have the IFTTT shortener as your link. To be fair that was a really good tip.

    I would say the main strength of the Semantic Mastery course is for ranking Youtube videos with IFTTT over complex social network linking. That you can set up yourself or pay them to do for you. Some guys on Fiverr also have fairly decent cheap services to do this for you.

    However, the main reason for me writing this thread is about one of the things I have a bit of an issue with.
    There is so much upselling, and temporary videos that I couldn't watch because I was working in real life, I didn't feel I was getting value for money. They have a new product called RYS Academy and they would say how great it is but it was just starting to sound like they were not bothered about the SM project really anymore. Plus, RYS academy is expensive so I did not take the leap with that. Maybe RYS is the new thing that works from them but I felt a bit left out and I was thinking of paying $60 a month already after all, technically.

    Maybe RYS is worth the expense but I was wondering if anybody here knows about Iframe stacking for SEO beyond the basics or do they have like a monopoly on content stacking information?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: If you do want to check out Semantic Mastery you can clean most of their advice from their free webinars. Which is cool of them to make public but to be fair they get their benefit from doing it. Again, if you can afford to be a paying member I would. Just don't expect anything too profound that will be a magic bullet you can't find elsewhere.
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